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Anyone have experience with Trazadone? Did it do much for ED?

Unfortunately it's not available here in Aus - if anyone knew of an alternative I would love to hear about it.

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A search for Trazadone gives 44 posts. You may want to read them until getting a concrete answer.

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I took it for years and on occasion still, do for sleep.

It is dirt-cheap and helps a lot with NTE but only helps a little with Daytime erections.  It also tends to delay orgasm but not reduce the intensity.  If you have trouble having orgasms it can be an issue.  If you have PE it could be a help.

Trazodone has been marketed under a large number of brand names throughout the world. Major brand names include Desyrel (worldwide), Molipaxin ( IE , UK ), Oleptro ( US ), Trazorel ( CA ), and Trittico (worldwide).

It must be taken with a little snack for better absorption.
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There are reports in the Donaren leaflet (trazadone) that it has an effect on erection, however this drug is an antidepressant. You ask this because you intend to use it only for this purpose or because you have depression? I've already used it and now I'm using the RETARD version because I have depression and insomnia associated with peyronie's disease. Another drug that has been spoken here in the forum for depression and that has no effect on the decrease of the libido is the Brintelix (vortioxetina). I have already used the trazadone 50mg and I can not state with all conviction that it has brought me positive effects in this matter, but as his leaflet states this, I think it does not cost anything to try, since it seems that you also have to some degree depression.

good luck guy
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Quote from: P1992 on December 06, 2018, 08:28:02 AM
There are reports in the Donaren leaflet (trazadone) that it has an effect on erection, however, this drug is an antidepressant.

What you say is true but to have any effect as an anti-depressant you have to take hundreds of mg per day.  1/2 of a 50mg tablet taken with a snack at bed-time will help with NTE and with sleep.

It used to drive me crazy to hake up with a morning erection that would melt away within one to two minutes.  NTE's are driven by different nerve pathways that stimulated erections so it only helps modestly with sex.  It does help oxygenate your penis at night.  Be careful it does not cause priapism by keeping you erect all night.
Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
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I had my physical yesterday, and told the doctor about the problems with loss of sensation, no contractions. Also, said I was experiencing some depression due recent death of my cat. She prescribed Bupropion (generic of Wellbutrin) and said it should help with the sexual function and depression. I've been reading about it and one study said:

"Using antidepressant drug could worsen the sexual dysfunction and by changing the drug with bupropion the orgasm will be improved. The study has shown that using the bupropion can be used in purpose of treatment of orgasm disorder.21 These results are consistent with our study and it is shown that bupropion has a significant association with erection and orgasm, however bupropion was without effect on libido and sexual arousal."

Even though this may help with sexual function, I'm not sure if I will take it because of side effects including migraines, seizures. The depression will go away eventually, so that's not a major concern.

Here is link to the study:

It appears that trazadone is similar to the bupropion and has similar side effects...both are dopamine transporter inhibitors. I asked for prescription for the trazadone, but doctor said she may do it if the bupropion doesn't work.

What's your thoughts on taking the bupropion? I'd also like the possibility of NTE's.

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Yeah, Trazodone did help me out, but like you said, everyone's different. Since you can't get it in Aus, it's worth looking into other options like Viagra or Cialis. They're pretty common and might do the job for you.
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