Can Verapamil injection cause fibrosis?

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I have had four sessions of Verapamil injections, I have flaccid pain, that has been reduced after the second injection and much increased after the third and forth injections.

I feel like there are small hard lumps in the injection locations...

Is it possible that Verapamil inections worsen my Peryonies?
36 Yrs Old, Peyronies since 03/2018
Hourglassung Subcutaionus atrophy & Mild Erectile Dysfunction after Steroid injection
Flaccid pain, Curvature to the left
Tried ALC, L-Arginine, COQ10, Pentox, Tamoxifen, Cialis, fexofenadine, Vit E - Nothing is working.


Did you have it injected into the plaques or just random areas?
32 yrs old had slight left bend starting at 29. Started Pentox and cialsis 2 years later developed multiple plaques on both sides one on top. Lost 1 inch of length and girth after multiple plaques became present. Now pentox 1x a day and 2.5 of ciali


I believe all injections like Verapamil have serious risks. I know the official Xiaflex website talks about the serious risks. And logically, having a needle shoved into your delicate penis could understandably damage it.

Can someone explain why Doctors do Verapamil injections rather than Xiaflex injections?
31. Western PA. Developed Peyronies Disease seemingly after a few weeks of SSRI (Prozac) use. Always had slight left curve. But now very bad.


It's a cheaper alternative if one cannot afford xiaflex.
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