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Author Topic: FIRST TIME POSTER - 40 year old - Hour glass when semi erect  (Read 188 times)

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FIRST TIME POSTER - 40 year old - Hour glass when semi erect
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:05:57 PM »

Hello new friends - first, I want to commend you all for contributing to this platform. New fish like me need some guidance and its great to be able to lean on some veterans in my time of need. I'm not going to get into a lengthy dissertation about my plight. Here is the Cliffs notes version. I went to my urologist 6 months ago because of excessive blood in my semen and some mild discomfort in my lower left back/pelvic region after ejaculation. Ran through a battery of tests (PSA, digital rectal, scrotal ultrasound, urinalysis) all checked out - he seemed to think it was mild prostatitis and put me on Meloxicam. During his exam of me he just happened to ask if my penis bends to the right when erect - . I never really paid attention to that, but yeah it kind of does - i don't have a painful erection, at least not yet. Anyone over the course of the next few months i paid way more attention down there and noticed that there seemed to be a narrowing, lower-mid shaft, almost like a rubber-band around the circumference. Sure enough, when semi-erect, the hourglass / rubber band formation is much more noticeable. Im able to achieve a full erection, without any hourglass shape. It just curves to the right slightly. Anyway, went back to the urologist today because the blood in my semen has continued. He maintained that it was due to inflammation since everything else was ruled out. I then also mentioned my observations to him. He checked me out again stretching my penis shaft and said that it feels as though i have a "fair amount" of plaque buildup. He prescribed me Verapamil cream to use for the next 6 months. Everything i have read about that indicates that this is an exercise in futility. I've been reading the posts on this forum and it appears that a VED option may be a better course. I hate to be an internet doctor and i feel very uneasy about going against my DR's recommendations (he is board certified and highly regarded). Here are my 2 questions for you all. First, can i use the cream and VED simultaneously? Second, which VED specifically works best for what i appear to have (hourglass, circumference of shaft, narrowing of shaft, slight bend to right when fully erect)? Thanks in advance and i really look forward to your responses.


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Re: FIRST TIME POSTER - 40 year old - Hour glass when semi erect
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 02:27:09 AM »

There is a whole section on VED in this forum search it out, get a medical grade Augusta I think... Verapamil cream and VED is fine, they're totally different treatments, for instance the cream will do nothing at all and the VED is a physical penis workout or stretch and  will only be effective if you do it religiously. With that, many here swear by the VED. The blood in semen is not a common symptom reported here and after becoming an expert on the condition I can say that blood in semen is a red flag for something other than peyronies, blood in semen simply is not in the peyronies literature and I have read a lot of it, if not all of it as I'm a phd student and have access to medical journals. Pursue a second opinion. Also, I did not see you refer to a ultrasound of your penis, only a scrotal ultrasound. You need a penis ultrasound to locate the injury and observe the distribution of your plaque. It sounds like it's been 6 months and all you are experiencing is narrowing when semi, blood, slight bend... Consider yourself lucky! Try to get pentox online or from your doctor and give it 6 months, use VED conservatively for a few months. Take the cream and put it in a bag, a garbage bag. If the curve gets bad or something you struggle with, purse xiaflex injections from a doctor that knows how to do it. Pursue Dr gelbard in LA for xiaflex. Good luck, you're doing better than most on here. Cheers


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Re: FIRST TIME POSTER - 40 year old - Hour glass when semi erect
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2017, 08:41:51 AM »

My hourglass greatly diminished with downward traction (by hand). It depends on where the indentation of the hourglass is, for me it was ventral, at the bottom. VED is also wonderful for hourglassing! I am not sure why you couldn't use the cream, hopefully someone else can comment. The cheapeast VED is the Augusta single cylinder you can get here Forum member discount from Augusta Medical - Peyronies Society Forums

Better VEDs I know very little about! Check out the sub forum for that. Try not to worry too much, treat your penis like you would any other damaged part of your body, but don't give up on being sexually active either. Focus on getting your vascular health as healthy AS POSSIBLE. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, that means get that blood sugar down and stay active.
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