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 on: Today at 03:50:46 AM 
Started by usckid22 - Last post by usckid22

Thank you. I am going to look into it.

I def think I have hematoma. But like i said its still only been 4 days and I feel i should wait the full 7 days since this is my first cycle and not sure what to expect

I will keep in mind the time tables that you had. I will also probably wait until the 7 days before i start doing any kind of stretching . Did you ever have a ring time buldge around the base area? I feel like it could just be bruising but I have this little bulgy feeling around the base that looks like i need to massage it out but not sure. I guess i will now more after the 7 days.

 on: Today at 02:12:19 AM 
Started by anonymous573 - Last post by NeoV
DMSO is only safe if you do not ruin your skin with it, and if you do not allow other chemicals into your blood stream. Wash your hands carefully and do not let it touch anything other than what you intend it to transport into your penis.

Effective? studies suggest that it indeed softens scar tissue. As for members on this forum, they have had positive benefits, but I will say that it is quite messy and so hard to do daily that a lot of guys don't stick with it. I am sure it is great when combined with heat therapy and traction and a good oral treatment regime.

 on: Yesterday at 11:05:21 PM 
Started by Wladyslaw - Last post by james1947

The VED you are talking about is with electrical pump, I prefer the manual for safety reasons
At the bottom of the page have a manual one also. At the price of $US 253 (999 PLN) it is a ripoff!!!
You can find much cheaper medical grade VED's
I bought mine at $US 35 and it works fine.

Regarding VED instruction, you have here:
Highlights of VED's Board - A must read for new members interested in learning. - Peyronies Society Forums
Simply said, you pump up to the level that have no pain and it is comfortable.
You hold for let's say 30 second, release for 30 seconds. I am making it 30 minutes per day.
You will need to shave or at least trim down there to have good sealing.
Use some lubricant, cream or oil.
As I wrote you, send a PM to old man. He is the best man to get an advice


 on: Yesterday at 10:54:23 PM 
Started by anonymous573 - Last post by QuackAttack

DMSO is absolutely safe. Don't use more than 70% our you will make you penis irritated and then it will dry out and get flaky skin. As far a effective, those combinations you are proposing is exactly what I wound up using to no avail.

 on: Yesterday at 10:50:05 PM 
Started by Toronto34 - Last post by QuackAttack

Stabler is absolutely correct. A half-truth is a whole lie. What you can tell her is that you have a connective tissue disorder that effects the shape of your package once the situation is right. You can let her know that you are functional and you are seeking treatment and don't go into too much detail. I think NeoV has said quite a few times to people that he approached the subject with women without the typical fear than all guys go through. It may seem difficult, but being confident will make her see strength in you. No matter what the social engineers want to force down everybody's throats, women want a strong, confident man.  Now, there is a thread on the forum from NIH that indicates treating Peyronies with Xiaflex during the acute stage actually had a larger mean reduction in curvature than those that were in the chronic stage.

 on: Yesterday at 10:45:49 PM 
Started by anonymous573 - Last post by james1947

I never used DMSO, but you have 100's of posts on this board
Until you will get a concrete answer you may want to read some posts


 on: Yesterday at 10:30:36 PM 
Started by usckid22 - Last post by QuackAttack

What likely happened is your URO nicked a blood vessel and you had a hematoma. You will always have more swelling and bruising if a blood vessel is nicked. The best advice I can give you is to keep your package wrapped with coflex for 3-4 days after each injection. Something I found with my 4th cycle that was very beneficial was having a high strength healing magnet wrapped in the coflex. The magnet I used was the neomax gold. I had absolutely ZERO swelling afterward. The magnet is totally worth the $100.

A couple of things to watch for is discoloration of your penis which is a side effect. I believe using the magnet will prevent this. I always had bruising after each cycle some more than others, but ZERO after the 4th. All further cycles will be with a magnet-wrap. My URO was very conservative and had me waiting two weeks for modeling; however, I always started after 7-10 days and this last time he said start after 3-5 days. I generally pull (i.e. model 4-6 times per day) for about a minute each time and a couple of times a week use VED. Make sure to go very easy with the VED, maybe 50-60% erect until you know your good. The last thing you want to do is get a penile fracture. I though I had one after the 4th cycle when I heard a pop at night when I had an erection and I did the recommended gentle downward press. The pop was the plaque having a minor tear, which is good according to my URO. Large tears, very bad because that would indicate a fracture, but small tears show a breakdown of the plaque.

 on: Yesterday at 08:31:12 PM 
Started by Jimuk - Last post by lessor
It doesnt matter, wont change anything, it wont do better peyronies but worse neither

 on: Yesterday at 07:52:02 PM 
Started by Jimuk - Last post by Jimuk
is taken multivitamins good for Peyronie's Disease or can it make it worst?

 on: Yesterday at 05:56:37 PM 
Started by AlecT - Last post by Nemo
James, I haven't gotten my latest batch of bloodwork results, but when I do, I'll look to see if uric acid is included.


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