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Author Topic: Eyo. Here I am.  (Read 533 times)

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Eyo. Here I am.
« on: April 04, 2018, 11:43:53 AM »

Hey guys,

I have been reading a lot the last weeks. Need to introduce myself now.

I do have a plaque on the left, probably because of minor to medium fracture I did not realize as one - due to wrong cowgirl sex and heavy masturbation in the days after that incident. There was at least light swelling but no huge pain. Didn't think this could be a major injury, had a lot to do and just kept on living and wanking. It worked at least.

I panicked when I then saw a curve in the middle of about 40 degrees (over night maybe 9th of Feb) and tried to correct while erect.. Damn.
Semi-erect it is even a lot worse (~80). When I am fully hard I could have sex i guess. Then its around 20 degrees maybe. But its very hard to get there. And I dont know if this makes my situation worse.

Well now I have severe Erectile Dysfunction and can't hold it up without stimulation and daily Cialis 5mg. Sure, there can be a big psychological component also.
Now I very often got the feeling I f'^+'Erectile Dysfunction my (sex)life. I am 25 and this cant stay the way it is.

Hard flaccid nearly all day long, left side of the shaft feels very tense but there are moments it is soft and i cant even feel a real plaque - so still should be acute.
First urologist only told me there was no success with anything he tried (Potaba, Vit E, etc).
The nex urologist couldn't even feel or see hard spots, the other wrote down 5mm x 5mm.
He also gave me an injection that didnt work properly - only wide and flooded with blood, it was big but not erect.
He gave me Cialis prescription and would like to see my for surgery next year. Thats the vibe I got.

I lost length and girth already. My sex accident has been at the end of january, following masturbation sessions until getting diagnosed Peyronies Feb13.

But as I said I guess my curve is caused by fracture/nerve damage/fascia rupture.
Also my corpus spongosium is veery tense now when hard, there could be ongoing fibrosis. Also I often subconciously exercised my PC muscle in the past to pump up my erection - guess I maybe never had a regular perfect erection since being a teen -
it was always laying down towards my belly, but I was able to get and maintain it easily and have straight sex several times in a row when I have been in a relationship for 3.5y the last years. Never lost a thought on Erectile Dysfunction problems back then.

I now want to start with gentle traction to the right. I found that the principle of the ESL40 seems good for me, even though its the cheapest. What are your thoughts? I am uncircumcised and have a long foreskin. I guess this can cause me trouble. Thoughts?
How to get it fastest to Europe/Germany?
Or should I wait for the RestoreX trials or get the Phallosan?
Waiting for my appointment with Dr Kühhas in 10days and see what he says?

Its so hard to do nothing, or not knowing what to do. Checking erection often. Wanna get blood flowing. I cut out porn, that has been huge problem also. Its quite a hustle.

I am on Cialis 5mg since 2 weeks and have been on Arginin several weeks, but I stopped it. Maybe I will reintroduce it.
Want to try ALCAR, ordered it on Amazon today. Plus heatpads - I want to wear them lots of time. What do you think?

I'm scared of Pentox because I am in a very sh!^^y mental state these days - cant aggrevagate this - don't wanna hurt myself and my loved ones. Anxiety and depression is really hard.
Should Pentox help, also when it has been a fracture?

My parents and some friends already know about the issue, I took it easy in the beginning, but now its really hard - and everybody is worrying a lot. I became very still.
I'm scared all my village and sports club will now and laugh - so many people I know..

I am very social usually, playing football, smoking pot with my buddys, going to school with over 20 girls in my class, joking around and being very easy and lovely in general.

I basically isolated myself the last weeks. Everybody is getting interested in whats going on. I dont know what to say anymore. Not responding on WA or calls.
Can't be myself at the moment. My past drug usage makes it even harder to stay focused and positive. My brain feels like swiss cheese, can't concentrate on anything else. Motivation is very down. Yesterday I had done a blood check for testosteron, PSA and CRP (inflammation). Lets see what that brings.

Let's find a way to improve!


EDIT: Thanks to all the great people on here. Espacially the mods and the experienced users/sufferers. Neo, OldMan, pfract, etcetc! Big up!
You are a huge help for everybody being confronted with this condition around the world. Keep it up!
And in the future people and urologist and science will hear us and there will come a device, a cream, anything that brings improvement no matter what!


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Re: Eyo. Here I am.
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2018, 02:54:16 PM »

You’re being very proactive and traction could very well help.  If you can’t order the restorex, I’d definitely go with the ESL40 or PMP as the phallosan mostly has very poor reviews on this site.  It’s great you’re seeing a specialist in two weeks so hang in there guy, you’ll get through this!
PxD 2 yrs, failed all tx. 9/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS 18cm + 3rte


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Re: Eyo. Here I am.
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2018, 11:21:59 PM »

I'm on pentox arginine and coq10 even though the last doc said coq10 wouldnt do much. Also vitamin E. I'm 23 and it's really scary for me too. I feel for a lot of these older guys, but I still have to date and get a wife, yknow? This is supposed to be my sexual prime.

Porn is rough for me, because when I jerk off, I get to see and feel an erection and feel good about it. If I don't watch porn and I'm not getting a whole lot of erections, it scares me that the scarring is sealing up the flaccid penis instead of the erection kind of stretching it out and not letting the fibrosis get too tight. But jerking off a lot isn't good either, so I'm just vacillating every day. Not sure what to do. Asked doc, he said just don't go crazy with the sex swings and probably no cowgirl. Far as the cialis 5mg, I worry if I use it, I'll build tolerance. Then I won't be able to get a natural erection and it will take more and more cialis to get me there. I'm not sure if that's true, or if jerking off is good or bad, there's a lot of grey area here (for me at least). It's stressful as I'm always checking it to make note of any changes.

I go back at the end of April and should get a traction device then. I'm very much looking forward as over the past two weeks, I've noticed the left side just being stiff and hard flaccid and reluctant to get an erection. I'm worried the longer that happens, the more permanently hard flaccid it will stay and how much length and girth I'll lose. This hasn't been a problem until very recently, I'm 6 months out.

And I told my close friends. Told them I was laying on couch and dog jumped up and jammed his paw right in my dick. They're my friends and this a real health issue that is affecting me in both physical and psychological ways. What are friends for if you can't tell them this? I laugh it off, as it is just really absurd to me. I find it's easier for me to share difficult things if I present it in a funny way.

As far as the drug thing... Yeah man. I really understand. This crap depresses me and I was never really suave with the ladies to begin with. I worry this will interfere with my ability to have long term relationships. The worst part for me is not having to deal with it myself, but the thought that women might find me much less attractive if my dick isn't the good dick it was in the past. All this reminds me of the same causes that drove me to opiates in the first place. Feeling like nobody could ever love you. When I was doped up, it didn't matter if everyone in the world hated me, because I had my inner peace, my zen, my confidence, my perfection. But it's been 3 years and I've made a lot of progress. My body looks way better, I'm mostly on top of crap. I struggle with the depression and anxiety and find myself weighing the pain that comes with the clarity of sobriety, and opiates ability to make it all go away, at a price. But I guess women would probably be less afraid of peyronies than opiate addiction.

I have to remind myself to stay strong. It's a long road, but the other choices aren't as great as they seem.

Sidenote: I take pentox with wellbutrin and neurontin among other anti anxiety drugs and its fine. If you have a question regarding pentox and anxiety meds, google drug "interaction checker"
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