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New Pricing from Augusta Medical Systems
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 on: Today at 04:29:47 AM 
Started by cheeznips - Last post by cheeznips
thx. im a really tough place right now as i feel like i might have recently fractured my urethra or corpus spongiosum. the underside of my penis and urethra are completely numb. I've had an ultrasound but nothing was found. But then again i asked the technician whether he'd be able to see the site of injury and scar tissue and he said that the Doppler ultrasound is mainly used to test for blood flow. The results came back normal, but the right cavernosal artery is weak. im having no more problems with erections it's just the numbness and feeling of dissapearence of my urethra. It's extremely worrying and mentally exhausting

 on: Today at 03:02:49 AM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by cheeznips
Me too man, I'm in a really tough place too.

 on: Today at 02:39:21 AM 
Started by thinkpositive - Last post by thinkpositive
Just got back from the Doctor at Bangkok Hospital.  Nice guy, studied in the USA, knowledgeable and confirmed that he felt 2 hard areas (one small one on the side and one small one on top).  No ultra sound. 

His professional opinion was that there was nothing I could do but wait,  take Vitamin E.  That taking:
- 400 mg of Pentoxifylline/Trental, 3x daily - worried about side effects and how long will I have to take this? 
- CO Q10 - 200 - 400 mg daily divided into 2 or 3 doses. (If over 40 yrs old, consider substituting the more expensive Ubiquinol 100 or 200?)
- Acetyl L-Carnitine 1.5 - 3 grams per day divided into 2 or 3 dose
- L-citrulline 1500 mg daily (L-Citrulline powder from Doctor's Best brand)
- 400mg Vit E 1x daily
- Low dose Cialis
Was an old idea and that it didn't work...But could make someone feel better.  That I should wait and see what happens and then there is the surgical remedy, that Xiaflex was not available in Thailand.  (I will fly to the USA or Europe and find a great doctor if it comes to that)

I felt like his idea of "work" was 100% fix.  So I questioned him a little further and I think he agreed that the Trental could stop the progression, but no guarantee of that.  In his defense, he probably doesn't want to prescribe something and then have someone come back and say it didn't' work.  There are plenty of unrealistic people in the world who could come back and make a headache for this guy...

He also didn't' seem to keen on the traction device, saying that a lof the studies were biased by the manufacturer. 

He's not a bad doctor, probably an excellent one, but I feel like I should see a few more doctors in town and see what their attitude is.

I had to special order the Trental at the local pharmacy.   It was around $30USD for a box of 100.  ill start to take this when it comes in 3 days.

I have another doctors appointment tomorrow morning, will look forward to what their ideas for treatment during this active phase.

Welcome all feedback...

 on: Today at 01:19:13 AM 
Started by vegahoma - Last post by vegahoma
My question has to do with the onset of peyronie’s-related ED. Quick history: Noticed a lump three weeks ago, made an appointment with my physician, tried not to worry. I was still getting spontaneous erections, was easily aroused by thought, etc. My wife and I had normal sex one week after the lump discovery, no problems.

Then I had my appointment, and my doctor told me it was likely fibrosis. I looked up peyronie’s and devoured as much info as I possibly could. Freaked myself out. Stopped having erections. Stopped even allowing myself to think about having erections. I did try a couple of times in that second week to get one, but it took a lot of stimulation, and the quality/firmness was not good. My wife and I did have sex that week, too, exactly two weeks after discovering the lump. That was the best erection I’d had all week, but I’d say it was still at probably 80%.

Earlier this week, I saw a urologist who agreed with the peyronie’s diagnosis (no ultrasound) and prescribed 5 mg daily Cialis to help with blood flow. I have noticed a “fuller” feeling since I started taking it three days ago, but still no spontaneous erections. Still takes a lot of stimulation.

Anyway, my current feeling is that my issue is mostly mental since erections were normal until I freaked myself out. I do have bad health anxiety in general, and it’s a powerful thing. Should the Cialis be making things better if that’s the case?

I don’t feel like things could have gotten this bad this quickly just because of my lump. The lump is still the same size it was the day I discovered it, and I was still functioning normally for a week or so afterward.

 on: Yesterday at 09:43:38 PM 
Started by Whitestone2022 - Last post by WhatNext81
I had 2 blisters which took weeks to heal.  It may have been due to putting to much stretch as it kept changing from sitting to standing.  I’ve switched to restorex for consistent stretch...

I had a blood blister after a xiaflex cycle. Once it went most of the way down I was able to comfortably use RestoreX for traction. The wrap and clamp made it doable.

 on: Yesterday at 09:37:50 PM 
Started by pey ron - Last post by WhatNext81
Sorry to hear that. Road bumps along the way are no fun. Keep your mind as clear as possible. It's tough to, but it's all you can do. Maybe ask your urologist is there's anything safe to apply to speed up healing? If you have a good natural remedy store try that.  It's sensitive skin that needs to heal. Explore all options and don't get too lost in the internet. Best of luck to you.

 on: Yesterday at 09:32:44 PM 
Started by Ihatepeyroniesdisease123 - Last post by Farikgier
Yo, i found the solution and it goes on like this:
Don't give a damn.

Just go socialize find yourself friends to have fun, learn how to get women to one night stand. Get confident, go out and have sex(oral only if you cant penetrate). Don't put too much meaning into relationships, just hang out with your boys and smoke some weed. Life and our youth is too short to give a flying ..... about this disease. I am 20 myself and everytime i think about it, it just doesn't help me in any way. But in this road, i learned to hit on girls, have a good social life, and have fun. Get your Viagra and Cialis without telling the girls and have sex that way if you have ED. Length and volume doesn't apply to real world, your penis can objectively get smaller but being confident and using it will make almost all women happy enough. And who cares if they aren't happy, just hop on to another ..... Call me immature all you want I am 20 and I won't listen to a girl complain about me all day, because i have some rare sexual disease that makes me less functional in bed. I would rather instead hang out with my bros and seperate my sex life from my social life.

 on: Yesterday at 08:22:04 PM 
Started by james1947 - Last post by betterbend
Wow! back to back days...  Glad mine are a week apart, I was bruised up after my second one last week. 

 on: Yesterday at 06:07:43 PM 
Started by pey ron - Last post by Old Man
pey ron:

Ok, I will answer your questions as asked:

1. You would need to contact the Augusta Medical company for which credit card they will accept.
2.Same as Nr. 1 Above except ask the sales rep if an RX is required, if any.
3. Yes, the manual VED is cheaper in price and works best for Peyronies Disease since the user can control the amount of vacuum better than the battery powered model.
4. There is not pressure gauge furnished with the VED. There is really no need for a gauge as your Dick will let you know when you have pumped too much vacuum.
5. You would need to ask this question on the phone when you contact the Augusta Company. Locate the toll free number for Augusta in the News section of the home page when you log in. Be sure to dial the 1026 extension to contact the forum sales rep. Also be sure to tell her that you a forum member. The price now is $249 for manual VED model.

I do not have any problem with the forum search feature. It is located in several places all the way from the home page log in, etc. Also appears in private message and posts pages.

Lastly, please read the protocols for the one and three cylinder VED models to help you decide which one is best.

Let me know if I can help you with contacting the Augusta Company.

Best regards. Old Man

 on: Yesterday at 05:31:44 PM 
Started by pey ron - Last post by pey ron
1) can I purchase this with my HSA debit card ?

2) would I need a prescription for (1) ?

3) isn't manual actually safer than the battery operated one ?

4) is there some sort of gauge to be able to monitor the internal pressure ?

5) would it be worth to add the $99 lifetime warranty ?

thank you!

p.s.: is it just me or the forum search functionality has been broken for some time now?

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