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Author Topic: Peyronies sufferer,new here  (Read 696 times)

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Peyronies sufferer,new here
« on: September 02, 2017, 06:25:25 PM »

I apologise if I've posted in the wrong section.

I'm 42,for the last 2 years I have gone through erectile pain/discomfort and the curvature and shortening of my once proud penis. I've had trouble emptying my bladder,I've had tests it seems I'm ok it's just 'water' irritates my bladder.

I shy away from sex with my partner,she is very understanding.After 18 months the painful erections have gone BUT I have this 'mental block' of having sex,in case I slip out and do some real damage.

I'm undergoing zero treatment,for peyronies and have been prescribed mirabegron to help with the week bladder (it started when I noticed the curvature and pain) Mirabegron helps with the need to urinate but the peyronies continues to go untreated :(

Is there anything I can do/take to slow the symptoms ?

I've lost around an inch in penile length,I struggle to maintain an erection (my GP won't prescribe Viagra as he says it can irritate the condition) I have this 'mental block' when it comes to having the penis more easily 'damaged' if I suffer with peyronies ?

My GP is no help,my partner though understanding...doesn't fully understand..

I need help,



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Re: Peyronies sufferer,new here
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 11:34:45 PM »

Hi lucky,

Just thought I'd chime in. I'm very different to you, I have only had peyronie's for ~5.5 months so I'm still pretty early. However, I have visited 3 urologists, of which one was terrible and should not be allowed to practice and the others were prominent Peyronie's and ED specialists, Dr. Tom Lue UCLA and Dr. Rafjer UCLA.

What I've learned is that there aren't any solid answers to your questions but I can tell you what my "verdict" is:
1. sex should always be done with a stiff full erection, if you can't get one naturally you should seek out viagra or cialis, you can buy generic cialis (search Tadalafil) for cheap from an indian pharmacy without prescription. The full erection is essential! 5 mg daily is a good start then bump up to 10 mg if you need it.
2. if sex is causing pain to you then you are likely irritating your condition, but after 2 years you are probably in the "chronic" stage, so pain is probably minimal as you are no longer undergoing inflammation. Have at it sir but avoid risky activity. They always seem to suggest: NO WOMAN ON TOP AND MAKE SURE IT'S PROPERLY LUBRICATED!
3. Try taking pentox for ~6 months. 400 mg x3 daily. Take cialis/tadalafil 5mg daily as well.
4. How severe is your curvature? Would you estimate 30 degrees or more? Is it painful for your partner? If its not painful and not greater than 30 then you probably should not pursue Xiaflex injections. If it is painful and greater than 30 degrees you could pursue Xiaflex and it would likely improve your curvature quite a bit!
5. If your curvature is SEVERE. Well sir, you need surgery. Pursue the best surgeon you can find and undergo a Nesbit, grafting, or prosthesis surgery.
6. FIND A UROLOGIST THAT KNOWS ABOUT PEYRONIES. He will walk you through the things I have mentioned above, if he doesn't then he doesn't know anything about peyronie's.
7. FIND A SEX THERAPIST, get yourself out of this hole and start having sex with your partner again, but don't cause pain and do it with a stiff erection.

I understand your anxiety, I have it too. Don't listen to your GP, go see a urologist, have your GP refer you to one. Not one urologist I have been to has told me not to take cialis, instead they encourage it. Get back on the horse!


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Re: Peyronies sufferer,new here
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2017, 06:32:24 AM »

Hi locky, welcome to you and thanks for registering  :)

For pain I am a great believer in Magnesium Chloride oil, you buy it in a convenient spray and use it on my chest and penis. You will know if you are Magnesium deficient as if you are it will sting for some time until your body absorbs enough of it, takes about a Week to normalize.

I use L-Citrulline powder from time to time for erection quality, it converts in your body to L-Arginine, it improves nitric oxide in the body  :)

The most common food stuff containing L-Citrulline is watermelon, but it is in the skin of watermelon, Citrulline powder therefore is more convenient and a whole lot easier, 1-3 grams per day if you want to consider it.

Good old missionary position is in my opinion safe but take note of member DN's comments on achieving and maintaining an erection for safe sex.

The likelihood of further injury in my opinion is heightened by peyronie's, having said that we don't want to become Monks do we!, if you have had it 2 Years or more you should be in the stable phase.

Now you're here keep posting please  :)
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