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Hey folks. This thread will be my attempt to categorize the best information we have on penile implants as the IPP section grows. We have members going through this procedure and sharing technical information that everybody should read in order to make informed decisions on which device to choose and why, along with many other questions. I feel that there is a need to index it all in one place. Wish me luck and patience. lol.

General Advice and Choosing a Surgeon
Alibaba, a man with two different surgeons and two different brands of implants, gives Great Advice
Important Discussion and Suggestions on choosing a Surgeon

Devices/Tech info
Dr. Eid Answers Some of Our Forum Member's Questions - Peyronies Society Forums
The purpose of Rear Tip Extenders (RTE's) - Peyronies Society Forums
Coloplast Titan cylinders w rear tip extenders photo - Peyronies Society Forums
Diagram of correct placement of cylinders into the glans - Peyronies Society Forums
AMS and Coloplast cylinder size diagram - Peyronies Society Forums
3-piece implant placement in body diagram - Peyronies Society Forums
Photo of a scrotum after AMS pump placement is fixed low and center - Peyronies Society Forums
AMS and Coloplast pumps actual size and dimensions - Peyronies Society Forums
Next generation remotely activated implant - Peyronies Society Forums
Comparing 2 popular models of implants - Coloplast Titan Vs. Boston Scientific LGX-700
Having an MRI and Implant Damage - Tell this to your radiologist

Surgery types/curvature correction:
The PICS Technique: new technique for curvature correction post-implant - Peyronies Society Forums
An Example of a Penile Implant Straightening a Severe Deformity - Peyronies Society Forums

Surgery centers of excellence:
Dr. Kramer
Dr. Eid
Dr. Edward Karpman
Implants in Europe / Serbia - Sava Perovic Foundation - What do you think? - Peyronies Society Forums

Infection risks:
The more revisions you have on your implant, the greater the infection risk? - Peyronies Society Forums

Implant Journals:
Below is an index to the forum's Implant Journal's.  It is a highly recommended resource to those considering and those recently receiving an implant.  While they seem to be extensive reading, they are well worth the time since every man is different and experiences vary.  Some have Erectile Dysfunction with or without Peyronies Disease.  Some have a deformity only and no Erectile Dysfunction.  Some had prior surgeries such as grafting or Nesbit procedure, then had an implant. Some had Titan implants and some AMS implants.  Their ages vary from 28yrs to 80yrs old at the time of implant.  They had varying periods of sexual dysfunction ranging from months to decades. Some had a scrotal approach, while some have a public approach.  Some psychologically adjusted to their implant immediately, and some had doubts during recovery. The biggest difference might be the variety of surgeons.

The biggest similarity is that every one of us wishes we had opted for the implant surgery even sooner.
Anon's Implant Journal - 34 yrs old, 50-degree curve, no Erectile Dysfunction Titan, Dr Haaky, Atlanta
AverageBloke's Journal - 22 yrs old, Titan 22cm - Dr Clavell, Houston, Texas 
Cold Brews Implant Journal - 22cm Titan, Dr. Lentz, Duke University
Curved's Implant Journal - Titan, Dr. Eid, Manhattan, NY
FloppyNoMore's Implant Journal -Titan,  Dr. Eid, Manhattan, NY
Hawk's Implant Journal - Live Now in Penile Implant Surgery - Titan 22cm, Dr. Eid, Manhattan, NY awake during surgery
Hereiam Implant Journal- 28 yrs old, Titan, Dr. Eid, Manhattan, NY
JackP's implant Journal - The first and oldest implant journal on the forum, AMS-LGX, Dr. Milam
Merrix's Implant Journal - The Ultimate Complete Word on Implant Journals- A Must Read - 42 yrs old, Titan, Dr. Eid
P-Diddy - Another Implant Journey- Titan, Dr. Eid, Manhattan, NY Experience with several women where the implant was both revealed and kept secret.
Roddy's Implant Journal - From 90 Degree bend to straight - Deformity only, no erectile Dysfunction, Titan, Dr. Mike Fraser - Glasgow
Stepone's Implant Journal - Titan, Dr. Lentz, Duke University
SteveW's Implant Journal, Gay man - 20 Years of Peyronies - AMS with RTE's, Dr. Etai Goldberg, Saint Louis, MO
SW01 Implant Journal - Titan, Dr. Campbell, Cincinnati
TDix's Implant Journal - 46 yrs old, Titan, Dr. Faysal Yafi, Orange, CA,
Tomas' implant journal - AMS CX, 80 yrs old, Dr. Avila
Tony's excision/grafting and implant diary - AMS CX, Dr. Karpman
Tortão's journal - 28 yrs old, TEP technique w/Titan, 70-degree curve, no Erectile Dysfunction, Dr. Marco Tulio Cavalcanti, Brazil
Waveboy's incredible Journal of a Hemophiliac's botched implant corrected by Dr. Haaky in Atlanta, 24cm Titan
Xehonart's Implant Journal - 30yrs Old, Single, Titan, Dr. Eid, Manhattan, NY
Larry's brief 1 Page dramatic history of botched reconstructive surgery & successful implant - AMS LGX, Dr. Brock, Canada   

Implant sizing:
Comparison: Natural Prime, Bionic, Pre-op - Peyronies Society Forums
Discussion on Length expansion. AMS (LGX and CX) vs. Coloplast (Titan) - Peyronies Society Forums
Dr. Eid's view on maximizing erection length and quality, RTE's, Post-op Care - Peyronies Society Forums
Rear Tip Extenders and Penile Prosthesis Rigidity: A Laboratory Study of Coloplast Prostheses. *update* April 2020
The future of penile prostheses for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction *update* April 2020

Outcome expectations:
The Imperfect Implant. What to expect? - Peyronies Society Forums
My General View, Evaluation, and Impressions of Implants - Peyronies Society Forums
Is a Penile Implant Really a Last Resort - Peyronies Society Forums
What should I try before an implant? - Peyronies Society Forums
Outcome of implant, becoming a "shower" vs. "grower" (non nude photos) - Peyronies Society Forums

Rehabilitation pre/post implant:
Regain lost length due to prostatectomy or Peyronies before implant - Peyronies Society Forums
A question about traction in preparation for an implant - Peyronies Society Forums
Post surgery scar reduction - Peyronies Society Forums
VED protocol post implant surgery - Peyronies Society Forums
Preparing for implant: VED 30-60 days preop-daily - Peyronies Society Forums

Next generation remotely activated implant - Peyronies Society Forums
Dr. Eid's most refreshing/fun/surprising interview - Must hear! - Peyronies Society Forums
Penile fracture during sex, Portugal 2014 - [url=,11131.0.html]Penile Implant Forum -Tech info compilation and Index - Peyronies Society Forums[/url]


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Quote from: pfract on December 01, 2018, 02:20:47 AM
This is still a work in progress. Only the best info will make it here. I really feel it helps out when the time for surgery comes. So we can confidently go through surgery and not have to worry about things like "what is the best inflation strategy post IPP recovery?" or "why should i choose a surgeon that makes the best effort possible to avoid RTE's?" .

If a journal link has not been added, please alert us.

Feel free to suggest links to be added.

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