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 on: Yesterday at 11:34:14 AM 
Started by JonInOH - Last post by betterbend
I would guess then he is only recommending hand modeling?  There is a lot of research out there that traction for a minimum of 2 hours per day during Xiaflex therapy is the most effective way to get results, you can still hand model too.  Even though your doctor has not recommended traction you should check it out.  Many of the people on this board know more about treating Peyronies than the average urologist, so its really up to you to be up on the disease. 

 on: Yesterday at 10:31:26 AM 
Started by Dressa - Last post by Dressa
"Penis circumcised. Small brown stain dorsal glans as he had long. Meatus in place. Palpation on the penis with stiffness between the swelling bodies at the symphysis and a little bit outward. Scrotum right testicle 15 ml and left 10. Normal consistency."

He suggests Xiapex but this hospital does not do this. Have to look into private care givers in that case. Plication surgery is an alternative. I asked if this stiffness is the cause of my ed and he said it could be but that it's often multifactorial. What do you guys recommend me to do?

As for now I use VED (androvacuum) and cialis.

 on: Yesterday at 09:08:24 AM 
Started by Hawk - Last post by Hawk
Yesterday was my first in-person visit with Dr. Eid. Driving to his office from the Lincoln Tunnel was a nightmare that took far longer than I expected. Since there is parking right next door I got to his office only 2 minutes late. My first impression was that the waiting room was small and very unimpressive. Everything from that point far exceeded my expectations. I called the day before to confirm I would actually see Dr. Eid and not just some PA or Tech. The office staff almost laughed and assured me that Dr. Eid ALWAYS sees his patients and never leaves them to anyone else. After the nurse took my BP I went to Dr. Eid's office to get-acquainted, ask questions, and look at the Coloplast and AMS working models. Next, I went to an exam room and disrobed from the waist down to wait for Dr Eid. Soon Dr.Eid stepped in and said, "slip your pants on, I have a patient 4 weeks post-op that is happy to have you present". It was a bit strange having the gentleman I met in the waiting room laying there with an erection but I was far too interested to be uncomfortable. Dr. Eid showed me the utterly non-existent scar on the scrotum. There was no trace of trauma on him anywhere that I could see. Dr. Eid left and I talked with the patient for 10 minutes.

After I went back to my assigned exam room, the door opened again and Dr. Eid says, "I have another patient that is a year post op that had a robotic prostetectomy like you. I think you should meet him" (I had some reservations about reservoir placement in prostatectomy patients). Dr. Eid said, "just wrap your paper sheet around you and step across the hall". Patient #2 was a fit, 80-year-old guy that looked 15 years younger. He was being evaluated for a bladder sphincter surgery. As Dr, Eid left us to talk we found we shared a lot of history such as; prostatectomy, Peyronies, use of traction, VED pills, and injections. He was exuberant about his life since his implant which he said he and his wife used 400 times the first year. I could not detect the reservoir placement and he said it did not interfere with any type of exercise including abdominal exercise. I asked how long it was before he could drive 5 minutes to buy a loaf of bread and he said "3 days" and neither patient ever took their level two pain relief pills.

I went back to the exam room and Dr. Eid came in, injected me himself and did a Duplex Doppler Sonography. The 20 cc of Tri-mix more than did the job. He measured me erect and recorded that along with the recording of my stretched flaccid length. I asked a few more questions about sizing and rear-tip extenders. He said he does not like RTE's and that when he can, he sizes up and actually trims the rear of the fixed cylinder tips down. I left and drove through Manhattan with a raging erection that lasted almost to the point of concern.

What I learned: After 15 years as founder of this site and many years reading FrankTalk and blogs, I went pretty well informed. The concept of placing the reservoir differently in robotic prostatectomy patients was new, however. I also learned that Dr. Eid said I could use the flat washer-like rings that come with the Vacurect VED (I took one to show him) if I was concerned with glads erection. In addition to saying I could use the Vacurect and rings, he said some men use muse but thought I would be happy without either. I learned that Dr. Eid seems far more interested in visiting with and serving his patients than he is with hurrying a maximum number of patients through his practice. IT WAS A GREAT VISIT! THANKS TO DR. EID AND TWO PATIENTS THAT WERE WILLING TO HELP A FELLOW BROTHER.

PS: Both patients had Titan implants and resolved any concerns I had about the deflated state. Dr. Eid said more often than not he uses the Titan on my size penis. (Slightly over 6 inches - slightly over 7" if I risk pulling it off and impaling my pubic bone with a ruler.)

 on: Yesterday at 08:06:10 AM 
Started by Noncom - Last post by sizematters
Hi Daniel,

I used andropeyronie for my condition and I got good results... not only I got a curvature correction, also a girth Growth.

It is effective but you have to  be constant and wear it everyday.

will you be able to wear it for 8 hours everyday?  I read about some users who left the device because they could not use it the required hours everyday.

You can get good results but be sure you can do it isntead of spend money unnecessarily.


 on: Yesterday at 07:49:26 AM 
Started by Gabriel - Last post by sizematters

 I prefer my Andropeyronie... have you talked about the extender treatment with your doctor?

I am satisfied with the results.... in my case I  wore it for 8 hours a day but taking breaks, initially it is a bit hard to deal with this schedule  but in my case I found the way to do it...  Also I got some growth in girth ( i didnt need it because my penis was already thick) but this unexpected growth was welcome LoL :-P

Regarding the pain in the glans... I used a silk gauze aroung the penis head and also some cottonwool... this helped very much and it is important to massage the penis. Maybe the fact of I took long breaks ( 1-2 h break) could help.

About manual  traction with ESL40... I tried something similar for some time before using andropeyronie but I fet too much pain and also my urologist did not recommend to do it.

Try this tips and let me know if the pain is solved.



 on: Yesterday at 07:37:24 AM 
Started by Noncom - Last post by Daniel W.
I suffer from a 30 dregress upwards curvature and I have read about Andropeyronie.. it seems it is effective and also I read some medical studies about it... but I would like to know if someone here can tell me more about his experinece using this device and the results.



 on: Yesterday at 02:58:37 AM 
Started by lcd960 - Last post by Thomas2
lcd, YOU CAN'T REPLACE a forum opinion for a diagnosis. GO TO A DOCTOR NOW or don't expect any other answer here. This is a forum for problems, not a forum for fears. Go talk to a specialist, if you need even two or three. There is no other way.

 on: Yesterday at 02:32:48 AM 
Started by Dan D - Last post by Dan D
Thanks for the reply.

Well, to be fair the 3-piece implant was also presented as an option.

I was personally leaning towards the semi-rigid one because I felt more confortable with the idea of just bending my penis up than pumping... and keeping the CCs functional is also VERY appealing. They'd be a little comprised by the rod, so there'd be less space to be filled by blood... but they'd be still be working nonetheless. Of course: this is what's expected. I'd be great to hear confirmation from someone who actually had this surgery before.

About the implant recommendation... well, that's the reason I'm so doubtful right now. I know that I have some ED, but I don't think that it is THAT bad. I can still have sex, after all...

It was explained to me that there are two reasons for the implant: providing vertical support and preventing further damage from plaques (as it keeps the penis streched at all times). So it's not just about the ED... Anyway, I can't say that I'm super excited about the whole implant thing.  :-\
To be honest, I was caught off guard by the suggestion and couldn't discuss it clearly. Can't say I took it very well at first.  ::)

I hope I'm able to question properly all the "whys" and "hows" of this procedure in my next appointment... so any doubts or remarks are welcome  ;)

 on: July 19, 2018, 11:13:24 PM 
Started by R_Alves - Last post by Dan D
Hello Rodrigo,

I've had the same suggestion from Dr. Egydio (reconstructive surgery with a semi-rigid implant). I haven't done the surgery yet, but I'm considering it at the moment.

It'd be great to hear updates about your recovery and how's the process of getting used to the implant going.

Wish you a great recovery!


 on: July 19, 2018, 11:04:20 PM 
Started by lcd960 - Last post by lcd960
Thanks. I am having some discomfort during intercourse in the area and my glans has been especially sensitive on that side lately. The "indent" seems to have disappeared though. I have also been having sex up to twice or three times a day with masturbation in between for the past few weeks. I have only gone about a day without masturbating or sex in the last 4 months. Do you think a sensitive glans and soreness is usually associated with peyroines or could this just be an issue of overusing the penis?

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