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Hey guys, Im 25 Sears old, I was a nice, friendly guy, I always wanted to wait with good sex until I get a really good girlfriend but 2 years ago I bent my penis and now I suffer on Peyronies desease and venous leak. I take 20 mg tadalafil every day, because my doc said it will hell but there is only a small change, I still cant have sex, no morning woods, even VED doesnt work, I can do what I want with this thing only my glans gets bigger, but the other parts stay small and flaccid. I only geht erections by lots oft handwork and lots of sexual arousement but then It goes down instantly, if I dont concentrate and if I take my hand away. I dont now what to do, Im really depressed..
accident 2016 erectile dysfunction, peyronies


How exactly is your glans situation? It deflates when you start losing the erection or how is it?

Have you tried injections?


My glans situation is bad, skin is peeling and  I cant feel it like before.  Yes I had injections but it stayed flaccid, only a little bit bigger, thats why the doc said venous leak. There are big holes in the structure of the smooth muscle cells. It means there is too much tissue without muscle cells and scar tissue is in the middle of the penis.
accident 2016 erectile dysfunction, peyronies


Yes it deflates when I lose erections thats how it is exactly.
accident 2016 erectile dysfunction, peyronies


Try switching to keto diet with intermittent fasting. Surgery is definitely an option.
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accident 2016 erectile dysfunction, peyronies


Traf, I encourage you to go to your profile then to "forum profile" and fill out your signature line.  You will notice mine below my post.  Age, symptoms, when symptoms started, all help us help each other.

If you have Erectile Dysfunction that has been established for many months and does not respond well to oral medications then Implant surgery is a consideration that has a very high satisfaction rate.
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