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It's been several months since my husband was diagnosed, and I've felt so completely alone... I'm so sad and I don't know how to talk with him about any of it because he's depressed. I don't want to make it worse, but I'm struggling mightily and so is he.

We've ridden out a lot in 20+ years of marriage, but this has us isolated and in the dark. I started bawling reading the posts here, just knowing I'm not alone anymore.

I'm glad I found this place, signed up immediately. Please direct me to the women-only forum. I need to figure out what is next.


Hello StillWaters,

I am glad that you have found our forum, there is a lot of information here and our members can be very helpful. I will be sending you a PM with helpful inks within the forum and grant access to the Ladies Only room if you would like.

Please know we are all here to help.

Moderator since 2015- Missouri- I work in the medical field and have strong knowledge of insurance and how to obtain coverage for medication and other treatments. Being a woman I do not have Peyronies but you can ask me anything. I am happy to help.


Dear StillWaters,
welcome in this forum. I am really sorry for you and your husband. We all can understand you because 99% of the people in this forum is suffering from Peyronie's disease so we know what we're talking about.

I'll try to give, even if i'm only 24 years old, some advices that might work for your husband. I'm not married but ehy, after all,i'm a man.

1) MOST IMPORTANT: Let he know that you will not abandon him in this moment and that, for you, he's still the man you love. Maybe we don't say it, but we are scared as hell to "not be men anymore" after this disease.
2) Convince him to ask for psychological help. That's really important.
3) Go to an urologist if you didn't do it already. Go to the best.

I hope that this will help you. I don't know any women - only forum, unfortunately. You love your husband and it is really great for him to have such a woman in his life in such an hard moment of his life.
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Hello Miss. I'm 18 years old and my girlfriend has stuck with me through it all. She is young but extremely compassionate and loving. When I first had my penile injury. I was VERY depressed. I was in very bad pain Daily and it was all I can think about. I cried in her arms almost every single day for about a month . I was hopeless, and depressed for about 2-3 months. I had very very dark thoughts. I'm someone who's always had a positive outlook on almost everything but this one broke me down as a man and human being (I know I know I'm only 18, but I'm very mature). I had the injury in March and am still not healed. But am not in as much pain nearly as I was. I wanted to share my story here to let you know that it DOES get better. The physical pain will one day reduce at least. I know that when the pain wasn't as severe, my mood instantly was better. I'm at a critical point in my life. I'm a man now, things are real. Now I know the physical things are only HALF of the impact that peyronies has on a man. I need to go to college and keep working on my life. So when the pain became manageable, I made the decision to not let my physical condition run my life anymore. I told my self that I would stop worrying so much. If I need surgery one day, so be it. If I need a penile implant one day, so be it. My life WILL go on and my physical issues will not stop me from chasing my dreams. That being said take my story and use it to help your man through this extremely tough time. Very long paragraph I know, but I hope this helps you or someone else miss. Here are my main points to follow, if you really love him

1) Give him reassurance. Let him know you love him no matter what, (my gf would Always always tell me "even if your penis was chopped off, I'd still love you"). It sounds funny, but it made me feel so much better

2) if he is in pain, expect to halt sex for night now. I haven't had sex with my girlfriend in about 3 months. I thought this would change our relationship. But like she told me over and over, it didn't. We still love each other deeply. If there is no pain, then help him feel comfortable and comfident with his penis.

3) encourage him to see a urologist, a GOOD urologist. Please do not let him see the average uro that his insurance plan covers. If you need a list of doctors. Feel free to PM Me

I hope this helps
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