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Author Topic: Penile incision and grafting surgery - My experience  (Read 203 times)

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Penile incision and grafting surgery - My experience
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:46:10 PM »

Monday 11/06/2017 :

Went to surgery at 3:45 p.m. woke up in recovery around 6:30 I had a catheter and my penis was wrapped in gauze from the scrotum to the head. I had an ice pack on it. I was taken to a room around 7:30 for overnight observation.  I was not in a great deal of pain but I was quite uncomfortable. Pressure from the catheter had me feeling like I needed to pee and have a bowel movement. I soon discovered that the less I moved the better I felt. So I sat still as much as possible.  I ate a sandwich and drank soda and a milk shake.  There was a lot of seepage blood and clear fluids soaked the pad that was under me. An attendant changed out the sheets and the pad. For the next few hours every hour on the hour the nurse took my vitals and checked the color of my penis to make sure there was proper blood flow. This sometimes required pulling on the catheter and touching the head. Now that hurt!!!  I slept as much as possible which was approximately 45 minutes out of every hour.  I was given percocet 2 or 3 times during the night.

Tuesday 11/07/17

About 5 a.m. the nurse removed the catheter. Hurray! Around 6:30 a.m.  I was wakened by the surgeon,  L. Dean Knoll. He told me that the surgery went well and that everything looked good this morning and that as soon as I ate and urinated I could go home. I urinated in the container that was provided. The first time it was mixed with blood and for most of the day when I peed I  sprinkled uncontrollably in all directions.  Dr. Knoll told me ahead of time that I would have this problem.  By the next day I was peeing normal. Until then I wet my clothes,  my shoes, the floor, my hands, and the bandage. Per Dr Knoll's instructions on Tuesday I removed the bandages and keeping the stitches dry I took a shower.  I  used a zip lock bag over my penis to keep it dry. For the record when you take off the bandages you won't recognize your Willie. Mine was twisted due to the stitches and the grafts and looked like it had been in a knife fight and lost. I spent most of the day in my recliner or in bed. There was a  fair amount of fluid leakage both clear and bloody.  I wrapped gauze loosely around it and followed that with a paper towel to keep my pajamas dry. I am shaved and bruised from the tip down to my balls and my scrotum.

Wednesday 11/08/17

Everything is status quo.  I showered, worked from home, took naps. There's much less drainage this morning.  Still black and blue. Less twisted the head looks like it has a blister under some of the stitches. Kinda deformed and mis-shaped. For the most part by end of day the bloody drainage and oozing has stopped.

Thursday 11/09/17

I am alarmed by the swelling that seems to have happened quickly and out of nowhere.  My dick is 3 times the size it was out of surgery. I try to be brave and say to myself this is probably normal. By mid afternoon I decide to call my doctor. The nurse called me back to inform me that indeed this is normal and to put ice on it. I put it on ice.

Friday 11/10/17

No change.  I am still swollen and frankly a little scared.  I rest as much as possible and use ice off and on. I muster up the fortitude to meet a friend for dinner. I eat, visit and return home. I'm as swollen as ever and still concerned.

Saturday 11/11/17

I went to bed at 11:00 p.m. and get up @ 9:45 a.m. Low and behold this morning there's finally some improvement.  The swelling is not completely disappeared but it is at least half the size it was on Thursday. I'm relieved.  Today I am relaxing in the recliner, doing laundry that's about it.

Sunday 11/12/17

I slept off and on from 8 :00 p.m. until  11:00 a..m. My penis is pretty much the same as yesterday.  I gave it a sponge bath before taking my shower. There's not much more to report except I am feeling the effects of taking keflex antibiotics 3 times a day.

Monday 11/13/17

I am still feeling the antibiotics. Not exactly diarrhea but I don't want to be too far away from the toilet.  My penis is unchanged.  BTW one of the doctors instructions is to always make sure it is pointing towards the floor.  I had a 90 degree dorsal curve. It's important to wear it down so the grafts don't heal in the wrong way and the dorsal curve reforms. I make a concerted effort to  be aware of the direction it is pointing.  I have an appointment for an annual visit with my primary care doctor this morning.  I guess I will fill him on on my surgery. I don't feel great obligation.  He was of zero value in my care and treatment thus far. I can say the same about the first 2 urologists that I saw.

Tuesday 11/14/17

It's been a  week and a day.  I  continue to  heal. Since the surgery I have had a  place near the stitches that is swollen. It almost looks like a fluid collection.  It makes my head look misshapen so I strongly hope it goes away with the passing of time. If not I will need some cosmetic surgery.  I mention it today because it has become tender. It might be because I have been dressed in jeans all day. Jeans are tight compared to the pajamas I have been wearing so the rubbing might have irritated it.  If it doesn't improve soon I will be walking funny.  The rest of my penis is looking better. Very little bruising and the swelling has diminished. A few more days it should be gone.

Wednesday  11/15/17

Not much to report. The swelling at the incision site remains unchanged. It is tender enough to be aggravating, slightly debilitating,  and worrisome   I am trying to  protect it from more irritation by covering the sore place with a large band aid. Other than this problem I continue to heal.

Thursday  11/16/17

The large band aid does the trick.  I'm still tender but the tender area is covered. There's almost no irritation from fricton now. There's no visible bruising or discoloration. I'm not tender anywhere else.  I believe I can feel grafts where there once was plaque.  I cannot feel any plaque. Other than the tender area from the circumcision it appears to be  healing well. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Knoll.



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Re: Penile incision and grafting surgery - My experience
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 04:31:49 PM »

Keep the reports coming. Cheering you on!
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