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Author Topic: CIALIS QUESTION  (Read 1603 times)

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« on: June 17, 2018, 11:38:07 PM »

Hey guys I want just direct answers from people have taken this please.

Personal experiences only.

Did you develop any dependency from using cialis.

There are some small reports that indicate that a daily dose 2.5 small dose of cialis can help even after it is stopped but I'd like to hear from someone who had actually tried this and or seen any benefits from taking it.

I am pretty young and want to take this to help with my small curvature and to fill in some narrowing from at the base that has been starting to occur, but I would HATE, to then have to take these to ACHIEVE erections because my erections wouldn't be the same when not taking it anymore.

The reason I ask this question is because for many people who are about to go for an implant, it is often suggested to them here, and I often see it: Have surgery be your LAST resort. Try every viagra and when that does not work, try cialis, and up the dosage when that doesn't work.

I've seen this many times and it just seems to give this idea that as the years go by, one will require a higher dose of cialis to achieve the same erection. What 2.5 once did for you, it no longer does. You now need 10mg..

..So it seems that people develop a tolerance to cialis, and presumably, if this is the case, that means that since they cannot have an erection with 2.5 anymore, they are now DEPENDENT on the 10.5 that gives them the results they once got from the 2.5..which in turn would mean they can't achieve an erection without in now.

But maybe I'm just babbling. Bottom line. Personal experiences:

03/06/2018: Forceful-downwards [from the penile base] injury) > Affected PSL (Penile Suspensory Ligament) > Pelvic Floor Dysfunction > Erectile Dysfunction (tentatively assumed venogenic) > Peyronies (07/01/2018)


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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2018, 04:12:42 AM »

Did you develop any dependency from using cialis
Make a search on the forum regarding Cialis.
You will find many posts stating improvement from low dose Cialis, 2.5 or 5 mg daily.
It helped me.
Try every viagra and when that does not work, try cialis, and up the dosage when that doesn't work.
Careful!. Maximum dosage for Cialis is 20 mg, maximum for Viagra is 100 mg.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


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« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2018, 05:55:32 PM »

I took 20mg generic viagra at bedtime during my period of treatments. The idea is to ensure bloodflow like a healthy penis would at night. Night time erections are maintenance for a healthy penis. Peyronie's can come with pain. When a natural erections occurs, and there's pain, your brain receives a signal, thus telling your penis to shut down. Once pain and inflammation aren't an issue there are other factors that restrict bloodflow that can then cause deformities. So, that is why top treating peyronie's specialists throw this medication(or cialis) in as a part of treatment. When the dr prescribed this, I was told that your body doesn't become dependent on it. I was told that once I was off the med, to use it as a safety net if need be.

You are going to find a million different answers searching the Internet. Find a good urologist that treats peyronies and one that you're comfortable with. Follow their treatment plan. It can be very difficult in finding one, especially through random referrals. Focus your energy on searching for a good treating dr. and get treatment. The younger you are with this disease, the easier it is to rebound, generally speaking. On the flip side, it's not uncommon for younger men to have new peyronies plaques develop after initial ones have been corrected/addressed.

Please go to PROFILE then FORUM PROFILE to replace this text with your profile info such as age, date of onset, symptoms, treatments tried, etc
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