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Author Topic: Penis bends away from the side with pain  (Read 702 times)

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Penis bends away from the side with pain
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:49:29 AM »

Hello, this seems unusual to me when I consider the majority of cases of peyronies. I have pain on the right side of my penis, just below the glands, however, my penis bends nearly 30 degrees to the left (prior to injury I had a small congenital curvature to the left of a few degrees).

Recently, I started to get an erection while I was walking with a lady friend because we started to hold hands (it has been a very long time since I felt close to a woman). As I was walking I think my penis pushed against my trousers and I felt a slight tingle on the right side. Over the last couple of days my penis has begun to hurt more than it did prior to this happening, but the flaccid state remains the same, as in I don't have servere hard flaccid like I did just a couple of months ago. I'm worried I have re injured my penis without even having the chance to do anything with it. I now have a hard core like structure that's running alongside a much softer and larger vein along the top of my penis. This hard cord seems to gradually get smaller as it veers off into the direction where I feel the most pain (to the right and just below the glands). Does anyone else have anything similar to this?


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Re: Penis bends away from the side with pain
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2017, 06:26:01 PM »

I have a very similar situation: Pain on the right side, curvature to the left. My penis also had a small curvature before, mostly downwards, but a little to the left. This is probably the reason that the bending that caused the injury had the biggest impact on the right side, whereas the left side is fine.

I don't have any signs of plaque, though. So far I have only read that in Peyronies Disease the penis bends to the side where the plaque develops, which is why I assume that I personally must have something else. I can't think of any reasonable explanation for a curvature to develop in the opposite direction of plaque, but maybe it's possible, I don't know.

In any case that "hard core like structure" that you described definitely sounds like plaque, so I would go to see an urologist as soon as possible if you haven't already done it.

Best wishes!


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Re: Penis bends away from the side with pain
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2018, 10:21:37 AM »

I experienced this as well one year ago.
I started to get a curvature on the right side of my penis but didn't have any pain ...

After a lot of online digging I found out about Peyronie's disease. I went to my doctor and he suggested we would wait with a surgical treatment as I didn't experienced any pain yet. So after a while I came across a traction device. These extenders also treat Peyronie's so that's when I decided to buy one. I wore it for the prescribed amount of time and after 6 months the curved shape of my penis had really been decreased and even my length had increased.

I definitely recommend this method because it helped me with my problem and it healed completely (1 year later while using the extender everyday if possible)  :)
Hope you find a solution!

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