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 on: Today at 09:20:09 PM 
Started by socref516 - Last post by socref516
Yeah they say pretty much everyone is happy with them. They have more energy, are better focused, sleep better, some have lost weight and of course better libido. Again, he has been doing this for a long time, so I would hope if it did not work they would not do it. I am taking chlomid 50 mg 3x weekly, and the last blood work showed it at 636 which is about 200 more than it was when I first came to them in June. I have only been on it for about a month, and to be honest I don't feel any different than before. however, it is my understanding that I can only do this for about 6 months before I have to try something else. on the Peak Testosterone Forum there is a new drug called Aveed that is now in the US; they have not heard of it. Supposedly you take one injection, then one at 4 weeks and then 3 more spread throughout the year. Maybe by the time I get to that point they will recognize it as an option.

 on: Today at 09:12:57 PM 
Started by NotsoHappy - Last post by NotsoHappy
Good afternoon everyone,

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who participates in this forum and for the wealth of knowledge you provide this forum with.

So long story short, I had a penile injury approximately 10 months ago, didn't think much of it but after a few weeks/months I started to experience pain when I had an erection. Unfortunately, I was overseas and somewhere with VERY limited medical care. Once I returned to the US, approximately 4 months after the injury I saw a urologist who didn't seem too concerned when I explained the pain I was developing during an erection. 2 months later, I returned to the same urologist after I began to develop a mild curve in my penis (going up), the same urologist then referred me to a specialist after I suggested this could very well be peyronies disease after doing a little research.

Sure enough, the expert, said it was peyronies and that it looked like it was still in the early stages. He prescribed 5 mg of cialis every other day, pentox twice a day, stretching and VED therapy. I'm also taking argine and I just purchased Acetyl L-Carnitine after reading some articles on it.

I have no idea what I'm doing with the VED (I just received it today)...I'm personally freaking out because I'm also developing a significant indentation on the bottom right side of the frenulum which is causing an hourglass effect. It almost looks like a cliff (even when not erect) in the sense that it's all meaty and with  girth, and then it suddenly drops like cliff where the indentation is. My penis, especially the section after the indentation (mainly the head) is somewhat flacid during sex and it's difficult to maintain an erection. I've also lost some length and girth, not sure how much. The bend in itself isn't too bad but the indentation/hourglass effect is what's really freaking me out and in my opinion causing most of the problems.

Is anyone else dealing with an indentation, and partial hourglass effect?

Finally, can someone please provide me some advice on how to tackle this and more importantly on how to properly utilize the VED (manual pump)? I tried it today for the first time and I have no idea what I'm doing, even after reading the instruction. Please keep in mind that I'm once again serving overseas and somewhere with limited medical care so it's really up to me to fight this thing.

Thank you in advance, it's extremely difficult to stay positive when I can see my penis slowly withering away and transforming...I know that sounded dramatic but this thing is terrible.


 on: Today at 08:18:19 PM 
Started by Tsanchez12369 - Last post by csm101
Sure open support for all!

 on: Today at 07:32:00 PM 
Started by drew67 - Last post by DN
There are probably men's sexual health clinic or go see a urologist. Tell them that you want an ultrasound, to image plaque or for blood flow? These two are different and not always done together. Both will cost money.

 on: Today at 07:22:19 PM 
Started by drew67 - Last post by drew67
I would like to get a doppler ultrasound in south Florida but am not a resident on the US.  Do I have to see a urologist in the US before I can get an ultrasound?

 on: Today at 07:03:22 PM 
Started by Varkala - Last post by pfract
Tips? It's either his surgery, or pills/injections or lastly implant. Some things you said where similar to what I had. You had a small fracture, super similar to mine. You should of had, at bare minimum 6 weeks rest. At best, repair surgery.

Now, there is no going back. ED is permanent, and the degree you have, you will only now when you do the exams. Spend those 1000 bucks on his office, fill your full questionnaire and you will be meeting as well with Dr rose Hartzell, the psychiatrist.

You will be given a full report. I also advise you take a USB pen with you,  to save the pictures for later.

Please keep me posted.

You are in the best hands possible, for now.

 on: Today at 06:47:52 PM 
Started by JayGould - Last post by peterjm
I lost about 2.5cm in length before the nesbit procedure and another 2.5cm after the operation. A bit to much to lose. :(

 on: Today at 06:06:54 PM 
Started by Tsanchez12369 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Hello, several guys indicated interest in a sub-forum for any unique impact of Peyronies Disease on gay men.  I know many issues are the same regardless of SO, but this might be helpful.  So, I thought I'd start a thread.  Tony

 on: Today at 04:52:33 PM 
Started by mike1379 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Hi Mike, I hopefully start mine next week w him.  Any more you can say about the process? Is there one needle stuck  or many, how long did it take, etc.  little nervous here. Tony

 on: Today at 04:51:46 PM 
Started by swiss - Last post by Hrvat21
Mine was kinda flexible. Dunno how much should a erect penis be flexible. Now it's not flexible at all, i guess it would break if i tried to fold it in any way

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