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Welcome whether you are from the Peyronies Disease section of the forum, new to forums, or from another forum that did not provide what you were looking for.

Other than the obvious point of this forum section implied by its name, this Erectile Dysfunction forum is for all men that have Erectile Dysfunction.  We also welcome their partners because we know it is often women supporting men that lead to them finding the answers they need.  In the world of forums, it is impossible to confirm gender, so rather than forcing women to misidentify themselves or lurk, we prefer to hear them, help them, and learn from their perspectives.  Women have been a welcome part of our forum for 15 years.  While they only make up 5% -10% of the membership, they are important because of the perspective they share, the help they give their partners, and the work they do behind the scenes that make this forum possible.  

Although statistics are not widely available, indications are that up to 80 % of men with Peyronies Disease experience some degree of Erectile Dysfunction. Millions of additional men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.  The connection between Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronies Disease is well known.  Not only does Peyronies Disease often result in Erectile Dysfunction, but Erectile Dysfunction results in fibrosis and Peyronies Disease.   It is often difficult to conclude, which came first.  

This board was created because we found no good place on the internet that was loyal to the mission of open, honest support of men who have Erectile Dysfunction.  Make no mistake, there are other forums, but their priorities lie with not offending doctors or lawyers, or donors.  They end up patroled by thought police that dictates what opinions or thoughts you are allowed to express.

We have tried to provide what we could not find, including:
1. Clear, concise rules objectively enforced - SUMMARY of THE FORUM RULES - Peyronies Society Forums
2. Uncensored communication within the clear rules listed on the forum
3. Easy to find references and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the top of each board  where new members can learn the basics quickly
4. A highlights section at the top of each board where the moderators save valuable posts on those topics so they are not buried
5. A reference section with text and links to reference/educational materials
6. A section added to our doctors' list for doctors specializing in implants - members can suggest doctors be added.
7. User input and recommendations -  On your new forum, you have the ability to make suggestions about the forum layout and content and be heard
8. Surveys - we have the ability to conduct surveys on forum suggestions or for our own understanding of issues and solutions experienced by forum members.
9. A Glossary so words and abbreviations that might be new to readers can simply be moused-over to see the meaning as you read. - You can suggest words to be added to the glossary.

Last but not least, since we put in the work to deliver what you have been asking for, please read the few rules SUMMARY of THE FORUM RULES - Peyronies Society Forums
Thank You

Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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