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Augusta Medical extend thanks all forum members
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 on: Yesterday at 09:55:16 PM 
Started by Notreallyme - Last post by QuackAttack

Use the largest diameter cylinder and get a moderately good erection, but not over doing it. URO's use VED for people that have ED. You want a firm erection during intercourse otherwise you could have your penis bend and get more damage. I use mine for both, although for sex it is just precautionary to ensure a firm erection during intercourse.

 on: Yesterday at 09:49:42 PM 
Started by Krush - Last post by QuackAttack

Did the URO do a doppler ultrasound? If not, how does he know everything is fine. Find a URO that specializes in peyronies. A VED and constriction ring is not a problem as long as you don't over pump and you remove the constriction ring correctly and not bend your penis. The so-called cock rings on sex sites are not the way to go. Get a proper medical VED.

 on: Yesterday at 08:39:02 PM 
Started by Krush - Last post by kev1125
Will massaging when flaccid promote healing or cause more injury? I find it reduces the pain.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer your other questions, but my understanding is that massaging when flaccid, as well as getting erections, prevents the scar tissue from hardening, keeping the tissue more elastic as it should be. This is what I've read anyway. It has helped reduce the pain for me as well.

 on: Yesterday at 06:10:10 PM 
Started by beechcott - Last post by sassykat
Hi, I'm in the UK and can see a couple of you guys on this thread are from the UK also - can I ask just as myself and partner are about to undertake medications what combinations you use and indeed where do you source them from in the UK.

Thanks in advance.

 on: Yesterday at 04:17:38 PM 
Started by Notreallyme - Last post by Notreallyme
What I mean was I am going to use a VED to treat my peyronies and was wondering if it would be damaging or cause more issues with peyronies if i were to use it for intercourse with a cockring. After reading the protocol for 3 cylinder ved, it doesn't sound like I am supposed to achieve full erections when using the device for peyronies therapy.

 on: Yesterday at 03:52:56 PM 
Started by Never Ending Saga - Last post by Never Ending Saga
Thanks Blackdiamond.  I will call the doctor tomorrow, but I'm going to be REALLY embarrassed, since all questions go through his female receptionist before he gets an answer back to you.  I guess my concern is less about the physical manipulation (or lack thereof in my situation), but the really strong contractions involved with ejaculating since it had been a long time.  (Really stupid on my part not to "take care of things" before the shots.). The shots are WAY too expensive to do something to prevent them from working. 

 on: Yesterday at 02:56:07 PM 
Started by smithy365 - Last post by smithy365
Not sure where to put this, so sorry if it is in the wrong place.

Is there a board just for sucessful results. If not, I think it would be a good idea.

My thoughts are that it would be only for the story of the individual, with what they did, and before and after pics (if possible)

Would be nice to spend time reading and learning and getting some hope!

Arabia shared the following after my rant about being frustrated,3685.0.html

and it was exactly what I needed....

Is there a board JUST for results like these?  Would be nice to have them in one place...

Just a suggestion.

 on: Yesterday at 02:39:02 PM 
Started by smithy365 - Last post by smithy365
I was seeing one. He seemed quite knowledgeable, and after colcacine (sp?) didn't work, we discussed the shots. He said that the results were in a small percentage of patients, and then only an improvement of about 10 degrees. I asked him about a pump, and he said that his theory was "why do further injury, to something already injured?"  He offered to do an implant, otherwise pretty much said that there was nothing else to do, and I'd just have to live with it.   Been over a year, I am considering looking into another one. I think I found one close enough to home (not that it matters, I'd drive 1000 miles for a cure!) who is on the "list" on the website for Xiaflex.

I don't know if my insurance covers him, and I don't know if they cover Xiaflex, and if I can afford the deductible.

I am thinking about continuing with the VED protocol mentioned above, and I may also do traction. I have both devices, and both are good quality ones recommended on here (SomaTherapy VED, and X4 Labs Traction)

Hard to know what to do (no pun intended.....ok, maybe it was intended)

Thanks for your input and keep me posted!

 on: Yesterday at 02:32:46 PM 
Started by McQueen - Last post by blackdiamond
I use the penimaster as well.........The protocol from my Doc and many on this board is to not wear it for more than 2 hours at a time and take it off for 10-15 minutes........
As far as how long to use it the consensus is mixed. I do know the minimum is 3 hours but the max is very confusing.........
Yes peeing is a challenge especially if u drink a lot of fluids.....Personally I pee right before putting it on so it gives me a longer wear time till the next pee........

 on: Yesterday at 02:10:34 PM 
Started by Never Ending Saga - Last post by blackdiamond
I'm certainly no expert and would wait for other folks to chime in but I don't think you should freak out !!  Call your Doc tomorrow and ask.......
I think its the physical manipulation that their concerned about but I don't know for sure.......Good Luck   

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