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 on: Today at 01:38:26 PM 
Started by Mindseye - Last post by pfract
@Swiss: check this link:

RestoreX Use Tips - pics included - Peyronies Society Forums

 on: Today at 01:28:47 PM 
Started by faheemsarwar - Last post by djordj
few months

 on: Today at 01:19:38 PM 
Started by Breadman66 - Last post by Stabler
Hello Breadman66,

Did the Dr that gave you the Pentox also recommend traction and or VED as well? While the Pentox will soften the plaque it will not help the curve. Visit the following pages to get more information and post questions to the members there.

Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs) for Peyronie's Disease - PDS - Peyronies Society Forums

Traction and Traction Devices for correcting Peyronies Disease - PDS - Peyronies Society Forums


 on: Today at 01:14:31 PM 
Started by Mindseye - Last post by swiss
I'm back on restorex now. After about 5 days I needed a break because I started to become too sore from the deep stretch. Failed to stay in the device for longer than 3 minutes. It's a bit of a learning curve. I think I am clamping too much and not padding my dick with enough gauze.

 on: Today at 12:02:26 PM 
Started by TonySa - Last post by osakadan
Good luck w your surgery.  Keep us posted.

Hi Tony. Had the urethroplasty 5 weeks ago. That went well but can't tell the effect upon the peyronnie's yet. Unfortunately the op has left me completely unable to achieve erection. And it is only now any feeling is returning to my balls and penis. Doctor says that it could be another 3-6 months before the erection problems are resolved naturally by time...

 on: Today at 10:47:25 AM 
Started by Mindseye - Last post by Mindseye
Hi All, I started this post to get some advice on those using the device, so far one person gave me his experience and it confirns what the doctor who invented it advised... So from the rest of the posts what is the debate all for?.. According to the Mayo clinic testing has and still is being done and there are documented positive results which is why I am trying it.. I used extender for 8 months which has 0 documentation and saw little result mostly because I wasn't using it correctly but peyronie's has not gotten worse so that's an improvement. The extender was not easy to use as it required several hours a day, did not fit in clothes and so impossible to use as instructed, this is main reason for buying the restoreX. It is bulky but very easy to use once you get the hang of it and 2 - 30min sessions per day and is designed to provide a deep and "automatic stretch" based on your own penis size. Xiaflex costs 1000 a shot, requiring several shots I have read here with mixed results.. I am waiting to see what a urologist suggests. Here in Canada it can take 6 months to see one under our healthcare. In meantime I'll try the restoreX with hope and report results. There seems to be more evidence for as against traction to improve or even cure peyronie's. Mine is mild with upper bend so I remain hopeful

 on: Today at 10:33:51 AM 
Started by Breadman66 - Last post by osakadan
Thanks for the replies guys. Like everyone in this situation I have ups and downs. Feeling a bit better today  :) Osakadan thanks for the sympathy and support. Hope things pick up for you. Bubba Dawg it’s a question of cost with the Xiaflex. In Australia medical insurance won’t cover it. So I’m having to pay AUD $3600 for each cycle. I’m most likely going to do the 4 cycles and with the 4th cycle at least the drug is free - not the Urologist fee though. I’m feeling like the plaque is decreasing and getting softer but I feel my entire penis is softer, not as firm, as it used to be. Maybe from all the modelling/stretching I’ve been doing. Fingers crossed I’ll see some improvement over the next 2 cycles

Wow! That is expensive....I'm from Australia too. It wasn't an option for me as I didn't see a doc early enough. Plus I was dealing with urethra problems (probably caused the peyronnie's). Just had a urethra reconstruction (urethroplasty) last moth. That has gone quite well so thinking more seriously about the straightening op.

 on: Today at 10:32:29 AM 
Started by memyselfandi - Last post by Guga
Hi all!

Glad for your improvements, Zipolite!

I also want to report very clear and unarguable improvement with keto diet, at least for the pain. I am on 2,5 months of peyronies, started with keto 4 weeks ago. The pain became highly manageable I would say. Cold hands/feets are gone, which could be a signal of better circulation, which is critical for whatever regeneration/healing process. I am restarting now with traction gradually.

By following keto diet it became somewhat clear that I have some sensitivity for red meat, low doses of carbs, high amounts of proteins, and eventually lectins. Beside keto or fasting, I also recommend controlling closely what you eat with consistency, and dont forget to write on a journal daily.

I have recently started to consider my Peyronies case as a maladie that is giving me the strength to discover my body and live a healthier and more sustainable life, both mentally and physically.

I am 100% convinced that discipline, consistency and positive attitude can help anyone.


 on: Today at 08:21:49 AM 
Started by 2Oldfords - Last post by 2Oldfords
   It has been about 10 days since I updated last so here goes:
    I am still very sore especially around the head, the stitches from de-gloving have been driving me nuts so as fast as I could remove them I have. I think they are all out now. Here is a suggestion for Doctors. " Use suture that has some color!" I had a really hard time just seeing the stitches to remove them. They are supposed to dissolve but after about a month if they are still there
they need help to come out. I have been using info gained from crookedjohn's post surgery diary. The hot water soaks he mentioned help with the soreness and to soften the suture material.
    My follow-up with Dr. Knoll is next Thursday the 24th. I hope this is my last trip to Nashville.

 on: Today at 04:34:25 AM 
Started by Breadman66 - Last post by Bubba dawg
I had no way of knowing you had to pay for the treatment. Insurance and the doctor mix up cost me some money too. That is one reason I didn't go 6 cycles yet. I have had a lot of other unexpected expenses. I also have some calcification, so not sure I could improve any more. Just have to sit down with the doc and talk about that. Sad, but we don't have many options with this disease. You say cheaper treatment are not working for you. If surgery is not covered either, then you may have to get a loan from a bank to continue Xiaflex. You can always get Cialis if your erections stay soft. They may improve when the treatments are over. I now have firm erections. Anyway having a straighter dick is more important. You can always get viagra or cialis. This is the problem in many countries including the USA. People can go deep in debt or bankrupt fighting diseases. This disease can cause you mental as well as physical problems. Should be covered in your country imo. A lot of people here can't afford or don't want Insurance. They are not old enough to get government medicare. So this disease would wreak havoc with their finances too

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