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 on: Today at 10:27:23 PM 
Started by Ds300 - Last post by JS1991
I have the same symptoms from pretty much the same injury. "Bottlenecking" (or hourglassing) for me is present in the top portion of my penis. In our case this is most likely caused by pelvic floor dysfunction; I've been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. If your hard flaccid goes away when you pee and when you lay on your side, this is because the pelvic floor relaxes in these states. The other cause of hard flaccid seems to be nerve related. The remedies for this that I've read are water fasting, abstinence from sex/masturbation, and physical therapy (trigger points). Talk to your doctor about this. Does the head/underside of your penis fully inflate?

For the bottlenecking by the way, I would get on VED, traction and heat therapy immediately along with Cialis, Pentox, L-Arginine/L-Citrulline, CoQ10 and Acetyl L-Carnitine. The earlier you start the better you can salvage every centimeter of your penis. Just be very careful with the VED and traction. Are you in the acute or chronic phase?

 on: Today at 09:18:16 PM 
Started by Nitrometer2332 - Last post by tiagofil
Not wanting to be vulgar, but maybe we have to see this from his own perspective and sexual pleasure and not from a female perspective.

Maybe he thinks about the great F'^+s he had in the past with his hard penis, all the positions he enjoyed before, all the fantasies and natural erections during the day when you saw someone atractive, masturbating when you wanted to without being extremely careful or afraid, the great future you wish you were going to have, which probably involved dreaming about beautiful bodies (your own!) and amazing sex. I know I do.

That said, a physical disability is not a reson for suicide in my view, unless it involves some mental incapacity or neurological degeneration of your mind, save the rest of your body (and life!) and pursue the few treatments there are.

 on: Today at 08:30:32 PM 
Started by Nitrometer2332 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Thanks for the lovely post Dee-Dee, Tony

 on: Today at 07:21:44 PM 
Started by Nitrometer2332 - Last post by Dee Dee
Nitrometer - I am replying to your post (sorry it’s late but I’m new here and exploring the boards) so with two hats on: firstly the hat of a professional psychotherapist  (my day job) and secondly as the girlfriend of a Peyronie’s and Ed ‘victim’ (my life job)
So in my professional capacity I am really worried about the fact you are talking about ending your life, if that’s how you are feeling  (suicidal) on a regular basis (so in a nutshell more than just fleeting thoughts of self harm here when feeling low, which settle when you think logically and positively and with no suicide plan) then you really must seek professional psychological support (you can inbox me if you would like advice on this)

But In my second Position as a girlfriend of a man with Peyronies (and ED) I want to tell you my position on this - it may not help at all, but I want to share it with you:

I can’t remember if you have shared your age? But I’m guessing you are a lot younger than me (I’m 45) to my kids (20, 16,14) that’s sooooo old! But with age comes experience and that is what I want to share and sorry if I’m an embarrassing old woman but I’m going to be honest!

I have had my fair share of sexual encounters over the the last 30  years -  first lust, first love, one night stands, Confused thoughts (am I gay or straight?) happy and abusive relationships. Post pregnancy lack of interest in sex, unhappy sexless end of a marriage,  Loss of my father (attatchment (no man will replace my dad) disorder and many more!  Over the years I’ve have never had a problem ‘pulling’ for want of a better description lol - I’m easy going, bubbly and I would like to think relatively attractive 😂  but I’ve has an absolute catalogue of crap relationships - including a 20 year abusive marriage. But what I can honestly share with you - and this is evidence from both being a therapist, talking to many female friends and also my own experience - your ‘dick’ does not define you from a woman’s point of view (all though it may define you from yours) what women want - and this is never published in magazines or online - is they want a man that wants to make them happy and treats them as if they are the most beautiful woman that they have ever met! Of course we also like orgasms - but hands and mouth do way more that a rock hard penis that makes us sore can even do! (Not saying I don’t miss penetration) but I can live without as long as the rest of the cocktails are on the menu!  And this is not me saying this to make you feel better - its the truth! I speak to women every day and this is the truth - other than the women In porn movies  -real women want, love. Care, attention, affection, honesty and loyalty - sex is a bonus, but good oral is even better! (100% of woman i surveyed agree! lol)  so what I’m saying is none of what I’m saying will cure your Peyronies - but I hope it will make you realise from a woman’s petseocthe you are not defined by your penis - but by the way you make a woman feel special! Trust me ALL women have mega issues with our bodies. Vaginas, fat tummy, face hair etc We are not judging you on your bent penis! If you turn away from us, avoid intimacy, won’t talk - we may get frustrated,  Think you don’t trust/love us and leave you, but if you share your problems and Fears, ask us for help, and Remain intimate in other ways than- trust me - you will keep us for life. Don’t give up x

 on: Today at 06:51:29 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by sonnyjim
So what results am I likely to see, are the lumps likely to shrink at all or only soften ?

 on: Today at 04:57:07 PM 
Started by Vvv - Last post by Vvv
With injection?

 on: Today at 04:34:44 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by JS1991
Sonny, here are some articles on what Pentox does:

 on: Today at 04:30:40 PM 
Started by lmn25 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Also, feel free to email Dr Trost w your concerns-he’s very responsive,

 on: Today at 03:45:48 PM 
Started by George999 - Last post by JS1991
curved, thank you for the thorough response, I'm going to try to apply the information you've given me when I go through ESWT.

 on: Today at 03:40:53 PM 
Started by Plowshare - Last post by JS1991
Thanks for the good luck lol

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