Letter to Peyronies Disease and ED treatment providers with PDS logo

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*This is the same exact letter we drafted originally, except this is with the PDS logo at the top, completed by Steve.  Members can use this version, or the regular letter without the logo for the mass mailing project.  Simply click on the attachment at the bottom of this post, and download it to your computer, while saving it so you can print it.*

AAARRRGGGHHH!  I wrote a nice reply with the Urologist letter attached as a .docx file.  The forum rejected it, so I reattached the file as a .doc file, and then the forum tells me that I've already submitted the post, and won't repost it.  But when I look at the forum, I don't see the posting so I can't re-attach the right file.  Sometimes computers give me headaches  :P


I've reformatted the Urologist letter into a Word file (.doc) with a PDS header on it, and still keep it within 1 page ;) and I'm trying to attach it to this post.

I'm going to try and workup a business card format document to print to a sheet of Avery business cards.  If/when I get that finished, I'll post it too.

I'm finally getting around to gathering my list of doctors (I've got Ft Worth and Arlington so far--more mid-cities doctors and then Dallas to do), so I haven't mailed out any letters yet (I'm waiting until I can include a page worth of business cards too), but hope to soon.

Keep up the good work.

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