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 on: Today at 12:13:57 PM 
Started by skaterdude - Last post by Monty
Hi,i use the SomaCorrect unit, come with 3 cylinders so you get a good fit, it came from imedicare but via our NHS.

 on: Today at 11:59:16 AM 
Started by skaterdude - Last post by Kris321
it's work?

 on: Today at 08:33:57 AM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by Farikgier
Thanks Paolo. In fact I am a grower. Your theory makes sense. And me and my girl haven’t had sex since the incident because I’m f***** sore after any activity. No new plaques at least to my knowledge and the Minor ED I have seems purely pain related. If I abstain, my erections are good. As soon as I edge too long or masturbated, bam soreness comes back and erection are either absent or weak and somewhat painful. It makes me think maybe I did do some ligament damage rather than tunica damage. I have no damn clue. Is it ligament? Pelvic floor? Tunica? Right now I’m dojng everything I can peyronies wise, as I already have plaques and I don’t want new ones from the injury.. That’s why I’m wondering if an ultrasound can somehow detect plaque at the base. I’m giessing an erect ultrasound will expose more of my penis to detect plaque. It’s been more than a month since the injury and things havent improved much. At least I’m not in constant horrible pain. I’m going to see dr Gelbard very soon to get an ultrasound. And tychy thanks for the knowledge man
OK bro, your case sounds exactly as mine, now i don't get big curves and dents that stop me from having sex but even having a very hard erection makes my tunica tear(without touching) in my experience it will only get worse. If you let it heal for a bit the penis doesnt get erect for a few days and then heals again, but since there are just too much scar tissue it reinjures again with the natural pressure of your penis. I guess that this is different than the normal peyronies where you have a huge incident that makes your dick 40 degree bend(as it happens with the older people) and then it just doesn't progress. Maybe we have it so young and have it worse than some because it is purely genetic.

I have more bad news for you, if it is similar to mine, be ready to look out for yourself be rational and give your penis more worth than any other girl. Even if it is the girl you will marry, you have to take care of your penis and don't push it too hard. I made this mistake innumerable times and it is bad. She will never understand, any woman wont ever understand. Accept that fact, and accept the fact that you might not have sex like a superman. Try to enjoy sex from your perspective instead of focusing on pleasing her. If she had gone through something like vaginismus, we men would care and help but woman are most of the time unreliable, even if you like her. And that's not because she doesn't love you, it is because she never lived in this scale of pain and suffering. So try to be rational, instead of crying in the forum like me(lol). Also I don't think there is much research into the cause so don't listen to those guys who say its in your head, i know that most of the time my penis don't even fill from halfway up, and then 2 days later voila i have a big hard on. Also never stress over size as this makes things x10 worse. I am now trying to go abroad to UK for consultment over what I can do. And will probably have to choose between not being able to perform and have regular erections, or being able to perform but go bionic.

Don't listen to any person out there, believe in yourself go out there,socialize and don't overvalue your GF, your dad, or even your mom. They all want to help you in their own ways, but as a matter of fact they have no idea how it is like to live with that angry broken piece of work down there :) Cheers and i hope you all the best

 on: Today at 05:13:59 AM 
Started by Josh203 - Last post by Paolo
Hi Josh, you should carefully read member Christopher1 posts, he is in medicine (I think), he swears Trimix set off his peyronie's episode  :(

 on: Today at 04:39:08 AM 
Started by Josh203 - Last post by Josh203
So I have an order of trimix gel to help with erections and blood flow but I am scared to use it. I have read trimix injections have caused peyronies in some people in this forum. Also whats the best way to have an erection for any imaging without hurting my penis anymore?

 on: Today at 03:35:39 AM 
Started by ItsNotFair - Last post by Monty
for sure the manual massages without doubt  as played a big part in my successes so far, i'm so pleased with my results, nearly back to pre peyronies, yippy.

 on: Today at 03:22:21 AM 
Started by Farikgier - Last post by Farikgier
@popopo: it is well known that adenosine is pro-fibrotic. Both caffeine and pentoxifylline block the adenosine receptor. So it goes without saying that they must be exerting an anti-fibrotic action. If you beg to differ, you should back up your statements with some good arguments. Hence my question: how does it make sense that caffeine and pentoxifylline would be bad? Please answer that with some argumentation that is not random and pulled out of thin air...
caffeine is bad because i have higher than normal tension(borderline hypertension) at this age. I played basketball for 10 years yet now i can't even run 100 m without literally almost fainting. Caffeine makes things much worse for me. And pentox seem to cause internal bleeding which is the primary source of my peyronies instead of injury. Also I might want to add that even though hard flaccid hasn't changed that much, CoQ-10 seems to have resolved pain %90 and my erections are stronger.

 on: Today at 03:19:27 AM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by Paolo
Ligament damage makes perfect sense. Think of it as if you had a rear ender in a car without a headrest fitted, you would need a neck brace for some time to get over it, here is the bummer though, ligament damage can take a Year to get over!
You probably have fibroblasts at the time of injury and collagen needs a lot of time to mature during repair.

Get one of those 'comfortable' flat silicon cock rings for having sex and use it at the point of soreness, the ligaments should recover in time, avoid GF on top sex, it's very risky if you can't maintain a 90+% erection.
The porn industry has a lot to answer for in that regard making girls want. or expect sex that way.
Paul  :)

And yes, pain is causing the ED I am sure, pain = anxiety = weaker erections

If you like masturbating (who doesn't) then consider a fleshlight, I have a couple and (to me) they avoid hand torsion, therefore safer as long as you have/maintain 80+% (stuffable) erection  ;)

 on: Today at 03:07:14 AM 
Started by ItsNotFair - Last post by Paolo
Wow, that's a great result Monty for only 15 weeks work with VED, congratulations on that!
I am guessing that the remaining 15 degrees is going to take longer than the 30.
Do you think the manual stretches have contributed to your partial recovery?

Glad for you  :) :)
Paul (paolo)

 on: Today at 02:48:07 AM 
Started by ItsNotFair - Last post by Monty
I have not been circumcised,15 week ago i did have 45 deg left bend just below my glans, with VED and manual massage now down to about 15 deg bend.

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