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Author Topic: Help! Back again 😔  (Read 702 times)

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Help! Back again 😔
« on: April 04, 2017, 11:51:09 AM »

Sorry for being away so long. I thought everything stabilized and I was trying to move on with my life as much as I could, when I accidentally hit myself in the crotch with a water bottle and now I have had pain for about a week and ED problems. There is bruising between the base of my penis and my testicles and pain from tip to the base of my penis to the head. Since last I was on here, my wife has left me and my son doesn't want much to do with me anymore, so I've been trying to pick up the pieces to my life. I also developed pelvic dysfunction as a result of the peyronies pain too, but got that under control now. Anyway, I am really worried that this latest incident of hitting my hard flaccid penis has set off the possibility for more plaque again. My bend wasn't too bad before and I only lost about half an inch in length and less than that in width, but now I'm scared to death of losing anymore since I have to now move on from my wife. She called me a piece of crap and a son of a b#@ch and told me it was all in my head while I was going through excruciating pain. I went to the uro after hitting myself in the crotch 3 days later and he did a Doppler ultrasound and said they didn't see any damage to the tunica or the urethra, so what does that mean? Even though I have bruising and it hurts still, and I hit it while it was hard flaccid, does that mean it could just be surface damage that will go away because I didn't damage the tunica or urethra? Or does this mean I need to probably expect more plaques? 😔😔😔 Don't know how much more deformity or size reduction I can psychologically handle being alone anymore. Should I encourage blood flow by trying to get an erection? I really thought I had seen the worst and now I'm afraid it is not over and might get worse. I tried to commit suicide once already and don't want to be there again. I'm talking COQ10, eating really really well, l arginine, serraptetese enzume, vitamin e and d supplements, and applying man 1 man cream once a day. Help!!!!!
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