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Discussion on penile implants and other solutions to erectile dysfunction.  We are announcing the expansion of our erectile dysfunction topic into an entire erectile dysfunction forum.  We have moved and are moving topics from the erectile dysfunction board and all penile implant topics from the surgery section into 5 Boards on the erectile dysfunction Forum.  You will find the erectile dysfunction forum if you scroll down just past the "Read this First" and "Special Boards".  Just a tip.  Any section of the forum can be collapsed by clicking the "-" (minus) sign to the left of that section.  That way your screen will not be cluttered with sections you do not always want to see.

Why did we make this move?

Just like I was driven to Peyronies Disease forums and found them lacking when I developed Peyronies Disease (which caused me to set up this PDS forum), I have been driven to FT with my implant surgery. I hate it that I founded a Peyronies Disease forum but that forum fails to address what was an incredibly perfect solution for me and I have to go elsewhere for support. I have to wonder if I would not have found this solution much sooner if we had the necessary information and discussion here.  Members here often mention FT and refer members of our forum to that site.  There are a lot of very knowledgeable members there and they discuss all facets of erectile dysfunction treatment.  Each facet its own board (injections, VED, Implants,).  Some estimate indicates that up to 80% of men with Peyronies Disease experience some degree of erectile dysfunction.  We also know erectile dysfunction can trigger Peyronies Disease.  Yet, many of our members went there because they address erectile dysfunction and implants much better than we did.  That is about to change.

In spite of the great value of many members, there are some drawbacks to FT.  They revolve around a clear lack of rules inconsistently enforced, censorship on some of the most crucial issues facing a man considering an implant, and some structural problems with the forum layout.  If brief there are no sticky posts or no highlights in the boards to bring men quickly up to speed on the topics.  There is no glossary of terms for new members trying to understand the lingo and abbreviations. These and other issues caused several FT members to ask if they would be welcome to post their journals here on our forum.  One man with dual membership on our forum and FT asked if it would be too hard to set up an erectile dysfunction forum with our format, rules, and moderators.  My frustration built as I watched men get false information and moderation practices prevented anyone from correcting the misinformation.

Finally, I realized we had to do this so our members are not left looking for unreliable sources on the internet to deal with issues we should address right here.  One final complaint is that they ban women from their forum and refuse to discuss the issue even though many expressed a preference that women be allowed.  Women have always brought a much-needed perspective to this forum even though they only make up a very small percentage of the members.  Much of the work that gets done behind the scenes here has been done by women members.  They are often the ones that first find the solution their partners seek.

I hope that many find the information and support they seek in the Expanded erectile dysfunction forum. Click Here ---->  Implants - PDS - Peyronies Society Forums

Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 70 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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I think this is a very good idea.  Certain attitudes of the moderator of fk, are not correct.
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Thank you so much Hawk!  I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have indicated for the need of such an expansion.  Please PM me if there is any support I can provide in these endeavors!  Tony
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.


Excellent stuff, many thanks for this.
UK-based, mid-fifties, 'complex' peyronie's with Erectile Dysfunction, awaiting graft + implant surgery on NHS