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 on: Today at 12:15:48 PM 
Started by chasema - Last post by chasema
I thought my doctor was putting in paperwork for insurance approval, imagine my surprise when they called today and said they are doing that now. Now two weeks added to my wait. What has been your personal experience or time line for getting approval, and time between to first shot.  Just hopping it won't be long.

 on: Today at 11:49:26 AM 
Started by SergeyAnael - Last post by SergeyAnael
I looked through numerous photos after the implantation operation .
Some are not bad but many photos scare me.
Penises very small and lifeless .
I do not know all the details of each photo, what implants they used and similar things.
But all this looks scary.

 on: Today at 10:47:30 AM 
Started by SergeyAnael - Last post by diehardpatriot

pills/injections don't work

ED, how long have you had severe ED? Consider an implant, right now it’s the only solution science has to offer

 on: Today at 10:17:27 AM 
Started by Alexander88 - Last post by Spyderman
Hi all,
I have this tool from 1 year ago, I will write my advisers...

1º You should not use it more than 2-3 hours continue, you must after this time check that all is ok (sometimes the skin gets caught and you do not realize it until you take it off), wait 10-15 min and put again.
2º You can use it while sleep but 2-3 hours, i don't recommended sleep more time because if any problem happen you will be asleep.
3º Don't use the protector of glande, put a little of lubricant with base of water in glande, is enough and works better. After use clean very well with water to remove lubricant.
4º Put in the base of penis if you have pain, between the ring white and your skin something like a sock.
5º Put between the zipper and your hip something like a folded sock to avoid pain or the rubbuing.
6º Work in green zone, the important is the time not the force.

My experience with this tool is a good tool to best lengh and ED but at the moment  I didn't get reduce the curve (I used about 3-4 hours, 4 days per week, in theory is too little)


 on: Today at 10:06:59 AM 
Started by thinkpositive - Last post by pfract
Thanks for answering man. I would freak out having blisters on my penis!! Watch out for that.... :-)

 on: Today at 10:06:08 AM 
Started by Heretoknow - Last post by swiss
I will respond to you if you delete all those "askujahysk" messages you posted and actually respond to some posts instead of flooding the page with non-sense to be able to post a photo.

 on: Today at 07:59:18 AM 
Started by Planetsmasher - Last post by Monty
Hi, i saw the local URO at our hospital last November, she put me on to using a VED, which i got through the NHS, one of the best you can buy.,9741.0.html

just take a look at this link.

 on: Today at 07:56:46 AM 
Started by Planetsmasher - Last post by Monty
Hi, yes i'm in UK and have NHS treatment.

 on: Today at 07:33:38 AM 
Started by Planetsmasher - Last post by Planetsmasher
I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks now, but after my doctors appointment I figured it’s time to start interacting. I feel like I’ve been on a long Peyronies journey so far.

I’ve been looking at my left ~40 degree curve for about 3 years now, and recently have been doing a lot of research in to it. After struggling to have sex last year, alarm bells really started to go off (I never used to have any problem, like 6 years ago). As far as I can tell, the only symptom I have is the curve. No dents, no hour glassing, no hard plaque I can feel, just a strong curve when erect.

I figured the responsible thing to do first would be to make an appointment with an NHS sexual health clinic, to see if they could give me any advice. They did not. In fact the woman I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about. Turns out they are only interested in STIs. So next I turned to my NHS doctor who I saw this week, and after describing my curve and difficulty having sex, literally the next thing he mentioned was Peyronie’s disease. He has now referred me to an NHS Urologist and I am expecting a letter to come soon with an appointment time. My doctor said it was very likely I will require surgery.

I felt weirdly depressed after leaving the doctors, even though I got the answer to the question I’ve been asking for 3 years now. I think having someone else actually tell me I have Peyronie's kinda hit me hard.

So that’s that. Urologist appointment soon to discuss next steps. So far, through my own research, I have felt much more in favour of the traction device options rather than I’m not sure what to expect from here on. I understand certain procedures can have unwanted side effects? From what I can tell, the NHS don’t really offer traction devices. We’ll see what happens. At the end of the day they can’t force a surgery on me.

I did wonder if anyone here has had experience dealing with Peyronie’s in the UK and through the NHS? We can take this to another forum room if it’s the best place to discuss further.

 on: Today at 07:33:27 AM 
Started by kongious - Last post by kusher
Waiting 6 months to do a revision surgery is not for everyone. Treatment is usually an individualized approach. Some patients need to do a revision asap or the situation might become even more worse. The guy is 7 months post op and he is having ed issues. I suggest u to accept ur current penis and to move on. A new surgery even by gelman or tom lue will most likely cause u a severe ed that does not respond to pills. When ur erection gets restored, wait 3 additional months, then do a surgery.

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