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Author Topic: Hi, introducing myself  (Read 565 times)

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Hi, introducing myself
« on: August 23, 2017, 07:22:06 AM »

First of all I`d like to say thank you to admin and all of those who helped running this forum. BIG thanks! This forum helped me understand my disease and how to approach it.

Tomorrow I`m seeing 3rd urologist to help me treat my PDS.

My story:

My name is Michal, I live & work in London, UK. I`m 32 yrs old and I was diagnosed with PDS approx. 2 yrs ago. I was prescribed vit A and injections to scar tissue as a first-line treatment. The urologist that diagnosed my Peyronies is located in Poznan, Poland. I cannot see him regularly due to distance so I was told to find any local urologist to perform injections. Which I did. I went to visit another London-based urologist (polish guy), that performed injections (10 visits every other weekend) and prescribed vit. A to be taken daily. But the longer I visited him, the worse feeling I had towards his attitude and seriousness about PDS. After 10 visits (3 months treatment) I could see barely any positive effect on the scar tissue and I think I`ve wasted a lot of money.
I`ve come across this forum just lately and red new member must -read section. I printed out Pentox studies, I will take picture of my penis from all views when erected today after work. I will also ask him about blood panel. I`m also going to measure all curvatures, tissues dias and length of penis today to create the baseline.
At the moment my scar tissues (2 lumps) is located on both sides just by the base of the penis. The`re growing and now they reach diameter of around 4-5mm each. The are painful and create continuous itching.
Generally the girth gets smaller and smaller (is slightly bigger around the base of penis). Curvature make the penis to bent upwards. I can only have sex in 1-2 positions max but I can`t penetrate deep enough (as penis shortened significantly) where before it was not a problem.
I`ll let you know about my tomorrow`s visit. This is a general urologist based in St. George`s Hospital so I`m a bit worried about his experience with PDS but after reading new member section I`ll do everything to persuade him to prescribe Pentox. I`m going to buy L-arginine, CO Q-10 and L-carnitine as well.
Until 30 yrs all I had literally no problem with my penis and at the moment I almost can`t have sex with my girlfriend. I know I neglected my PDS for a while but now I can see if I leave it like that for any further, my relationship is over.
thanks for your time reading this and I will let you know about the outcome of the visit soon.



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Re: Hi, introducing myself
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 11:05:21 AM »


Following on my post, I want to share my thoughts about my visit. At the beginning of it there was a questionnaire , urologist asked me questions about curvature and intercourse, pain associated and feelings about my overall sex life. Then he checked my penis, but didnt examine lumps. We discussed scar tissue and my initial treatments, and I showed him studies on Pentox which he didnt dismissed but told me that my scar tissue is in post-inflammatory phase (it has become hard) and therefore he said, pentoxifylline would have no effect on the tissue and curvature at all. The same comment was made towards CO Q-10. L-arginine and l-carnitine.
He told me that surgery is the only effective way of treatment, taking into account my post-inflammatory scar tissue condition (he said that if it was within inflammatory phase, which I presume is a period between 0-1 yrs after diagnosis, he would prescribe pentox and all associated drugs). I was also prescribed with Sidenafil (viagra) on demand as I`m struggling not only with curvature and scar tissue but also with strength of erection.
He also mentioned that surgery would shorten my penis by approx. 5-8 mm but would sort out curvature problem.
He seemed to be knowledgeable and straightforward.
I feel a bit depressed about all of it but on the other hand I dont want to feel sorry about myself - it`s not the end of the world. people get through much worse stuff in this world.

 I`m just a bit reluctant towards surgery as it seems scar tissue will be left there anyway (I was told that removing it would significantly decrease erection) and my penis will get shorter.
Due to my problem with erection (impotency) I would have to take Sidenafil regardless having surgery or not.

What is your opinion?

In the end thanks for reading, I hope all of those who are in pre-inflammatory phase of scar tissue will not neglect it as I did. Don`t wait for it to become hard, act and see proper urologist/Peyronies Disease specialist asap.




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Re: Hi, introducing myself
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2017, 03:02:05 PM »

I will only leave a short reply as I need to leave now and was just reading some posts. There are a couple of other procedures besides plication. In particular is the Stage technique and several have claimed to have less or little loss in length as a result. But only certain doctors are doing this.
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