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 on: Today at 05:20:08 PM 
Started by Traf - Last post by JS1991
Try switching to keto diet with intermittent fasting. Surgery is definitely an option.

 on: Today at 05:17:47 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by JS1991
Two questions: Can you please explain in detail how your vaccum device habits and how you injured yourself using it?

Is it difficult to self-inject? I want to self-inject into my penis without training, how dangerous is this?

 on: Today at 04:16:54 PM 
Started by zac - Last post by zac
Thanks! yes the pain is not near as bad now.  And the blister is good now.  I'm not advocating anyone do this but i popped the blister myself.  with gloves, i cleaned the area with some alcohol and also cleaned the sharp pin.  Drained the blister, then a good dab of Polysporin then gauze.  Good to go.  Now the skin of the blister is peeled off and kept Polysporin on it.  Still good to go and no signs of infection.

I think i need to start modeling now but obviously need to be careful as it may still be a bit early for it.

 on: Today at 03:53:13 PM 
Started by Asian Eagle - Last post by Cacogen

PS: Cacogen, according to some website I read, it should also be "guggulsterones" which confers its amazing metabolism booster properties and inflammatory lesions healer to kanchanar guggul...

Yeah, I noticed the presence of that substance after I posted. Hmm ... phytosteroids ... might plausibly have some sort of effect.

 on: Today at 03:00:24 PM 
Started by Vandelay - Last post by Hawk
I am pretty anti injections for ED since it caused my Peyronies and ultimate loss of length.  Some people do get away with it for longer and with fewer problems than other men.  I injected bimix for 8 months 2 -3 times weekly.  Bimix is Phentolamine / Papaverine

TriMix adds Alprostadil.  Alprostadil belongs to a class of medications known as prostaglandins

Caverject is Alprostadil alone.  Avipdatil is Alprostadil and Phentolamine So it is a type of bimix that swaps  Alprostadil for Papaverine

From my experience and understanding, Caverject causes pain with erection.  It is just an aching that you wish would go away. I THINK however that does not normally cause fibrosis where the other two drugs can cause fibrosis.  Basically, you choose between possible painful erections or fibrosis.

I think you will find less chance of erection pain with Avipdatil but more chance of fibrosis.(beut less chance of fibrosis that bimix.  You just have to experiment to see what works best for you but PLEASE monitor you size, bend, etc.

 on: Today at 02:46:53 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by SofaKing
Sorry for it being a wall of text :/  I am a member to two other forums relating to ED and have suffered some major depression and anixity from it.  I have tried many things to combat my ED and want to share my story because I feel there are men out there that would benifit from it.

 on: Today at 02:03:13 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by pfract
This looks a bit odd for a first post...

 on: Today at 02:02:48 PM 
Started by Floppy - Last post by Frank55
Congrats on "taking the plunge" floppy! You're in excellent hands with Dr. Eid. Please keep us posted on your progress!

 on: Today at 01:05:22 PM 
Started by Vandelay - Last post by Vandelay
Any experiences with invicorp (Aviptadil, Phentolamine)? Is it better than Caverject?

 on: Today at 01:00:51 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by SofaKing
Sorry for resurrecting this thread but to the men suffering from ED that pills are not working for I implore you to give injections a serious try.  I to have injured my self with extreme penis pumping sessions and now I have a red wrinkly dick for two years now.  First pills worked then they started working infrequently.  If pills ever did work for you this may be a sign that you DO NOT have a veinious leak.  Injecting has been working good for me for the last 6 months.  Injecting at the doctors office is not a serious try because those injections are kinda weak and you are in a uncomfortable environment which you can not masturbate and even if you could it would not be pleasant.  A lot of men find that when they first inject it doesn’t work.  They will keep increasing the dose until they achieve a decent erection.   At this point most of them start decreasing their dose because the injections suddenly start working.  Kinda like the first few times I smoked weed and didn’t get high.  Onto the injection strengths....  the doctor for the Doppler will give you the weakest one.  The strengths are as follows....  Alprostadil < bimix < trimix < quadmix.  So Alprostadil has one ingredient and you can go up to 100 units in a shot, the doctor will only give you 20 units.  As for bimix it has two ingredients, trimix has 3, quadmix has 4.  The pharmacist can increase the amount of ingredients in said bimix/trimix/quadmix to make a even more potent version of the drug.  Please message me or write here if you need help obtaining these drugs.

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