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Author Topic: Penis suddenly curves to the left, possible Peyronies, lots of pain  (Read 1212 times)

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Hi everyone, I found this forum because I searched for "my penis suddenly curves to the left", which shockingly happened a few months ago all of a sudden.

Here some quick info:

My self-diagnoses: Possible Peyronies from what I read here in the forums.

Urologist conclusion so far: Diagnosed with urethral syndrome, because penis felt normal and no hard lumps he said it could not be Peyronies (that’s not what I read here in the forums)

Duration of symptoms: Approximately 4 months

Main symptoms: semi-erect penis has curve to the left (about 30 degrees), erect penis slight curve to the left, constant pain in urethra or corpus spongiosum, when flaccid my penis is longer than before and penis head hinges to the left and my penis has rotated left on its axes, erectile dysfunction, pain in Perineum (and pain sitting), two hard cords running from the base inside the shaft to almost to the head (both on the left side) and I am sure I am in a depressed state.

Other symptoms I had only once or a few times: pins and needles in glans, a few times it felt like something was crawling inside my testicles. At this same moment, I also got weird crawling sensations inside my upper arms, like something was inside my blood (for a duration of 30 minutes at the time). One night a burning pain/flare inside my abdomen behind my navel (bladder or prostate maybe?).

When did this happen? After sex and while still having an erection, I got a shock wave going through my penis from the top to somewhere to the base. The feeling was so weird and from what I can recall, it felt like something foreign went through my urethra from head to base like a vibrating wave. This sensation did not last long but was definitely disturbing. If it really was inside the urethra I don't know, but it felt like it was or else in the middle of the shaft. Maybe I tore something from the head like an elastic band was pulled down to the base? First, there was just discomfort inside the penis and developed into a pain that worsened over the next 10 days. The curve showed itself after about 2 weeks of this incident.

Possible cause? The only 2 things I can think of is that I have either damaged something in my penis during intercourse or got a bacterial infection from sex.

Treatments so far? Various antibiotics and meds for urethral syndrome that did not improve the situation. Urinalysis shows no growth in white blood cells. Not sure how accurate this really is. For dealing with the pain I was first given Gabapentin which seemed to help quite a bit, but the pain got worse and I am also taking Tramadol now.

Thinking of trying: Pentox and low dose Cialis.

Searching various forums I could not find anything similar to my shock wave experience (nor the crawling sensations in testicles and arms). Does anyone have a clue what this could have been?

What would be a good move to do next? Seeing Uro again in a week. I have asked for an Ultrasound, but he said they don't do that. He also never heard of Pentox...
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