Stem Cells & Adult stem cell injections for Peyronie's

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You say you got a mindset that few others posses, but I honestly doubt that. I also rant here so I don't rant to for example my friends, but yeah, when I'm at the urologist I tell him the truth and don't act like they help me when they don't. The "potent drug" you are on is pentox, right? Well it's not as potent as you think cause I've been on it for years now and it only gotten worse. But you can believe all you want that with the right mindset and trying things I have tried for years will help you and if so good for you, but I'm telling you it's not that simple.  
Age: 25
Date of onset: 17
Symptoms: sharp pains, numbness, change in shape/size, hourglassing and discolaration from jelqing/VED usage as a teen. Diagnosed with a venous leak and possible scarring.
Treatments tried: cialis, pentox and VED didnt help


There hasn't been much talk in this thread for a while. Anyone care to update on their experiences or have some news about new stem cell research or studies? It's pretty hard to find anything about stem cell technology and peyronie's on google.
MIA - nothing works after 5 months
supplements and pharmaceuticals I've tried:
cialis, pentox, magnesium chloride, dim, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, vitamin k2, paba, l-arginine, l-citrulline. either get surgery (and possible ed), get implant, or pray


I went to South America for Embryonic Mysenchemal Stem Cell P-shot plus another 150M stem cells intravenously. Energy wise, felt great, solved my joint problems too, but as for my peyronies it didn't do anything.
Age 41. Onset of mild hourglass 2010 semi erect. No progression until 2022. Slight pain & hourglass when flaccid. Considering Titan due to on/off ED for years.


Thank you for posting about your stem cell experience.
Snake Diet + 5-day fasts + pentox + NeoV's stretching routine + Mito Red Light. Curvature 99% gone.

I also used Todd Capistrant's "Fascial Distortion Model" to help my curvature. Start slowly.