Pain and indentation. Will it cause ED?

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A month ago I sustained an injury to my penis and now have an area on the left side of the shaft near the base that is indented when flaccid and creates a prominent hour-glass on the shaft when erect. It is slightly darker than the surrounding skin and is the source of pain. On the right side of the shaft, there is a bump and some hour-glassing when flaccid that disappears when erect. There is no pain on this side. I have had no problem getting and maintaining erections, although they do fill unevenly as my penis points heavily to the right at first before straightening out as it gets fuller/harder.

What I want to know is, will this cause ED in the future? I can live with the pain and slight deformities, but getting ED would literally kill me (I'm 19).
My first uro blew me off, but the second saw the darkened indentation and prescribed Betamethasone Diproprionate 0.05% cream, but I doubt this will do anything because the problem is internal.

Does anyone have any advice and what to expect to happen to my penis in the coming months as it stabilizes?
21 y/o. Indent and pain on lower left part of shaft.


It sure sounds like it could be peyronies.  I'd ask for pentox, low dose cialis at night and add traction/VED.
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It's impossible to tell if you will have any problems in the future.  
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I would take a break from any sexual activity for at least 8 weeks and then maybe re-evaluate your situation.

I wouldn't jump to conclusions about your long term outlook. The area will take some time to heal, scar, and then over time the elasticity should return.

Peyronies essentially happens when the scar tissue that forms hardens into what people refer to as "plaque". This doesn't happen to everyone and no one is really sure why it happens to some and not others. Just relax and try to limit your erections during the day - they will happen at nighttime but this is OK and nothing you can do about it.

This was feedback I received from a urologist 8 years ago when I had an injury similar to what you describe. It did eventually get better but took a but of time and I never suffered any ED (other than psychological for a short period), but nothing physical.


Calcified plaques were identified in 34 of 115 (30%) patients. Patients with calcified plaque were younger, had longer duration of disease, and higher rates of significant erectile dysfunction
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So I saw another uro today and he said that he doubts I could give myself Peyronies this way. He said to just take Motrin for the pain. Is this good advice, or should I seek a Pentox prescription elsewhere?
21 y/o. Indent and pain on lower left part of shaft.