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 on: Today at 09:43:47 PM 
Started by Doesthislookbad - Last post by NeoV
One trick I used to use was shaking my penis in the tube at a downward angle while standing. This sounds pretty odd but it worked for me to get a seal. Be careful!

 on: Today at 09:40:11 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by NeoV
Do not kegel, ever again. Do reverse kegels, which is entirely different. If you kegel too much, or over clench throughout your life, your pelvic muscles become "over toned" and you can cause even a pelvic aneurysm. I have massive cords / veins in my pelvic area from relying on clenching in order to orgasm. This is common in men with DELAYED ejaculation, who, for years rely on kegels in order to ejaculate. Pressure from a girl telling you to hurry up doesn't help. But do NOT kegel any more. Let your penis rest and try squats and reverse kegels.

 on: Today at 09:23:04 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by diehardpatriot
Hey everybody. All my posts will be here now for the majority. Basic questions for sure will be here or any questions about symptoms for sure because I keep spamming the forum with new  yeah topics. Okay so has anyone had Involuntary kegeling (I’ll call it IK for short)? I will add my history and symptoms to this thread under this post, so there’s more info.  Are these IKs a result of blood trying to push through plaque? Im also really starting to think I have some cramped muscles in my pelvic area (isocavernous or bulbaspongious) otherwise known as CPPS. I’m baffled... ever since the injury

- My erections are not as good as they were.
-sometimes when my penis is in the process of getting erect, it IKs a few times
-And whenever I try to stimulate an erection, instant IK. ‘
-the more sore my dick is at the base, the easier IKs happen, with and without stimulation
-Ejacukation is weak and I kegel like 4 or 5 times weak af, before injury it was only 1 or 2 strong kegels

 on: Today at 05:20:52 PM 
Started by MJohn - Last post by pey ron
EGCG extract

@MJohn: careful! I did the same grave mistake in the past... EGCG is very counterproductive as it inhibits collagenase!!!

 on: Today at 05:17:32 PM 
Started by MJohn - Last post by pey ron
plenty of compounds that inhibit tgf-beta in the penis

@NeoV: can you please share those that you know of?

 on: Today at 04:48:50 PM 
Started by CurvedTeen - Last post by Oh Boy
Honestly, are you 18yearoldcurve?

 on: Today at 04:21:25 PM 
Started by maxster - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Be careful w the medical tape, I tried it for holding “hot hands” and when removing it created an abrasion...took weeks to heal.

 on: Today at 04:15:15 PM 
Started by Doesthislookbad - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Also, check out the penis sleeves

 on: Today at 03:57:07 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by sonnyjim
That's the thing though: cialis and viagra don't work for me anyway either. I literally can't feel blood moving through my penis at all like the way I used to it just hangs lifelessly andmuch smaller than before like I have caused damage and it has healed like that.

 on: Today at 02:47:29 PM 
Started by CurvedTeen - Last post by CurvedTeen
I guess I've noticed my dick was always different from the ones I saw. Always curved I guess. I do have an indentation and severe curvature now that I am 19 though I'm not exactly sure if I've always had this indentation,. I CAN remember, however, that there's always been a downward curve in my penis.
My symptoms: curvature, indent, I can feel something right above where the indent is when flaccid, almost feels like a vein. It feels soft at times, hard at times. It disapears when an erection occurs. I have one similar on the other side of penis. No pain. Slight itchiness, not really sure if this is just foreskin itchiness as I have tight foreskin, or itchiness from something else.

How do I know if this is peyronie's and if so, what stage i'm in? Acute vs. Stable?

Who are good doctors to see in the US who will be able to properly diagnose me and tell me what stage i'm in, instead of just guessing.  :-[

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