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 on: Today at 01:11:55 AM 
Started by phatcat - Last post by skunkworks
All those research places source their raw powers from China, it's not USA made.

 on: Yesterday at 11:47:37 PM 
Started by kev1125 - Last post by Krush
i get an hour glass shape when i am getting erect but its gone when i reach full erection.. when i can.. If the left curve is gone maybe the filling on one of your Corpus is more delayed than the other side?

My scar tissue feels like a plastic tube under the skin on the top of the shaft.  However i cant feel it from pushing on the top only if i squeeze from each side and not during any kind of erection. I attribute this to the fact the scar is on top of and surrounded by soft tissue.  I recall a mammogram commercial that showed a orange seed vs. a whole orange for detection of tumors. I imagine it could be similar for us, small plaque or scar would be difficult to locate.

I have had a couple bends in my erection my entire life i don't think it was peyronies though.. so no scar tissue. Perhaps the fact it fills first means it fills more so you get the curve?

Best of luck man

 on: Yesterday at 11:41:48 PM 
Started by smithy365 - Last post by smithy365
I did miss something....what shots? Xiaflex?

 on: Yesterday at 11:30:21 PM 
Started by smithy365 - Last post by smithy365
Thanks Arabia.....Just what I needed!

 on: Yesterday at 11:28:33 PM 
Started by Krush - Last post by Krush
Hello all new here and freaked out as one would expect…

I have always had a big left and upward curve for as long as I can remember (I am 36) but my penis is a good size, and I have always had excellent control, so I never got complaints from my partners… that is until 6months ago… after a rough session I pulled out and saw 2 large bruises on the top of the shaft, didn’t hurt, and matter of fact I had sex 3x after the injury that afternoon cause I am stupid and I just figured it was a burst blood vessel. The bruises lasted a week and faded but then ED started, then a few weeks later pain came, not from erections, but when flaccid, I notice this discomfort all the time now, like sharp under the skin.  I can feel a lump that runs almost the entire length of the top of my penis but no more noticeable curving. Went to a urologist and he said he thought I would be fine. I am not so sure…
I can get an 80% erection rather quickly, but usually not much more, the glans never fills like it used to, then its typically all gone in a hurry. I also notice a purplish tinge to penis often like trapped blood. I still get daily morning wood, and I have had decent erections and sex in the past 6 months but more often its not all there. I take low doses of viagra occasionally and it usually works.. but not always. I do get ridiculous flushing, congested nose and bloodshot eyes though.

-   Will a cock ring cause more damage?
-   Will massaging when flaccid promote healing or cause more injury? I find it reduces the pain.
-   I am taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine, any other supplements or things I can do to reduce the scaring?
-   Is the plaque caused by blood leaking into the area?
-       Is intermittent ED common with Peyronies?

 on: Yesterday at 09:28:47 PM 
Started by smithy365 - Last post by Arabia
Yes traction actually works but you have to be very patient and in it for the long haul (i.e. 6 to 12 months). 
You don't straighten your teeth overnight rather it takes several years in many cases so it is no different with one's dick.

Have a look at this thread if you are looking for some hope.,3685.0.html

 on: Yesterday at 09:20:36 PM 
Started by Cowboy James - Last post by Arabia
I'd just apply ice for a few hours being careful not to over do it.  Wrap the ice in a cloth and then apply to the injured area for ten minutes on 5 minutes off. 
If it gets black and blue you'll need to see your urologist.

 on: Yesterday at 09:03:45 PM 
Started by blackdiamond - Last post by Arabia

I decided to check out the variation in the Penimaster Pro reported tension and those measured using a digital kitchen scale.

In the manual they state that the pulling force is approximate between 200 and 1150 grams.
There are 5 marks and the reported force is
1. ~ 230 g
2. ~ 460 g
3. ~ 690 g
4. ~  920 g
5. ~ 1150 g

1. 450 g
2. 680 g
3. 900 g
4. 1050 g
5. 1350 g

So it is about 200 gm higher over the entire range which is not too bad. 
Remember this is a German device so I suspect they are a little more anal about their design parameters than some knock-off noose device from China.

I wear mine now at the 3rd mark for three hours at a time using the rod system without any issues.  I set it up without measuring the initial rod length, instead relying on what felt comfortable, but when I measure it now the length of the device from the plastic which sits on the pubic area to the plastic clip in at the other end it is 1.5 cm longer than my stretched flaccid length. Remember this is not the rod length alone but including the two plastic pieces on either end.

Highly recommend the product.

 on: Yesterday at 08:25:07 PM 
Started by kev1125 - Last post by kev1125
Here is my story. I'm 40. When I was 25, I suddenly acquired the "hourglass" deformity around the base of my penis. I could not identify or feel any scar tissue, just the indention running along the circumference of the shaft. This resulted in it curving upward when erect. After doing some researching I discovered Peyronies Disease. At any rate, the curve was slight enough as to not prohibit sexual activity. There was no pain associated with it, no apparent loss of length, and no discomfort for my partner. For these reasons I was never motivated to seek treatment. I just let it slide and for the past 15 years things have been good. But now I seem to be developing some new symptoms. Or at least I think I am. I'm not sure what symptoms are real and what I'm imagining, to be honest. For the past three weeks or so, I've been in some pain, although it seems to be diminishing. As far as I know, I haven't suffered any injuries. I have no problems with sexual activity, but I've noticed that my penis now bends toward the left when becoming erect. The bend isn't there with full erection, only during the erection process. I don't know if this is something new, or something that was already the case but I'm just now taking note of it because I'm trying to spot something wrong. I'm thinking it already had a tendency to bend to the left during arousal, but I don't think the bend used to be to the degree that I'm now seeing. Not only that, but the left side of my penis is where I'm feeling the pain. I started feeling around, and I found what feels like a small "indention" on the left of the shaft, and this area is where the pain feels the most concentrated. I had something similar happen about ten years ago (found a small indention), and it went away not long after. I'm hoping this one will do the same, but my current situation feels more sever, and I'm afraid its going to develop into a whole new set of problems.

That's my story. Now here is my question. What should I be looking for in terms of scar tissue? I've been reading other's accounts of finding hard lumps and nodules, but I don't have any of these. Its the one characteristic of the disease that I seem to be missing. Is it common to have a bend in the penis without any apparent scar tissue? I'm thinking that maybe I just don't know what to look for. What is the scar tissue supposed to look/feel like?

 on: Yesterday at 04:17:56 PM 
Started by Cowboy James - Last post by Cowboy James
I crashed my knee into a coffee table while wearing my extender. I was just walking in the sitting room; I can be a bit of a klutz. The jolt caused the extender to pull on my penis and it hurt quite a bit. I took it off immediately. If anyone knows, what is the best treatment for this? Have I caused any permenant damage? For the moment I am not using it, of course. Replies appreciated.

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