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Augusta Medical extend thanks all forum members
Read details here

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 on: Yesterday at 10:58:57 PM 
Started by BentnBKK - Last post by jim morrison
Good job swiss

 on: Yesterday at 09:14:55 PM 
Started by Paolo - Last post by skunkworks
Guys, Just read this on Pubmed regarding calorie restriction  to reprogram damaged erectile tissue toward neurovascular repair in aged men.

Calorie restriction reverses age-related alteration of cavernous neurovascular structure in the rat. - PubMed - NCBI

Its an interesting study, don't know where we go with it however  :-\

I guess mini step 2 is a bit of maths to find a comparable level of calorie restriction in humans?

 on: Yesterday at 06:21:15 PM 
Started by Kaimas - Last post by Kaimas
I'm very nervous, because I have found a cord like structure on my penis shaft. It feel something like vein. It is soft. It is better seen when the penis is flaccid. It is not painful. Also my penis is curved to left. I've heard that should curve to the same side which the plaque is, but mine curves to the other side. I masturbate. There isn't an erectile dysfunction. Can any one help me? Shoud I be worried about it? Thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 04:58:56 PM 
Started by dever - Last post by dever
Jobinspain, thank you!

 on: Yesterday at 04:28:57 PM 
Started by BentnBKK - Last post by Tychy
Swiss, can totally agree. Thanks for sharing.

 on: Yesterday at 04:22:45 PM 
Started by AnonStricture - Last post by Tychy
Yeah, you definitely need another cysto for documentation. Especially if you go for a lawsuit.

Hope you will find the reason behind this!

 on: Yesterday at 03:44:35 PM 
Started by AnonStricture - Last post by AnonStricture
Thanks All,

I am onto my 2nd uro now who wants to do another cystoscopy.  :(

I definitely have "hourglassing" when flaccid and erect but not major.

I have a noticeable increased angle to the left but nothing stopping my ability to do my thing.

I have instructed lawyers already... thanks for the advice, this has been the best I've received so far.

The "pain" is a burning sensation ... the swelling is so annoying ... it's changed my life and I am very low. :-(

 on: Yesterday at 03:24:32 PM 
Started by dever - Last post by Jonbinspain
Here's a list of well regarded, Peyronies aware Uro's. It may be of benefit to make an appointment.

Assuming, your medic is not a Peyronies specialist.

 on: Yesterday at 03:13:53 PM 
Started by Paolo - Last post by Paolo
You would also need to consider forms of exercise to avoid muscle loss whilst doing this.

I believe CR has had dramatic effects on diabetes, cancer and heart disease, perhaps member NeoV could have some further input  :)

Has any member read Beyond the 120 Year Diet, I am going to look it up  :)

 on: Yesterday at 02:09:40 PM 
Started by Paolo - Last post by Crooked_Stick
Calorie restriction may be the best new idea that has been discussed. Just starting to do some research on it and there is no doubt that, for most, it would be difficult to do it right. I think you would need to dedicate at least a year to it. Also, I think you would have to give up most if not all alcohol consumption. Does anyone plan to give this a shot?

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