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Author Topic: UPDATE & Diagnosis by A new Urologist  (Read 892 times)

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Asian Eagle

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UPDATE & Diagnosis by A new Urologist
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:26:11 AM »

Here's my intro post.
My first week symptoms and some questions - Peyronies Society Forums

[UPDATE : 5 NOV - 26 NOV 2018]
◆So far no notable change in existing symptoms.
◆there are some bruisings or dark areas on left side, that come and go.
◆When I touch right side base i feel pinching sensation.
◆Veins are appearing more and more day by day.

[Appointment with Third Urologist : ]
I had visited two urologists earlier, first said : you are normal, Second one said : You have mondor's.

Seven days ago, I went to my general medicine doc, in hope that may be she knows a peyronie's specialist.
I simply told her that what was my situation and I need a referral to a peyronie's specialist. She said she wants to see it, I refused but she insisted so with an embarrassed feeling I did it. She felt definitely something was wrong. And he referred to me an urologist who, according to her, is best in such situations.

Unlike those two urologists, who practiced in diverse field of urology which was mainly focused on urinary tract disorders, kidney stones etc., This new urologist was handling problems related to Male Sexual Health, which included erectile dysfunction, Penile fracture etc. Not a sole peyronie's specialist but still A BIG ZOOM-IN. His age is 60+, so he's experienced too. When I saw "Peyronie's Disease" written on his clinic boards, I felt hopeful.

He met me with a warm smile, I told him my symptoms, showed him some pics, and a video of how my penis goes from flaccid to erect. I also told him that I'm 99% sure it's peyronie's, but ignoring that he kept watching that video repeatedly and said : It's an Artery Blockage.

Then he told me to lay down, pressed entire shaft, felt nothing. He showed me that in flaccid state 2/3 area of my upward left penile side is dark and deflated, that is sign of no/low blood flow in that region. He said left chamber is filling slow with blood, it's clearly an artery blockage or compression, that's why you have curve in flaccid/semi erect state, cause blood flow is slow, after some time when it fills left chamber, curve starts to decrease, and stays on a minimal degree because still there's less blood flow in left chamber than right one.”

I argued may be plaque is blocking blood flow, to that he laughed and asked what are you studying? I replied 'electrical engineering'. He said with a sarcastic smile "oh I see that includes urology syllabus".

Then he continued : “Look mr. engineer! A plaque doesn't block blood flow generally, peyronie's disease is a situation somewhat like when you cut a fresh wire you can join it again but it will have a node, however the node will not block current flow. That node is plaque in peyronie's case.

While in artery blockage case, its cutting the wire, so there will be no current/blood flow, and in compressed artery case, its cutting the wire and then connect and disconnect it repeatedly, so there will be not a continous current/blood flow.

About treatments he said, " wait six months, if it heals on its own, otherwise surgery is the only option, however if you are satisfied, and until this condition is not worsening, there's no need of surgery."

For these 6 months, he advised me to avoid erections, porn and sex, but he agreed that once in a week have a erection, and take some photos from all angles.  He also said that "never let that semi erect bent happen, so while having erection, lay down on right side, never on left and back. Also sleep in night on right side, by doing so this semi erect bent won't appear, and it will not put extreme pressure on damaged artery."

He gave L arginine and coq10 (same supplements we use for peyronie's.)

I came back home, and gave it a google search and I found this article :
Penile Revascularization | San Diego Sexual Medicine

This article explains my all symptoms, it also explains why my left side is always deflated, and why I get vibrations/discomfort during erection in pelvis region.

It feels more dangerous than peyronie's, don't know what to do. I hope it heals.

Tags : Partially Erect Curve, Semi Erect Bend, Flaccid Curve
My age : 23, Cause : Injury during Sex, Injury Date : 10 Oct 2018

Bubba dawg

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Re: UPDATE & Diagnosis by A new Urologist
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2018, 09:32:26 AM »

Ya both my general md and the urologist could feel the plaque. Why go to a doctor if you are not going to believe and do what they say? Google does not make us doctors. He could not feel hardening. I would be happy and comfortable with his misdiagnosis. But you can always get another opinion. Hard to find peyronie's expert urologist though. I didnt have any dark coloring on my penis. That would suggest a blockage of some kind imo

5 Rounds of Xiaflex. Good results.

I am known to give out false information and post nonsense with little to no evidence to back up my claims.
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Asian Eagle

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Re: UPDATE & Diagnosis by A new Urologist
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2018, 02:18:18 AM »

I have a large bruising on right side, when I touch right side, I feel pinching pain. Right side also looks somewhat swollen, sometimes I think, may be swelling on right side causing curve to left?!

Surprisingly my penis looks more thick, like there's an addition of grith, right side looks more wider than before.

Right side is also somewhat spongy.

What if it's a mild penile fracture? What can cause swelling?
My age : 23, Cause : Injury during Sex, Injury Date : 10 Oct 2018

Asian Eagle

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Re: UPDATE & Diagnosis by A new Urologist
« Reply #3 on: December 07, 2018, 09:09:43 AM »

【UPDATE 27 NOV to 7 DEC 2018】

•Some dark patches are appearing on glans (I think it can be due to nerve damage, because once I had ulnar nerve injury and my elbow became darker, not fully sure though)

Since last 7-8 days when my erection begins, I feel an Irritational pain (the pain has no fix site), it keeps travelling from/to left testicle, hips, anus and penile root.
This pain feels like : when an iron object hits your bone.

This pain is not constant, it comes only at the beginning of erection, when I'm full erect it goes away or fades.

However In addition I feel a strange discomfort and vibrations in entire pelvis area until I'm erect. When my erection ends, it disappears.

Any guess what can it be?!
My age : 23, Cause : Injury during Sex, Injury Date : 10 Oct 2018
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