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Author Topic: Curious about heat vs ice in early recovery after trauma and supplements  (Read 728 times)

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Apparently one night of masturbation can [email protected]< up your entire life.  I was noticing some fairly significant cosmetic changes to my unit after some minor damage during a blowjob (I asked her to pull down on my shaft for some reason) and continued exasperation from excessive masturbation over a 3 month period.  But I cut down for a month and looked like I was going to make a full recovery.  Then one night I got depressed and jerked off for 6 hours (not vigorously, but I was rubbing myself through my pants and I believe I was only half erect a lot of the time - which I now know from this forum is a serious no-no) and woke up the next morning with a lot of pain in my shaft, a tiny little nub of a penis, and a hard flaccid bend to the left.  I drove to several different emergency rooms until I was able to speak to a urologist who was on call.  She didn't examine me but she said my symptoms were either caused by a micro fracture or the start of Peyronies disease.  Since then I've seen another urologist who said basically the same thing and who offered me very little actionable advice and I've since realized, like all of you must have, that most urologist don't know or don't care to know much about Peyronies.   

So I've started a hard paleo/ketogenic diet (link removed by administrator) and am taking 1000 mg of vitamin E, 4000 mg of vitamin C, 4000 mg of Vitamin D a day along with small doses of many other supplements (Coq10, Arginine, Carnitine, Gotu Kola, Paba, Propolis).  I've also been regularly applying a Vitamin E or Castor oil cold salve on the inflamed areas and then icing over the top when there is pain.  I've basically just been sleeping and eating for two weeks and I woke up one morning with a blazing and painless erection which was heartwarming but since then I've hard mixed results and am having trouble sleeping (I think I actually jacked off briefly in my sleep once because I've been withdrawing from masturbation/porn).  So I think it's time to move on the second phase where I start exercising my body again to get the blood flowing and help me sleep.       

My question to you guys is when should I start applying heat and try to keep the area loose vs. calming down the inflammation?  And if I'm only looking to calm down the inflammation should I ease off the supplements that are likely to cause strong boners (Arginine, Carnitine, Kola)?   

Note, I don't think there is any plaque yet although there could be some at the base.  I've woke up 5 times with erections - twice they were bent at the base and 3 times they were straight with an indent of varying size on the left base.  So I have no idea whether I'm headed towards peyronies or had some gnarly trauma that needs to calm down. 

Any advice is welcome. 

-Die Nasty   


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All I have to say about the guy selling his diet plan is what a total quack.  He claims to have successfully treated every incurable disease in the human population so I have to interpret "successfully treated" as meaning he was successful at getting money from desperate people.  Don't post any more links to such websites on our forum.
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You realize that this diet plan is basically a Keto/Paleo diet plan which many of the members here have claimed has helped their Peyronies.  I have no interest in trying to sell anyone on this specific diet plan, I was just showing the members what my diet was.  I'm also not sure on how he's getting money from anyone because A) he wasn't the one who invented the diet plan and B) he posts the whole diet plan for free on the website. 

Anyway my question is about heat and supplements. 



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Hey bro,

My understanding is there is a difference between Paleo and Keto. Keto is high fat mod protein low carbs and paleo is basically like the caveman diet. I know members here have used Keto successfully to reduce inflammation. Keto has been known to improve inflammation and insulin resistance which may also be a cause of peyronies. I myself have been on keto for two weeks and have seen some improvement in Erectile Dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

It's good to hear that you condition isn't too bad and you can still have erections which are sometimes straight. I think you have suffered minimal trauma and there is a good chance you will heal.

To answer your question - my understanding is that ice can be beneficial in the early stages to reduce swelling. Heat is more beneficial in the later stages to improve bloodflow and promote healing. I think some members here have also used hot and cold therapy (three minutes hot to three minutes cold). A forum search will yield some members results.

The guy in the forums who successfully healed himself used heat therapy. He used a handwarmer for 8 hours a day in his underwear. He also used VED which he believes contributed greatly to his success.

As you may know the most effective treatments have been Pentox, Cialis daily, VED, Traction and Heat. Pentox can help a lot with the pain. I would start those immediately.

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