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Augusta Med System info for Australians
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 on: Today at 10:23:10 PM 
Started by NeoV - Last post by NeoV
Thanks again for all the info Joao.
Intermittent fasting is an amazing tool to beat insulin resistance! Dr. Jason Fung has a lot of books, research, and YouTube videos on this.

To others, yes veganism by itself is a great cause. But the sugar industry pays vegan doctors or supporters as well as funds websites that blatantly lie and harm people. Veganism is fine, and yes keto can be vegan.

Bone density is fine on keto, and only got worse in children with epilepsy due to their medication and low protein intake.

"Our data suggest that maintaining a KD for more than 5 y does not pose any major negative effects on body composition, bone mineral content, and bone mineral density in adults with GLUT-1 DS, a finding that is at variance with previous reports focusing on children with intractable epilepsy."

Low carb diets have no effect on kidneys

High protein seems to be fine for kidneys as well.
Nutrients | Free Full-Text | Higher Protein Intake Is Not Associated with Decreased Kidney Function in Pre-Diabetic Older Adults Following a One-Year Intervention—A Preview Sub-Study | HTML

Protein does get converted into glucose but at a very slow rate. Protein is definitely important, but going absolutely no protein or low may be necessary for treating severe insulin resistance. For me, too much protein definitely can give me a bit of nerve pain, but not much.

 on: Today at 08:27:36 PM 
Started by Jack1909 - Last post by cheeznips
Have the nerves grown back since you wrote this post?

 on: Today at 07:48:24 PM 
Started by jsinger21 - Last post by mst1622
Jsinger DO NOT WAIT and consult your case with recognized doctor like dr Tom Lue, Joel Gelman, dr Levine, Andrew Kramer.... They are the best and you should see one of them. A lot of surgeons do surgeries and they have no idea what to do with the patient after that....

 on: Today at 07:48:17 PM 
Started by Thomas - Last post by Tsanchez12369
I just flinch everyone I hear “follow your doctors advice”...maybe if you trust them.  Unfortunately, there are doctors out there who are uninformed regarding Perrone’s treatment, doctors who will give bad treatment to make extra money, and doctors who will give treatment that although not hurtful may not be helpful for to just make money.
Unfortunately, for this disease we all have to become very educated ourselves and then work with a doctor as knowledgeable as we can find. In the  acute early stage, it seems many guys have found pentox Helps decrease or alleviate the pain. Also, for some diclofenac sodium Gel is helpful for the pain. Several medical studies have also shown traction to be helpful in the early phases if you can tolerate the pain you are currently experiencing.  Same for VED.
Daily low dose cialis also helpful to break down the plaque.
One study has shown H-100 helpful in the acute phase, available in US but expensive.

 on: Today at 07:35:55 PM 
Started by Ronnin - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Avoid helquibg as it causes/worsens peyronies!

 on: Today at 07:35:04 PM 
Started by james1947 - Last post by Tsanchez12369
Maybe reduction in the plaque treated then allows other plaque to influence the penis in another direction?

 on: Today at 06:35:42 PM 
Started by NeoV - Last post by joao
Hey Neo and others,
I posted here after i got better from Peyronie's ( but from other health problems as well )
because i red forums as well while i had Peyronie's.
I mean i think i had to do this posting at least once.
Reading forums was confusing but it still helps because the articles give you hope and allow you to fight for your health.
It is a struggle when you have Peyronie's or probably more when you have tremor or even essencial tremor ( considered not treathening ).
I do not remember having found a forum as interesting or as good as this one.
So i am glad to end up in this one ( and reading it, i just intended to post and then leave ).

I saw your youtube video and think you are right.
Your voice was not very loud ( that could be because here i hear the waves of the ocean in the background ).
I red a lot about intermittent fasting ( IF ) and ketogenic diet and of course about getting in ketosis.
And it not easy either.

I did not measure ketone bodies (but i did measure glucose).
I think doing it can help but i think it probably will make things even more confusing.
If you do do not draw conclusions too soon you can or should do it off course.

I give a few examples * why it can confuse you even more.

After the 7 day water fasting i started to eat more carbohydrates than i did before ( when i did a combination of keto and IF )
because maybe i had to catch up ( that is what i think ) for the regeneration to take place.
you can do IF and keto forever if you want but you cannot do long term water fasting forever.
My main goal was to cause regeneration and especially neurogenesis ( especially neurogenesis takes 6 months to mature 1/3 of the new neurons ).
And that is what i think happened.

That is also why i gave importance to gray hair turning black again.
stemcells of hair and stemcells for neurons come from the same place ( originally the neural tube )
to some extent they can migrate.
They can migrate in your brain ( it is easy to find info about that ).
Maybe they can migrate between hair and brain ( that is what scientists do and it works. They collect stem cells from your brain and inject them in your brain or in your body with the intention to reach your brain ).
If this is true then these stemcell could migrate to your penis.
I am afraid it is not the highest priority for the stemcells in your facial hair.
Stem cells from your pubic hair make a better chance.
That is why i mentioned the pubic hair turning black ( the ones that turned black are more black then the ones that stayed black )

I sidetracked and did not give one example yet.
Here comes the example.
so after starting eating carbohydrates etc after the 7 day water fasting.
glucose shot up to 160
to go down to 100 only the next day
to go back to normal for me ( less then 100 ) while i do mild IF now.
I did not panic when it shot up only because i new in before about this happening in such a case ( I HAD RED ABOUT IT ).

If i had not known about it i would have panicked and think that i had messed it all up ( that i had done something wrong and caused diabetes )
I think the body or delays to make larger amounts or insulin again or it happens on purpose to rack up the deposits all over the bodies.
When i take in more carbohydrates / glucose i feel the blood pressure going up ( i do not really need to measure ).
Just to say it is no mathematic, it is not 1+1.
I have no diabetes and never had ( or knew about it ) ( in fact i think i got it but did not want to measure and just started with fasting and IF ).
When as a side effect the Peyronie's cured, the tremor got better and better and my hear turned more and more black ( still not over 40-60 % as i think it is not the upper priority of the body ).

The other example i wanted to give is that i think that measuring your ketone bodies can confuse even more than measuring glucose.

Because i think that ketone bodies going up shows your that you are burning fat ( that you got in ketosis ).
But also that you are not using all of it.
So just to say that i think them going up is a good sign, but them not going up could be even better because you could be in ketosis and your body able to use all of it. It can do so only when it is metabolically very healthy already ( the mitochondria ).

Thanks Neo and others for all the feedback that you already gave.

I did not use anything other topic than coconut oil.
I did not use cialis, vitamins or anything else.
not internal nor external.
I did not spend money, i just saved money and time ( except for the studying )

I think the IF + keto > ketosis did the job(s)

while i think IF is the main key
for me keto makes IF easier ( but keto is good on its own. keto on its own for me is more dificult than IF )
and IF makes long term fasting easier or even possible ( is necessary to do it in a healthy way )
If you do make mistakes, long term fasting could cause damage ( especially if one is diabetic )

If i did confuse you with too much information
then just remember this.
start intermittent fasting, do not start with more then 12 hours a day.

do that for about 3 weeks and then take your next step ( inform you beter or go slowly ( weeks or months ) in the direction of 18 hours IF a day if possible )


I did not red other therapies this time.
I am sure they are very interesting and can work, but this way (ketosis) is the most complete and sustainable.
Probably one of the most dificult, at least at first sight.
As always there are some risks if you are not well prepared.
If in doubt return to normal or check a doctor.

 on: Today at 05:26:45 PM 
Started by NeoV - Last post by Thomas2
i have been vegan since 19 to 24 yo roughly when disease first came. Just wanted to put my testament.

I still think vegan diet is feasible and if done right more healthy, i know nothing on other stuff.  My parents stayed on keto-diet for a summer 10 years ago, they nearly destroyed their livers and kidneys, my mother turned into an old lady with low density bones...

 on: Today at 05:14:50 PM 
Started by Monty - Last post by Gabriel
Hi Monty!

Glad you had a good experience with the customer service! I personnaly "broke" a headpump 2 months ago; the customer service through Sam Parsons sent me a new one very fast. But... The second one broke a liitle later, with the C cylinder crackling... They sent me another C cylinder for free, but did not want to hear anything about the pump. Right now, they aren't even answering to my mails anymore... I don't know what to think, as I don't feel like I'm guilty for the breakage (one of the two small plastic pieces at the base of the pump which crackles and goes away after some time)... but I guess maybe I pumped too far for too long (never experienced pain or discomfort though)...

 on: Today at 04:42:23 PM 
Started by whoops! - Last post by Gabriel
Hey Whoops, thanks a lot for keeping us updated!! I would tell you not to worry too much about the "eggplant-like" shape and colour of your penis: mine had the same look after my first PRP injections (I mean, it was very, very bad to look at), but it all came back to normal after 6 or 8 days.

Stay strong, and all the best with your next round of injections/modeling :-)!!

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