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Author Topic: 2 years this month... life changed forever  (Read 1228 times)

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2 years this month... life changed forever
« on: December 27, 2018, 12:46:43 PM »


It has been a few weeks past two years into this madness. It has affected me every day since the accident. I posted before about it, but directly following the accident I went to a doctor who had no idea what he was doing. He didn't believe anything was wrong with me, and put extreme pressure right where the minor tear was and moved his thumb all over the area. Following this appointment I had pain that was 3x what it was after the accident. It was very deep, bleeding pain. It reminded me of the feeling I had after an infected wound was cut out.

I tried relentlessly to get legal advice to try and pursue a case against the doctor. I still believe 100% that he significantly worsened my injury that day. I cannot have normal sex any longer. This has gotten in the way of daily living and intimacy with hopeful partners. It tore apart my relationship that it happened during. Dating since has been a string of embarrassments. I have a big penis, but it is deformed now. The girl always wants to get on top, I have to tell her she can't. I can only have sex in certain positions and continue to reinjure myself time and time again.

Tomorrow I will go back to the hospital where the tragedy occurred. I still have not been able to get these doctors to admit any wrongdoing. I hate them and I really want to slit their throats. I feel that they ruined my life. After a follow up appointment two years ago after the initial doctor injured me. The second more tenured doctor was convinced that my issue and pain was all psychological. Tomorrow I will visit him again to express the agony I have gone through every day for the past two years. These doctors were incredible rude and uncaring towards me. I am planning on making a scene at the hospital to make sure every nurse on the floor knows what quacks they are, and that they ruined my life and left me deformed forever.

I don't know what to do anymore. I am incredibly insecure about it, and still experiencing pain on a daily basis. I cannot have sex without pain. I am just 30 years old. I have no partner, very little in terms of career success. This whole ordeal is too much to bear. It makes me consider taking my own life, as I only see things have worsened over the last two years. I have still taking Pentox 2-3 times a day, everyday. Without it, I can't even think about having sex. I am still sexually active and thinking that I might as well get the most of my remaining function while I can. I expect to be unable to function at all eventually.

I am hopeless about this situation. I don't have the money or insurance to confront it medically. Just pentox and pain. An inability to satisfy women like I used to. It has ruined me and it consumes my mind everyday. The worst part is not being able to tell anyone about it. About a year ago I told my father. Only he, my ex girlfriend (who I still resent and lash out at - unfairly - from time to time), and the women I sleep with. Why god, why has this become my reality.

I suppose I should get serious again about oral treatment and abstinence. I just take pentox and a multi vitamin, I can't afford all of the recommended suppliments. I still use tobacco, and am sexually active, even though it is painful. I don't know what to do anymore except come here-- where I am not very encouraged. Outside of surgery, stories of improvement are not common. What a living hell this is.

Thanks for being here.



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Re: 2 years this month... life changed forever
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2018, 04:09:08 PM »

Hey BopIt,

My answer will be short and efficient, but I read every word you wrote with great attention, compassion and understanding.

I too am suffering from a very long acute phase (1 year and 5 months now; I'm 31), with pain in erection, and a used-to-be-big deformed penis which limits sex positions, and limits actually sex in general (and so sentimental life, self-perception, etc. etc.).

So, first of all, don't worry: there are a lot of things you can and will try to really improve your condition; most of them won't work, a few will, and it'll be the beginning of a long but rewarding bettering process.

I wont be long about what you can do apart from pentox with a small budget; the Peyronie's survival guide is here for that; I just want to tell you what worked for me to allieviate the pain in erection (= stop the inflammation, which is our major problem so far). So, please:
- Totally abstain from masturbation (read Your Brain On Porn's website if it can help), and limit sex as much as possible;
- Practice sports (weightlifting, swimming, yoga); seriously start meditation.
- Quit smoking, limit alcohol, get on a very healthy diet and lifestyle; be massively serious about it; consider trying a full keto diet (search the forum for that, it's trendy and seems to have unsuspectedly good results on pain).
- Use light traction as often as possible (begin with ESL40 for instance; a light regular traction throughout the day will help diminish inflammation).
- Try some supplements, such as ALCAR, but also Gotu Kola, blueberry, ginger... For some, it may work; and what may work for some may not work for others. Personally, after trying more than 10 types of supplements in one year and a half, I seem to have found something that seriously reduces my pain; I'm still testing it, but it gives me great hope (see: Slight/significant pain reduction with liquid curcumin+peptin - Peyronies Society Forums).
- Consider saving money for verapamil or PRP injections: most of the studies and evidences discard these methods, but I had a fair pain reduction after my 2nd PRP injection (see: PRP and HYALURONIC ACID - Peyronies Society Forums [Page 3]).
- Bonus one: even if, just as I was, you are seriously "NOT into this kind of stuff", consider searching and finding (this can take a while!) a good therapist: this has contributed changing my life, and god I wish I came to it earlier, so I urgently recommend everyone of us sufferers to do so :-).

--> For me, I think I can now say that just abstinence + traction + injection + lifestyle allieviated 99% of my pain while flaccid, and 60% of my pain in erection. I still don't feel cured, but hell most of the time I feel on the right path, and that's a lot. Next step is keto diet, starting in a few weeks now!

--> So, here you are buddy, I surely forgot one or two things, but the good and competent people here will tell you them quickly, so I'm not worried. And so you shouldn't be: start acting now, and find the thing(s) that will make your life better!


- 31 yo, very healthy lifestyle, Peyronies Disease with Erectile Dysfunction, pain, distal hourglassing & length loss since 09/01/17, still acute.
- Treatments: all oral meds/supps discussed here; traction/VED; ointments (essential oils, diclofenac); PRP/HA injections (5/6 sessions)


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Re: 2 years this month... life changed forever
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2019, 01:02:09 AM »

I would add a powerful anti-inflammatory such as Celebrex to the mix. Shoot for a dosage you can take continuously over a period of several months. I feel your pain brother. I somehow managed to reinjure myself while sleeping! It catapulted me into a deep and dark depression. For the first time, I truly thought about committing suicide. I even wrote a little suicide letter to my family. I've been living with this nightmare for 17 years now. I would love to be married with kids. I overcome injuries and everything is dandy and then suddenly there's a reinjury. I was unable to locate your previous post. But I too sometimes blame my x-girlfriend: I ran into her rock hard cervix and came out reinjured. Who would have know that a cement wall awaits us at the end of the tunnel?


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Re: 2 years this month... life changed forever
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2019, 11:04:15 AM »

I am in a similar boat, but even younger than you... It is a terrible terrible burden and the source of so much misery. I also believe it to have been mostly the result of a rather agressive handling of my penis during a physical.

If you want to bounce ideas or bend my ear, don't hesitate to send a PM. We wil get through this mate!
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