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Unlike forums that take money from certain surgeons, we want an objective list of top-notch surgeons.  There is probably nothing we can do for our members that is any more important than making them aware of some great surgeons as they consider their choices. Our emphasis, however, is on quality of the surgeon not on how many we have.  I would rather have 5 of 6 great surgeons on the list than 50 that were "OK".

We want surgeons that are highly recommended by a number of patients.  As Merrix pointed out so well in his journal there is a problem with the patient recommendation, however.  Unless a patient is really botched by a surgeon he is psychologically inclined to avoid thoughts that his pick of a surgeon or his implant is lacking.  Also, few men with an implant have a lot to compare it to.  They think they have a great implant because they can now have sex after a decade of being celibate.  They have been married for 50 years so the fact that their pump is hard to get to or that it juts our conspicuously in the front, or that tubing is visible, the angle of erection angles toward the floor, and a dozen other flaws mean little to them.  THEY CAN HAVE INTERCOURSE so they think their surgeon did an awesome job.  

At a minimum, a surgeon should do 100 implants a year to be on the list.  They should have a couple of patient testimonials without a persuasive complaint.  

Other positive considerations would be:
1. that will promise you a minimum length prior to surgery and documents your length prior to surgery.
2. that does not need or want a company rep in the operating room with him.
3. implants both AMS and Coloplast
4. takes several implants in the OR with him
5. Tries to avoid the use of RTE's
6. Can tell you HIS infection rates (not industry average)
7. Is accessible to you for questions as you are healing
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Gentlemen, I am a new member and lucky to have found this resource. i apologize is this is a repeat post, but does any know of any quality surgeons in Tennessee? Peyronies is an incredibly difficult disease to live with.  
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I wanted to ask a question about implant surgeons on Long Island New York.
 Having trouble finding a experienced
Urology surgeon.
 This website is confusing
 Old and needs serious updating
I still haven't figured out how to post , just able to reply?

 Naturally I am asking this question because I have Peyronies
 80 degrees easy
 2 years several inches lost
  Sex impossible
  Wanted to know if anyone had any experience with any surgeons on long islands that has alot of implant experience. Hard to find that out.
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