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Comparing ED Drugs
I have taken prescriptions of all 3; Levitra, Cialis, Viagra.  Their mechanisms of action are very similar.  I see absolutely no discernible difference in the ability to produce an erection.  All three require physical or psychological stimulation to produce an erection even in a normal healthy male.  I took all 3 at maximum dosage.

Cialis has a much longer half-life than the other two so it is on-board and ready when you are, over a longer period.  One of the listed side effects for Cialis is a delayed onset backache that can occur days after taking the drug.  I always got these in the lower back and they are no fun.  I have no clue what the direct cause is but due to the area, I wonder if it involves the kidneys in some way.  If it made the difference between sex and no sex I would endure them but not week in and week out.  I am sure many people do not get these or the drug would be a flop.

Levitra Much like Viagra from a patient standpoint.  Half-life is the same as Viagra as is the manner and ability to produce an erection.  The one advantage is that it is less affected by eating a couple hours before taking the pill.

Viagra - One difference that makes Viagra a drawback is that any dietary fat interferes with absorption so it is best to be fasting for 4-6 hours before taking.  If you can find a zero fat snack, that is OK.  I had a few more side effects with Viagra than Levitra but these were minimal (2 headaches, 1 blue haze vision out of dozens of doses).

Finally, They all tend to cause a bit of a stuffy nose (for me).  This is caused by increased blood flow to the membranes.  None of these caused any side effects in minimal doses such as 1/4 of a Viagra every night.

The most important thing that I can offer, but which others seem to show little interest in. For less than 2 cents a day, half of a 50mg (smallest tablet) Trazodone at night before bed will cause solid nocturnal erections increasing blood flow all through the night.  It is absorbed better if taken with food.  This is only a fourth to a half of what is prescribed for sleep.  I have zero side effect from it and it is non-habit forming at this tiny dose.  I often skip a night or two and sleep soundly, only with no erections.  This is also a case in which more is not better.  The effect seems as strong or stronger at 25 mg than at 50mg.  Nocturnal erections are not as well understood as once thought.  They seem to not be dependent on the same nerve pathways as stimulated erections so I am not sure trazodone impacts a daytime stimulated erection and I am also unsure of how trazodone works to cause erections.  But it works very well.

I have known of 3 people that tried this and all 3 got the same positive effect.  It is also a listed side effect of trazodone. If you have a doctor that will work with you, discuss this with him.  It was the best tip I ever got off of a forum.

Finally, Adrenalin, Sudafed, and Neosynephrine bind to adrenalin receptor cells and kill erections.  They also unstuff your nose, just the opposite of ED drugs.  Performance anxiety kills erections both by taking your mind off the psychological aspects of sex and by producing adrenalin which is a certain erection killer.

Trazodone (Desyrel)    
I am convinced from research, personal experience, and doctor recommendations that getting blood flow to the tissues regularly is very important for every man's penile health.  Nature tries to keep us functional with NTE several times during every sleep cycle.  This is true from infancy.  These erections pull oxygen-rich blood to the penis and the entire prostate capsule area where the unseen part of the penis is hidden from view. This is the area where the nerves controlling blood flow get damaged during a prostatectomy.  I have resolved my dilemma of inducing erections in the 24 months after prostate surgery to support nerve growth and maintain healthy penile tissue.  Strangely my Night Time Erections (NTE) with no Viagra are now as good as my 100 mg Viagra erections during the day. Also strangely, if I awake with one it dies within 2 minutes of waking up.  Thru some research I found out this is because NTE's use different pathways than daytime stimulated erections.  They used to think if you got erections at night and had ED that it was psychologically based.  Now they know that is not necessarily true.

Since NTEs do as much, however, to nourish penile tissue as daytime erections, I just got my family doctor to prescribe Trazadone - (Desyrel) 25 mg per nite. It is an antidepressant/sleep aid. The smallest pill is 50mg and I take ½ of the smallest pill.  It is too small of a dose to have any effect on depression but it can help you sleep at that dose although take twice that amount for sleep.  I take this small dose for one reason.   I am taking it for the listed side effect of prolonged, erection (priapism).  Trazadone is known to cause NTE's and sometimes to delay orgasm.  It should be taken with a small snack for better absorption.
The good part is the cost. This is a whopping $1.08 for a months supply.  A 3 cent dose caused me to wake with possibly a 10 on the erection scale.  This probably exceeds any erection in 15 1/2 months since surgery including those from injections.  This erection remained for several minutes after waking. Trazadone at the tiny dose of 25mg per night with a snack is a great way for a man that does not get NTE's to get them and the health benifits they bring to the penis.

I know 3 other men that tried these and it worked for all at a cost of 3 cents per night.

Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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