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 on: Today at 01:52:57 AM 
Started by Turin099 - Last post by Jonbinspain

I have a Phallosan. But It is difficult for me to comment about whether it will help to straighten your penis or not.

I have only used mine since my Egydio technique surgery 18 months ago. It was recommended by my surgeon to prevent the grafted tissue from retracting.

If traction works, then yes it should do the job.

 on: Yesterday at 11:25:10 PM 
Started by skunkworks - Last post by Yasamoto
Your information is very good.

 on: Yesterday at 11:22:34 PM 
Started by geoff walsh - Last post by Yasamoto
Your information, I strongly agree.

 on: Yesterday at 11:14:46 PM 
Started by spanish - Last post by Christopher1
Consider increasing the pentox?

 on: Yesterday at 11:12:06 PM 
Started by JayGould - Last post by Christopher1
I would not combine arginine and cialis.

If you do, make sure you aren't driving or on a ladder.

 on: Yesterday at 08:28:42 PM 
Started by cheeznips - Last post by NeoV
This is an interesting topic I hope more will post on. I agree that high quality erections can at first make the curve appear worse, or if you use your "new" penis more aggressively it will get worse. Every time my case got better I used to binge masturbate, and then it would get worse. Be very gentle and allow the pill to fill out your penis. Now, if the pill induces priapism that's a different issue, and there HAVE been men who got Peyronies after taking Cialis or Viagra, I know one personally. In his case it was the result of rough sex and priapism but I cannot tell you what dosage he took. I don't want to scare anyone away here but just find it interesting. Overall I think it's an amazing tool and treatment and I still consider taking it myself.

 on: Yesterday at 07:13:38 PM 
Started by JayGould - Last post by JayGould
I am using Pentox (2000mg/day), Cialis (2.5mg) and sometimes L-Arginine.

Only used the VED twice. Made it worse. Can't use traction either because of a different injury (from manual stretching).

 on: Yesterday at 07:09:33 PM 
Started by Dros - Last post by JayGould
Can an implant be installed before the chronic phase? That's true?

Yeah, it can. And it's better than waiting because the plague will be softer and can possibly be stretched out by the implant.

 on: Yesterday at 03:49:21 PM 
Started by spanish - Last post by spanish
what is the science or at least logic behind the ginger?

The logic is desperation. I read ginger is an anti-inflammatory food so I went ahead and got
some supplements. Screw peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled studies, I am past that.
With this  level of pain I am willing to try whatever voodoo has worked for any of you guys.

 on: Yesterday at 03:42:26 PM 
Started by Old Man - Last post by Old Man
Note to all members:

Ran across the following link that shows much information about Peyronies Disease. This site shows the penis in many and varied pictures of what your penis might or might not look like. So, take at look at this site to edify your information about Peyronies Disease symptoms.

Old Man

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