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 on: Today at 03:40:55 AM 
Started by HelpABrotherHeal - Last post by suicidecomingsoon
I am injured by jelqing, and believe me even a jelq can leave you completely impotent there are many cases like that. Jelqing is a f'^+'ing lie that destroys you

Have you lost length Thomas? What about the glans? Is it soft?

 on: Today at 12:20:41 AM 
Started by cheeznips - Last post by kusher
Get MRI and ultrasound, if nothing shows up then we are talking about months of recovery which includes high level of abstinence. I read on nofap that a lot of ppl have your symptoms and then when they made ultrasound or MRI nothing showed up. Some of them healed naturally with no porn and no fap strategy. But first step to go through all tests

 on: Yesterday at 10:56:16 PM 
Started by skunkworks - Last post by wallansaini
Hi All.

In 2015, I woke up the next day in ICU after Cervical Spine surgery to realise I had a catheter inserted in my penis.
The nurse promptly removed the catheter where upon I felt a sudden and very severe pain.
I had a burning sensation every time I went to the toilet for the next four weeks.
It was only after about four months I realised I had a very painful erection.
I was subsequently diagnosed with Peyronies Disease.
I am contemplating taking legal action against the hospital.
I have since seen two urologists who do not believe a catheter can cause Peyronies Disease.
If I go to court, I will have to rely on statistics.
That is the reason for my post today.
I would like to hear from anyone who believes they suffered Peyronies Disease after a catheter procedure.
As long as urologists remain in denial, I am afraid more men are going to suffer the fate I have suffered.
I am hoping to change this and force urologists to admit that trauma caused by a catheter can lead to Peyronies Disease.
You can also send your story to my private email at with a title "Peyronies Disease" so that I don't miss it in the junk mail folder.
I will accept your story even if you are not residing in Australia.

Key details required are:

1. Year the catheter was used and surgical procedure you underwent.
2. When you realised you had Peyronies Disease.
3. Which hospital.
4. Present diagnosis.

Thanks all.

 on: Yesterday at 10:10:38 PM 
Started by z727629029 - Last post by z727629029
Updated: I decide to get the second surgery by Dr. Kuehhas, or by other surgeons. However, before this happens, I decide to get a comprehensive examination on my penis by other doctors to evaluate its situation, like if the scarring has completely healed, or if there is any stitch left.

 on: Yesterday at 10:00:30 PM 
Started by Dressa - Last post by Tsanchez12369
No, I’d say it looks very healthy and useable as is.

 on: Yesterday at 09:59:06 PM 
Started by pbrom3 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Not necessary, but may help get it evenly inserted.

 on: Yesterday at 09:57:41 PM 
Started by jaxxoon66 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Sone have had improvement of hourglassing w VED, traction, pentox, etc

 on: Yesterday at 09:39:24 PM 
Started by Thomas2 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
I only meant when doing VED you experience a new pain, then slightly reduce the pressure until it subsided.  In general for the pain you may want to try ibuprofen, pentox or diclofenac sodium gel.

 on: Yesterday at 09:15:09 PM 
Started by HelpABrotherHeal - Last post by Thomas2
i do indeed remember trying jelquing a couple of times 6 years ago an stopped as soon i had felt any disconfort. it is very unlikely that one ore two jelking session cause all the this i am dealing with now these days, but the thought id bugging and at those times i decide to ignore the probability that 10 minutes of a stupid thing i could have tried in the shower is the cause of these stupid problems i have still today... well, this thought brings anger at me but most importantly pity. Sadly neither are really useful in this situation. 5, 10 minutes in the shower doing stupid stuff to you penis and you penis is not goint to be the same again ever more. It's sad. I can't deny all this to be a possibility, and i can relate to someone trying to minimize jelking and the crap that fell on this buddy after he tried jelking.

Jelking is a dangerous lie that nobody should fall for, and if you did it is no good to igore it and no talk about it. Problems might have come from that jelking BS. What you do after you realize it matters: Talk it with an uro, keep on watching the situation, try drugs, talk with people with similar situations.

 on: Yesterday at 08:52:21 PM 
Started by Hrvat21 - Last post by Thomas2
these stories we need. You try them all, you get through in a manner not easy to represent, byt you end up on top. These are the stories of possible stories.
It can be done, whatever it is, it cane be done and can be dealth with.

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