Any Drug/Medicine for Penile swelling/edema?

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Asian Eagle

Guys can you suggest some drugs that can deal with penile swelling? I think (not sure) I have some swelling on my right penile side.
My age : 23, Cause : Injury during Sex, Injury Date : 10 Oct 2018


There's no drugs prescription or OTC to treat edema. You should seek out a qualufied urologist and get a diagnosis
Age 64, Incision and grafting surgery 11/6/2017 for rapid onset 90 degree dorsal curve as a result of injury during sexual intercourse.


Balanitis is inflammation typically caused by taints or chronic skin conditions. Inappropriate hygiene can contribute to skin irritation

Your doctor may also prescribe creams with steroids to reduce inflammation.

You can treat yourselves balanitis yourself by doing  mixture of diluted vinegar and Burow's solution appliy it in affected area
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This is quite normal to get a penis swell with blood during sexual arousal to form an erection. If you have swelling or pain then you can do something before taking drugs/medicine.

Avoid masturbation and sexual intercourse until the penis come to normal
Use an ice pack to relieve swelling but place after wrapping with a cloth such as a clean towel.
Wear fitting underpants to support a painful area.

But in case this is not working, see your doctor and get advice to take medicines.