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 on: Today at 02:56:19 PM 
Started by cadozh - Last post by passman
Hey, i did the operation one week ago and i still wake up several times at night because i get a strong erection and it is very painful? any suggestions?

 on: Today at 02:52:31 PM 
Started by KeepTruckin - Last post by Gutted
Yes ... I started with Andro before I discovered this site and PeniMaster

When you first start with Andro you are lulled into a false sense of security, as the wear times and tension are low as per the wear time ramp up noted in the instructions.

However, by the time you get into the longer wear times, noose attachments are just 100% hopeless and in my opinion could cause further damage. As an absolute minimum it is very uncomfortable and I couldn't actually wear it for the periods Andro recommended. It basically cuts the blood supply off simply because wear times go up. In addition, the tension is increased with additional extender rods, therefore the noose HAS to be tighter as well. It's an equation that never works. I literally put this whole system in the trash and it's not cheap either.

As you know, the PeniMaster is a suction cup attachment. It is literally a whole new world. It is comfortable and no problem whatsoever to wear for 2 hours. I have had zero problems with the device or any of it's working parts after about 1.5ys. Usual German engineering quality I guess.

The PeniMaster can absolutely provide the same tension as the Andro using the same sprung rod mechanism. It has the same additional extender rods to increase the devices length and therefore tension as well. BUT the Peni also has an additional  means of adjusting tension in smaller increments (than adding an additional rod) whilst you are wearing it, allowing you to keep the tension at the level you have chosen during a session. They are basically two cuffs at the base of the device you can unscrew to extend the rod length by anything upto ~2cms.

PeniMaster also has a simple built in scale on the spring rods allowing you to visibly see and monitor what tension is being applied during wearing

In my opinion, Andro is an antique in comparison to Peni.

 on: Today at 01:34:28 PM 
Started by lostaether - Last post by swiss
I get some soreness when I "overpump'' The soreness typically is higher up nearer the tip of the penis. Soreness usually lasts about a day. Overall, the tissue in my penis feels very soft and healthy despite soreness. Be safe, use heat and take breaks when overly sore/ dont pump with so much pressure.

 on: Today at 01:14:20 PM 
Started by kendotx - Last post by Werther
Hey guys, I've been a lurker on this forum for a long time and I have finally decided to register to post on this subject.

I've been following every kind of news and updates about Atala's work on penile tissue engineering ever since I came to know about it and I read here that some users contacted WFIRM asking them when they intended to begin with clinical trials on humans. It appears that they should have begun recruiting people last year's fall (I assume this by user treeza1's words in this thread: Anythig new? - Peyronies Society Forums). However no update was reported.

So I've decided to write to WFIRM via e-mail by myself and this is the response that I've received:

"Good afternoon,

I was forwarded your e-mail inquiry.


We do have a research study that is about to begin for engineered corporal tissue to treat peyronie’s disease.  The goal will be to correct curvature but we can’t guarantee that it will or that it will correct ED.


If you are interested in being evaluated by Dr. Ryan Terlecki at Wake Forest Baptist Health Urology, please call 1-888-716-9253 to make an appointment.


Thank you for contacting us

I answered them back, asking for more details, regarding the precise day of the study's beginning and its duration, also adding that I can't be personally evaluated by them right now, since I don't live in the USA. Unfortunately, they didn't reply.

So now I am writing on this forum to know if anybody here have actually been personally to WFIRM in order to get evaluated to find out if they're eligible or not for this kind of surgery; if that's not the case, could anyobody here (US resident) go personally to the Institute and report back on what's actually happening with this study? I'd go by myself, but, as I've mentioned before, it's not possible for geographical reasons.

I'd be very glad if all of us could know something more on a treatment that could potentially be the cure for our damned disease.

Thank you all for your attention and sorry for any misspell, but english in not my motherlanguage.

 on: Today at 12:55:15 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by diehardpatriot
Jack . Read the other replies. No such thing as too young. And you really think having a implant that works is psychologically worse than having a life with no sex? Along with pain from Peyronies ?

 on: Today at 12:24:09 PM 
Started by KeepTruckin - Last post by KeepTruckin

I am new to Peyronies Disease. I'm still not sure if I have it or not (I've always had one side of my penis curved if viewed from the bottom with the other side straight, so like a D-shape with the one side basically thicker than the other, but now it appears from the top that the head of my penis is starting to move along that curve also, it's more evident when my penis less than fully erect, like 80-90%). But I'm going to see an expert soon.

In the mean time I want to start with traction while the injury is still fresh (2 weeks out). I've read that the Penimaster Pro is more comfortable since it doesn't use a noose. But from what I can tell the PTT studies are done using the Andropenis. I'm wondering does the Penimaster Pro manage to apply the same tension that the Andropenis does? Does anyone have experience using both?

Thanks in advance.

 on: Today at 12:06:44 PM 
Started by Astros2121 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Two rounds.  Pentox, cialis, many supplements, traction and some VED.

 on: Today at 11:18:03 AM 
Started by Astros2121 - Last post by WhatNext81
Sorry to hear that. How many cycles have you done? Did you have an ultrasound and what have you done post treatments?

 on: Today at 11:05:25 AM 
Started by deliverance - Last post by Hrvat21
I don't know if the rupture is describing it properly. When i masturbated i used to tense up my pelvic bulbocavernosus muscle so i ejaculate faster, and when i fractured my penis i think it "burst", ruptured. Since then i have only a half of that muscle, have permanent hard flaccid and have to push out pee by hand after pissing and prematurely cum because of it, also my penis is lotta less stabile and flexing of it is very weak.

 on: Today at 10:53:39 AM 
Started by deliverance - Last post by Sadguy
ruptured bulbocavernosus muscle
what is that? what are the symptoms of it?

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