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 on: Today at 12:45:32 AM 
Started by MJohn - Last post by NeoV
There are plenty of compounds that inhibit tgf-beta in the penis. Way more than one would imagine. As for drugs, we certainly need more. Sounds good.

 on: Yesterday at 07:31:32 PM 
Started by MJohn - Last post by Arabia
Good find and the best thing is he is  so young that he doesn't even have any papers to his name yet. Young mind, curious, and big clinical problem is a good combination.

That is a poster session so there will be no paper and you can be sure they are not going to reveal their drug list at this point in time given the potential large financial rewards for developing a possible oral treatment for Peyronie's.   Problem is that from his lab bench to an approved clinical product, if some of those drugs do show promise, will take at least five years even in Europe.

Prize Winners – EAU17 London  (to the link police the Euro Assoc. of Urology is a professional organization and not a commercial entity)

 on: Yesterday at 04:05:31 PM 
Started by MarkVA - Last post by JohnW
Markva -- Since you are in DC metro area, Baltimore is obviously a stone's throw away.

Not all research efforts capture all the data -- even on a good day.

Too bad you didn't chat with Kramer. Just sayin'.


 on: Yesterday at 10:12:48 AM 
Started by MJohn - Last post by MJohn
This has got me super excited!  I haven't had any luck finding the actual study listing the 22 compounds and would love some assistance gentlemen.  In the video below, Marcus Maximillian EAU17 e-Poster 2nd Prize Non-Oncology winner discusses his new findings for peyronies.  He mentions that part of the reason that there are no viable oral treatments is that they don't have solid evidence as to what drugs affect the cells of the penis.  His team developed a method of quickly and easily identifying drugs/compounds that do affect the actual cells of the penis.  The short blurb I was able to find on the Internet states they have identified 22 compounds but I have not been successful in finding what they are. I also want to know if they are continuing this to find more drugs/compounds.

 on: Yesterday at 07:47:05 AM 
Started by Curvedboy - Last post by Curvedboy
Hi Curvedboy,

You are in the same situation that I was in. I too had a congenital 90deg curvature and I suffered for 10 years. You are lucky because you discovered the forum before it's too late and you can know all the surgeons and the pros/cons of every surgery. I saw your comment about the cost of the surgery and being ashamed of telling your parents. Let me tell you 3 things here as I was in the exact same situation:

1. For my penis, I wouldn't mind spending $1,000,000 if that's what it will cost me to have a peaceful mind and a functioning penis. Ask your parents, get a loan, wait for another couple of years, ask your parents, just don't make your penis and health come second after the money.
2. I was ashamed of telling my parents and I ended up doing a surgery without telling them. It failed and I had to do a second one with another surgeon in another continent. I ended up telling them anyway.
3. There is nothing wrong with telling your parents about something you are born with. What do you expect them to do/say? kick you out of the house? I am sure that they will be extremely supportive.

You can read my story to see how I corrected my issue, by whom and using which technique. But I would also recommend that you spend a lot of time on this forum to have a complete idea about the surgeons, types of operations and expected outcomes. Then you will be able to decide on your own.

Apologies if the tone is a bit harsh, but I wish I had the same advice before my 1st surgery, which almost cost me my penis and mental health. Thankfully, you have access to this great source of information before you decide.

Always available if you want to talk in private.

I'm getting more information on other Italian surgeons too, I was thinking to go and have a check up in Trieste. Unfortunately there is not any Italian forum, because I wish to hear some advice on this matter. The only one who is extremely recommended here in this forum is Kuehhas, so I likely go to have a check up with him too.
I wanna exclude Nesbit procedure and I'm glad I've been told by the Trieste surgeon that it is no longer done. The problem is: I've been recommended by another doctor to go and have the surgery with him, but I dont have any patients reviews :(

 on: Yesterday at 03:10:54 AM 
Started by MarkVA - Last post by james1947
have 16 posts on the forum regarding Dr. Kramer
Have 2459 post on FrankTalk regarding Dr.Kramer
So obviously is a know surgeon


 on: March 25, 2017, 10:28:47 PM 
Started by Hansww - Last post by drew67
Look into the b cure device. 

 on: March 25, 2017, 06:57:22 PM 
Started by JayGould - Last post by JayGould
Quote deleted by moderator. Answer with REPLY button and not with Quote button.
Read the forum rules!!!

Good to hear. What was your total T before you started? What level are you put on now?

I'm usually around 500-600 but may go on TRT to get up at around 1000-1200.

 on: March 25, 2017, 05:51:23 PM 
Started by kendotx - Last post by KoffeeKup
Guys I know the future looks bleak. But we can't stop fighting. The FDA is a big pile of crap, I know, but there is a good damn reason why. Here is a good example. Back in the day they believed radiation could cure all sorts of aliments. There was a common believe that radiation could reverse aging, cure wrinkles and rejuvenate skin.

A clinic opened up and promoted miraculous skin treatments involving X-Rays, newly discovered at the time. Dozens of women paid good money to turn back the clock and look younger, more beautiful, remove hair and erase their blemishes. They would put these women in a room and blast them with high intensity X-ray radiation.

I'm sure you can imagine the effects of radiation bathing a persons skin. If any of you have played Fallout, can you say Hiroshima Maiden syndrome boys and ghouls?

So while yes, the FDA may be corrupt and has people working for their own interests, but they also don't want people selling bogus treatments and quick fixes for things and causing more health issues. And I am sure many of you have had a run in at least once in your life with a snake oil sales man.

 on: March 25, 2017, 04:56:34 PM 
Started by skunkworks - Last post by restore
What doctors are using shock wave therapy for improving vascularization in the penis?  I don't have curvature any longer or lumps in my shaft from my Peyronies Disease onset six years ago.  However, I would like to restore the quality of my erections.

Are there doctors in the south USA that use these machines to deliver the treatment?

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