Electronic cigarettes mess with endothelial health

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Hey guys,

As a former heavy smoker, and now former heavy vaper, I had made a lot of research about the influence of nicotine on inflammation pathways, blood pressure, overall vessel health... With contrasted results: nicotin was not only said to be bad for us (mostly with vasopresin which contracts small vessels), but was also said to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

Anyway, I managed to totally quit nicotine over the last months: I'm vaping only 0 mg/L liquids, and do feel better for it (I mean, regarding overall health, not Peyronies Disease... but I guess it has to help at some time)... So I thought I could go on like this, without preoccupating anymore about my addiction worsening my Peyronies Disease.

BUT yesterday I stumbled on this study, which suggests that e-cigs in general really mess with the blood vessel system: https://www.atherosclerosis-journal.com/article/S0021-9150(16)31378-8/fulltext. I don't know if the effects they described are caused by the eventual presence of nicotine in ther e-liquid (they don't specify it, which is dramatically stupid), OR by other components like flavouring, alcool, etc...

Anyway, be warned if you're also a vaper: it might be a good idea to actually totally quit this habit, and not only nicotine (which I will try to do over the next weeks/months)!

Bye :-),

- 35 yo, Peyronies Disease with chronic pain, general hourglassing with girth and length loss since 09/01/17.
- Pain almost cured with Hirudoid cream and diet/lifestyle changes (see my topics on this); deformity still here, but partly reduced with traction + VED.


Thanks for this. Trying to convince someone to quit e-cigs and I've been wanting to round up the research.


Quitting nicotine altogether is a commendable step toward better health.  
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Quote from: shaddyK on May 22, 2024, 08:48:58 AMQuitting nicotine altogether is a commendable step toward better health.

This is a very old post so you may not receive a response, but I appreciate your comment

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The study you mentioned raises important concerns about the potential negative effects of e-cigarettes on blood vessels. And I understand the worry. After facing some health issues, I recently quit smoking e-cigarettes. I switched to other options from https://shopc9.com. And I am feeling much better.
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