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 on: Today at 12:08:17 AM 
Started by The Viking - Last post by The Viking

Thanks very much for the reply - I'm glad to engage in the community so soon after writing.

First, in answer to your questions: I don't recall feeling any noticeable pain during the acute phase, although I do feel some mild soreness occasionally now; I have two small narrow plaques on the dorsal side of my shaft that are very difficult to feel.

If I'm understanding you correctly, you may be questioning whether I actually have Peyronie's, or if my hypochondria is once again at play. Certainly hypochondria is an issue for me, and as I mentioned it's one of the reasons it took me a long time to understand that I had a problem. However, I can tell you that I do have Peyronie's disease, as I was diagnosed by Dr. Stahl, a Peyronie's specialist at Columbia, after a full exam that included a chemically-induced erection and an ultrasound.

You've touched on something very important in your response: that the mental and emotional aspects of my Peyronie's are perhaps the most problematic for me. Anxiety, fixation on my problems, and poor body image have always been issues for me, and Peyronie's capitalizes on all of them. I think it's powerful and insightful too that you point out that my obsession with my penis is almost a metaphor for all of my anxieties - that I'm assigning them all on this one aspect of my life, like a symbol for all my problems.

Certainly, one of the worst parts of my Peyronie's is the feeling of embarrassment and entitlement I experience when thinking about how mild my condition is compared to so many men out there. In fact, Dr. Stahl explained to me that the reason surgery was out of the question was because the goal of surgery was to make men with severe Peyronie's look as good as I do now. Unfortunately, these kinds of advice can be problematic in the same way as trying to help people with depression by reminding them of the many bigger issues burdening other people. Rather than the intended consequence, which is putting things in perspective, it increases the feelings of futility and hopelessness as they struggle with a disease that "should't be happening." For my own part, it's fairly similar - the thought that I shouldn't be bothered by this just adds another layer of anxiety as I continue to worry about it, knowing all along that my worry may be unfounded.

Although I only have a 15 degree curvature, it's all the deformity I've ever experienced, and so in that way, it's severe to me - that's why I feel that I have to do something about it. I know that seeking help for the mental and emotional aspects of my Peyronie's may prove to be the most important aspect of my treatment, but will it alone be enough? Stretching and certainly surgery come with a great many risks and side effects, but the success stories from both reputable doctors and men on this forum are too attractive to ignore. These are the choices I'm wrestling with that have brought me here.

Again, thanks a lot for your insights, and the time you took to write your response. I look forward to having more of these conversations with you and others - best,


 on: Yesterday at 10:11:19 PM 
Started by mkroll - Last post by mkroll
Are there any traction devices that you could get away with wearing them in public or sitting at your desk at work?

I am new to using a traction device but the amount of time you have to wear them is a little bit ridiculous/long so I was wondering if there were any small enough that I could wear with maybe some baggy pants to hide it, that way I could go about my day relatively normally?

Even if it wasn't the best one on the market I figure it will still be better than not wearing one.

 on: Yesterday at 09:23:06 PM 
Started by Miknur - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Try to find a peyronies specialist ASAP.  You can start here, if no one nearby let us know where you are located and maybe someone will know a good doc.  Expect an ultrasound to confirm the plaque, but it certainly has all the signs of peyronies.  The earlier you catch this the better the prognosis.  Ask the doc, or even your PCP for pentox 400mg x 3/day, daily low dose cialis at bedtime and consider traction or VED.  Ptlrotocols for those in the website here.  There’s xiaflex injections but most docs won’t start until at least 6 months after peyronies hits.  There are other recommended supplements listed here as well.  Good luck, with persistent treatment many make progress.  My curve has decreased by 30 degrees at least allowing me to jerk off niw.

 on: Yesterday at 08:37:22 PM 
Started by Miknur - Last post by Miknur
Hi, This is a little embarrassing, but I believe I have Peyronie's Disease. About a third towards the tip is bent about 45 degrees or more  when hard. and an hourglass shape about the middle. I have had a multitude of medical problem; Relapsing Polycondritis in 2010, Hart Attack with a quadruple bypass in 2014 and colon cancer in 2016.
     I am on a bunch of medications beta blockers and blood presser meds that has caused ED, and Viagra dosen't work very well.  I don't have sex very often, I guess my wife doesn't find me sexy after all the medical stuff, and also she is going through the change and sex is the last thing she wants.
     We had sex, the first time in a couple of months, and that is I noticed a bend. there  has never been a bend before, I could hardly get it in. A couple of days ago I took some Viagra and the bend was worse I would say greater than 45 degrees and now hour glass shape also, and I am a lot shorter. I have always been straight as an arrow.
     I don't know if I can take another illness.....I haven't healed from the last one yet. It seems as sex has always been my go to (masturbation? to make myself feel better, now I can't even do that.
    Now I'll try to quit feeling sorry for I call a uro today for an appointment, 4 different times and left V.M. with no call back, and that was one I picked at random from my Insurance list. How do you find a good uro? That would be up on all my medical conditions and medications?

 on: Yesterday at 08:05:36 PM 
Started by lookingforinfo123 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
It’s generic cialis and highly recommended in small nightly dose for peyronies.

 on: Yesterday at 07:33:20 PM 
Started by Hrvat21 - Last post by kusher
The doctor decided to ditch me and ignore my concerns. He just reads my messages but does not respond. Going to kuehhas was the most traumatic experience I went through. I had a functional penis but now i have a dead turtle. Staaaaaaaaay awaaaaaaaay!!

 on: Yesterday at 07:15:14 PM 
Started by Dude9310 - Last post by Dude9310
I'm experiencing no pain thus far, but my erections are 80% full at best. Thanks for the advice on asking my doctor about anti fibrotic medication. I'm new to this, so in short, I'm scared big time. Still at the beginning of the learning about it. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks you for taking the time!

 on: Yesterday at 06:32:24 PM 
Started by lookingforinfo123 - Last post by lookingforinfo123
ayone used tadalafil? i cant find any personal review online about it. id try it for the price. just dont want to make this any worse.

 on: Yesterday at 05:22:05 PM 
Started by Dude9310 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
All great ideas to get started ASAP.

 on: Yesterday at 05:15:53 PM 
Started by cheeznips - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Try googling tadalafil liquid peptides

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