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Does anyone know of a high volume Dr in Alabama (Huntsville or Birmingham area)?
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On cloud, go to EDcure site as well as the coloplast site and "find specialist" you can look up your state and will show urologist that use their devices as well show any "center of excellence" in Alabama.  After that I would start looking up that doctor online,  you can also email each mfg and ask them if a particular surgeon uses their device and may tell you more info but it will be limited, remember they are in sales as well.  I would think there would  be one at UAB,  there is a doctor in Atlanta they say on this site is very good..  Hakky I think, also search a Doctors name here on FT and they may or may not show up.  But there are Plenty of good surgeon's out there.  Goodluck

I just quickly looked at EDcure Dr Brian Christine in Homewood " center of excellence"
Alan McCool in Jasper" center of excellence "
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