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 on: Today at 08:48:54 PM 
Started by LWillisjr - Last post by LWillisjr
This topic has been moved to Developmental Drugs & Treatments.

 on: Today at 08:36:20 PM 
Started by beentheredonethat - Last post by LWillisjr
I don't follow your logic. Maximizing length is just as tricky whether the curve is up, down, left, or right. Surgery with an upward curve is tricky simply due to the location of the neurological bundle. This is why you only want a good experienced surgeon performing this kind of surgery to avoid damage to this.

I had a 70 degree acute upward curve that was completely corrected. There was no Nesbit involved.

 on: Today at 08:25:07 PM 
Started by Dave.Z - Last post by Dave.Z
Thank you, LWillisjr,it does help  :)

 on: Today at 08:19:37 PM 
Started by Dave.Z - Last post by LWillisjr
When Peyronies first starts it can worsen over a period of time. This is called the active phase. Once it stabilizes it is no longer active.  Meaning it is not getting any worse at the point. The curve is cause by plaque or scar tissue that does not expand like it used to. Some plaques will harden and "calcify". Certain doctors feel once a plaque has calcified that the only way to fix it is through surgery to remove it. Hope this helps

 on: Today at 08:13:17 PM 
Started by Lomaxcromer - Last post by LWillisjr
Do you have Peyronies? What questions do you have?

 on: Today at 07:34:27 PM 
Started by Dave.Z - Last post by Dave.Z
Thank you all for your replies and advice. Sorry, but I couldn't work out how to reply to each individual response, is that possible? MeMo mention "classified Plaque", what is that? Jonbinspain mentioned "the active phase", I don't know what that is either, sorry. Looks like I need to do a lot of reading. LWillisjr mentioned "Derby", I have relatives there  :)
I had pain first, then the bend Later, upwards, towards the end. No pain now. Can anyone recommend a good UK Peyronies specialist? Thank you.

 on: Today at 07:07:23 PM 
Started by Kertmccarty - Last post by Kertmccarty
Well I'm 47 and have. 68 d upward curve just received my 2nd shot and it seems to be getting better has anyone only have had one cycle if I do my exercises correctly I'm hope just for one

 on: Today at 06:17:12 PM 
Started by Kenlon - Last post by Kenlon
Went to bed last night with little swelling and rising remaining.  Slight soreness.  Woke up this morning with an erection and it was probably the worst pain I've felt...Like knives slicing my dick like a carrot.  The pain came mostly from the involuntary squeezing/tightening of my PC muscle...Thank God I was sleeping on the couch because the obscenities I woke up yelling out were intense.   All was fine once the erection went away.

Had shot #2 at 8:30am...Immediate swelling and bruising by the time I got home 15 minutes later.  The swelling increased bigger and bigger. Now my dick looks angry and feels angrier.  I wrapped with coflex but had to redo several times because it seemed like the drug was just being squeezed into different areas.  Anyone else have this problem? 

 on: Today at 05:08:02 PM 
Started by Toronto34 - Last post by james1947
Does Pentox help with a hard flaccid?
Yes, it helped me in any case


 on: Today at 05:05:23 PM 
Started by BULLET - Last post by james1947

With very small effort you will find out the boards you can post pictures.
Those boards can't be seen by guests, trolls, google, etc'
Not to make you spend your precious 5 minutes, here are the links:,47.0.html,53.0.html,54.0.html
You may chose one of them.


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