New Pricing from Augusta Medical for VED's

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Just to be clear, we do not get any money from this or any company but some few companies do offer members small discounts or free shipping etc.  Below is a link on Augusta Medical Pricing of VED's.  They are medical grade which can be important to those that use a VED daily.  

If you scroll down in this same link you will also see a link and information on making a home constructed VED

New Pricing from Augusta Medical Systems,642.0.html

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My Vitality pump recently broke.  I called Augusta to see if I could replace the broken part.  it was a plastic piece behind the release valve which broke...(If i could buy just that small assembly it would work.)  This prevented it from holding pressure.  Unfortunately they would not sell any individual parts or assemblies.

Just wondering if there is a preferred and robust brand out there that I could look at as a replacement.  I see the real inexpensive ones on Amazon for around $30.  I question the quality and safety of such pumps.

A replacement from Augusta is $199 or $249 depending on which model you get.
Any other suggestions for a robust and quality pump?