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 on: Today at 04:17:49 AM 
Started by George999 - Last post by Gabriel
Hey JS,

Excellent post, fantastically interesting and hope-bringing, thank you!!!

As you know, I'll follow with as much interest your posts on your water fasting. I just wanted to warn you about a precaution I think you should take, from what I went through with my 3 days monodiet (which induces some of the benefits of a real fasting): on day 2 (but this can vary from person to person), I was feeling really, really bad, at a weakest, with a huge burst of all my inflammatory symptoms (prostate problems, pelvic pain, asthma, and of course my Peyronies Disease, with an almost permanent pain and metabolic panic in my penis).

I was then hugely surprised to see that all these symptoms disappeared on day 3, where I had NO penile pain/inflammation feeling AT ALL, and was full of energy. Maybe all this was just chance, but I read in many places that during a fast, some old conditions can rise again with a vengeance on days 1 to 3, when the body pours old "toxins" in circulation systems and "eliminates" them (no studies on this, so I'm being very cautious). Anyways this seems to be what happened with me, and trust me, on day two I would NOT have had ANY injection done in my miserable penis, nor would I have liked to have my swelled "nuclear pumpkin" post-injections penis... So maybe better you get injected a little sooner my friend!

Good luck to you!

 on: Today at 04:06:06 AM 
Started by JS1991 - Last post by Gabriel
Hello Faith,

Yep, welcome here, and thanks for your very interesting post!!

I'll be delighted to read about your experience on water fasting, as it is one of the next things I think about trying to improve my Peyronies Disease (and I tried a lot of things). So yes, please report!

And I agree with JS: don't worry about losing muscular mass on fasting. I myself have read a lot of information about carbs/proteins/lipid metabolism (+ neoglucogenesis, etc.) for one or two years, and they were indeed very contradictory. But the empirical thing is: I've been on intermittent fasting for like 4-5 months and a half now, and have not lost any gram of muscle mass (I've actually made progress on my 2-3 weekly trainings). Even better: I did a 3 days monodiet last week, eating only apples so no significant (if any) intake of proteins, and had my training two days after I was finished: stable performance, sames weights, very good energy... So no loss of muscle mass!

Last stuff: I recently talked to my uro, which is a also a great sportsman (he makes 150 - 200km bicycle races), and he is convinced that 12 - 16h of IF or 40 min of cardio exercise on empty stomach already triggers ketosis. I didn't know that, and don't know to how extent it's true, but I tend to trust him...

So, cheer up and don't get too scared!!!

Bye :-),


 on: Today at 03:57:28 AM 
Started by PPeroni - Last post by Gabriel
Hey Bueller,

My treatment is not about stemcells, but PRP, which I'm having with Dr Virag & Sussman in Paris (more d├ętails along the thread).

I tried gainswave, as many here, with good but ephemeral results on ED, and none on Peyronies Disease itself (as almost everyone here).

Anyway, a good use of the research function will provide you with a lot of informations; if you still have questions later, we'll be here to answer them !

 on: Today at 03:01:01 AM 
Started by Monty - Last post by Monty
All good stuff, BUT still think its a very very bad name for a man's Peyronies Disease forum site, it needs to be changed.

 on: Today at 02:42:13 AM 
Started by boomerang - Last post by Asian Eagle
I agree man! I'm an asian guy. And we are known for short dicks around the world, LoL. But I have a 6.8 inch penis, that is rare length in my country. Whenever girls saw it first time, most of them said "it's huge".

Although I disagree that woman vagina shortness is reason for it. Because on this forum many guys are claiming that they never had any kind of sex. They're virgin.

The main reason is bigger and heavier things always have a greeter risk to damages. It's natural. You can break a stick if it's too long, if it's short you'll need more power to break it, and if it's too short you simply can't break it.

 on: Today at 12:35:45 AM 
Started by zac - Last post by Travdixon
The support of a jock strap helps as well if normal movements during the day cause pain

 on: Today at 12:34:18 AM 
Started by zac - Last post by Travdixon
Yes sir, that pain will go away.  I used neosporin  and non stick gauze for when my hematoma were drained

 on: Today at 12:25:28 AM 
Started by evankol1 - Last post by Hawk

Please read the sticky posts on this board.                             Thanks

 on: Yesterday at 11:24:49 PM 
Started by Hawk - Last post by james1947

I like good jokes,  I don't think that those days people don't know that 2.54 cm = 1 inch


 on: Yesterday at 11:11:32 PM 
Started by Robert1966 - Last post by Hawk
It is so true.  I hear men that are hung up on what hue of color your glans gets after an implant, or what if they lose 1/4 of an inch.  Meantime they can't get an erection.  They have a floppy noodle that cannot do the only thing a penis is made to do.  Guys get hung up on the absurd.  I know, because I do BUT I really am about convinced that just like I have never noticed which of a woman's breasts was the largest, or the shape size and texture of her nipples.  Women don't notice most of what we agonize over.  I am willing to bet I could turn my glans 180 degrees and most women would not key in on it until I brought it up including my wife who is a very active, involved sex partner.  :)   

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