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 on: Today at 03:46:47 PM 
Started by swiss - Last post by Fenix33
My wife made me a mixture of sacred frank, peppermint, lemongrass, and lavender. Not sure of how much, but it seemed to work ok for awhile. I can get the exact measurement from my wife today.

 on: Today at 03:46:33 PM 
Started by Tsanchez12369 - Last post by Astros2121
Has anyone experienced worsening conditions with more plaque build up after using the traction device?? I haven't used a traction device yet but about to consider trying very soon..It seems like using the device could cause more trama to the affected plaque area while stretching is being done with the device?

 on: Today at 02:30:11 PM 
Started by BopIt - Last post by dru92646

 on: Today at 01:40:42 PM 
Started by User9999999 - Last post by User9999999
I'm in my later 30's, married, but have experienced Prostate Issues since March that may be CPPS.  Also noticed some Hard Flacid Symptoms during this time.  In Early October 2017 I had vigorous sex with my wife.  We both seemed to have an uncommon boost of sexual energy and tried new positions, angles, and rough foreplay/HJ for about an hour total.  I felt some mild pain and discomfort during this episode but it didn't stop me from completion.  I also continued to masturbate regularly (every other day or so) and can be rough at times.  I was not sore at all the next day but developed the following symptoms starting a week later and have continued:

1. sclerosis lymphangitis (SL) These are several painless lymph channels that are barely noticeable under the penis skin in various locations but definitely weren't there before.  They are much more noticeable during an erection.
2.  Ridges/Ribs on the sides of my shaft.  These are faint semi-circle lines that curve around the sides, also painless.  I believe I had these to some degree previously but they are definitely now more pronounced, especially during erections and especially where my SL is located.  I've seen plenty of pornstars with this feature as well, I'm also a bit larger so I'm not sure if that's relatable.
3  Hourglass effect in middle of shaft.  Now I've had this effect as far back as I can remember but it's surely more pronounced.  while flaccid or semi-erect, this area does not fill up during an erection as quickly as the rest of the shaft.  But at full erection, it seems to fill out just fine and I'm able to achieve full rigidity.  Once the erection fades, it's the 1st area that softens.  I've always been more effected by this during the winter and it recently just got very cold in my area.
4.  This is what scares me the most.  During the flaccid state, I am now noticing that this "hourglass" area mid-shaft (and even closer to my body) the shaft has become more soft/floppy compared to the area closer to the head.  Causing the penis to hang looser/lower.  Perhaps a bloodflow issue??
BTW - no curve or pain

I am under allot of anxiety and have a porn addiction which causes me to have at least a dozen erections a day.  I am also trying to force myself to get erections so I can examine my symptoms (dumb I know) These particular erections are slightly harder to achieve and maintain.  I'm probably over-doing it but my morning erections are still quite excellent.

I went to my Urologist 1 month after noticing the 1st symptoms and he said the SL is nothing to worry about and it will go away in time, or become smaller.  He also couldn't comment on my "ribs/ridges" and didn't find them to be troublesome  He did a physical exam by bending,stretching,feeling my penis for any plaque related to Peyronies and could not find any.  He didn't perform a doppler ultrasound.  He seemed to be knowledgeable about the condition and said that if I do not experience any significant ED or curvature or pain during erections (I have none of these symptoms), than I don't have Peyronies and didn't give me any prescriptions.  What sucked is that I felt some penis pain where he inspected me for about 48 hours after the exam.  I guess he was way to rough but that pain/soreness is subsiding just fine.

What do you guys think?  Am I over-analyzing and should I just give it some rest for a couple of weeks?  Or should I get a second opinion in hopes to start early treatment?  Again, the pre-erection hourglass and floppy flaccid areas are troubling me.  I'm also wondering if my CPPS and hard-flaccid issues are causes of these issues as well.

 on: Today at 10:40:04 AM 
Started by psod - Last post by swiss
Did you beg them to look at it?

 on: Today at 10:39:09 AM 
Started by Tsanchez12369 - Last post by swiss
9 inch round...but now that you say...oblong might work even better! Trail and error it and let me know.

 on: Today at 10:08:16 AM 
Started by beechcott - Last post by beechcott
Ah, I see.

I never got headaches from it. I think that it may have affected my digestion a bit (and I'm not even sure it was the Pentox doing it), but that's it.

 on: Today at 09:13:26 AM 
Started by cheeznips - Last post by cheeznips
Well the e.d is there but its getting alot better. I took 2.5 cialis yesterday night and last night i had 2 good erections. But its just the nerves that are bothering me. Im pretty sure the lack of sensation is causing e.d if i do get it. My uro said he thinks the nerves will come back and to wait and be patient. Im just depressed over this numbness issue. Iv had numbness from my first injury back in 2005 which created this plaque. But over time my nerves came back slowly until this incident happened. And now its numb'er than ever

 on: Today at 08:29:14 AM 
Started by beechcott - Last post by kuaka
It gave me nasty headaches.  Never had an issue with the site, but I would order a small quantity at a time just to be sure and get through. 

 on: Today at 08:24:48 AM 
Started by cheeznips - Last post by pfract
Cheeznips: you have no idea of the things you are writing about, and obviously, prefer to believe your urologist, because it puts your mind at ease. Most fractures, cause some degree of ED unless you are surgically repaired until 48 hours later. Number one problem is micro arteries inside your penis getting blocked, because the shaft bends.

Also... A lot of times, penile fractures go misdiagnosed by urologists. Lots of times! You obviously have not read anything about this.

As for my attitude? It's revolting to see so many guys fracturing their penis, due to sex or jelquing and then, not acknowledging it even with all the proof in front of them.

As for the doctor... The consultation is free... 10 minutes on the phone, to get a second opinion, from America's #1 doctor on sexual medicine. And I am the one that needs to change,right?

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