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 on: Today at 06:42:40 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by swiss
Do not kegel, ever again.

Neo you continue to blow my mind with your knowledge.

I Kegaled for years in an attempt to control my orgasms. I wonder if this was the reason for reduced flexiblity of my penis before peyronies disease...
very interesting insight. Thanks!

 on: Today at 05:24:08 PM 
Started by yodoggie13 - Last post by yodoggie13
What is the best way to find a specialist in Peyronies Disease?  I went to a urologist but he just wanted to do surgery....looking to maximize medicine and alternative treatments first....Thanks!!  In Philadelphia Area.

 on: Today at 05:14:35 PM 
Started by lonelyboy - Last post by JohnW
About the silicone ring linked above, it is an easy "over the balls" as well as "over the dick and balls at the same time" -- which is extremely stimulating and still effective where construction is concerned.

 on: Today at 05:08:06 PM 
Started by lonelyboy - Last post by Tychy
Yup. These things are what I meant with adult store silicon. The leather one has the bonus you can snap it open while still erect. The silicone ones are usually still tight then.

 on: Today at 05:05:30 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by Tychy
@diehardpatriot: yeah. The part that's inside your body is behind your pelvic floor. Trauma to that part is pretty hard. It ends somewhat in front of your prostate.
I guess pushing the penis down while erect will put some pressure there, but you're most likely to get damage at the base outside of the body.

 on: Today at 04:50:54 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by Paolo
I presume your girlfriend is being more careful with your penis LOL! Having your pants pulled down whilst erect could well have overstretched your Tunica Albuginea at the base  :o, so my theory is this, the base of your penis will when flaccid be inside your pelvis, right?, presuming you are a grower and not a shower.

Try some basic CPPS exercises, see Easy Stretches to Relax the Pelvis - Men - Pelvic Pain Foundation
Also try body weight squats.

If having sex consider a 'comfortable' cock ring, see

Paul  :)

 on: Today at 04:23:07 PM 
Started by diehardpatriot - Last post by diehardpatriot
Tychy- we are speaking of tunica or coral scarring of the unexposed penis. The part of the penis that not showing and is in your body.

Paolo- thanks Paolo, i wasn’t aware you can have scarring within the body. Just wondering because I have pain in the base of my penis inside my body on both sides. And with the involuntary kegels and everything and weak ejacukation makes it seem as if I’ve injured some pelvic muscles. Or maybe I do have scarring in there. Who knows. And no worries, I understand that it’s a long read, but the routine seems great and I’m starting to think you can cause pelvic floor disfunction as a result of penile injury. Maybe you can get scared and kegel hard  before or during the injury and it cramps.

Let’s just say one does have peyronies scar tissue in the unexposed penis. Anyway an ultrasound can catch this? Maybe by putting the scanned under the balls or try to dig around that areA?

 on: Today at 04:17:19 PM 
Started by lonelyboy - Last post by Paolo
Lonelyboy, forum member JohnW posted the following Dec 5th 2017;

In the mean time, I've been using this cock ring with superior results:

The best thing about this:
- It's soft silicone and flexible
- Easy on, easy off
- It's wide so it doesn't feel like it is cutting your dick off
- It provides just enough constriction. It's just right.

Hope that helps  :)

 on: Today at 03:55:41 PM 
Started by lonelyboy - Last post by Tychy
Try a leather cockring with snaps first (that's what I use). Supports multiple sizes. As an alternative use a silicon cockring from the adult store. Those silicon things that are used for pumping seem really constricting. I have a few supplied with my Erecaid, but they seem too tense. Don't use anything you can't cut with scissors, in case.

I like the "over the balls" style more than "only the shaft", but that's up to you.

 on: Today at 03:23:40 PM 
Started by lonelyboy - Last post by lonelyboy
Hi Guys,
Long time no see, I've held off posting for a while as I wanted to report back when I knew the results of my embolisation procedure(s) and then I got sidetracked with politics a bit.

My embolisation procedures while not a failure didn't have as great an effect as I wanted, it is an improvement and initially it reduced my Viagra usage to 50mg rather than the 100mg I needed before, the effects lasted maybe 6 months? so had another procedure to embolize some more veins which lasted a couple of months and now I'm back pretty much at the stage before I had the procedures.

With stimulation I can get an erection I just don't seem able to maintain it, so I want to try a cock ring to see if it will help.

I've had a look on and also a search on this site but haven't found how people measure to decide the size needed or the strength of the elasticity, I won't be using a vacuum device with it, I haven't done an exhaustive search so apologies if I've missed the obvious.

Thanks for any advice.

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