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Author Topic: Unexpected improvement in erection quality  (Read 4305 times)

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Unexpected improvement in erection quality
« on: October 11, 2014, 01:36:40 AM »

Evening, folks.

So, as a person coping and rehabilitating Peyronie's over the last decade, I have to say that more than curvature or pain, the most staggering challenges have been in my erection quality, and in my venous leak.

Supplements, diet, exercise, these things have worked in moderation up until recently. I thought I'd share a very strange, yet encouraging experience that came about strictly by accident, and with no small amount of alarm.

Increasingly noticing that my erection quality was both position-dependent, and affected by the angle of my hips (such that I could pinch off the blood in my penis if I were to apply pressure from the inner thigh by shifting my weight), I began to experiment with massage to my assumed area of plaque (my urologist, despite tests, could not locate scar tissue back in 2012), and different kinds of masturbation to hopefully send as much blood to the point of hardening as possible, thinking that if I could break up any of the hardened tissues mid-shaft that have caused hour glassing and leak, then perhaps I could improve my erectile quality which has long been a problem in my sexual relationships and in masturbation, particularly while lying on my back.

To keep it short, I'll say that I climaxed in this hip-shifted position with the possibility that my urethra was pinched off. This was not my intention, but at the point of orgasm, a sharp, sharp pain shot through my penis, and my sexual function was lost for more than a week. Erections were few and far between, pain and bruising was evident, though the bruising was faint. I could achieve an erection with a lot of effort, but when I reached the point of orgasm, nothing would happen, and semen would leak out without any contractions.

Essentially, I suffered a fracture, or a near-fracture. I used ice, ibuprofen, lots of rest, and several weeks later, all is looking fine. The part that I didn't expect is that my erections have been more firm, and for the first time since I can even remember, I'm waking up with something that resembles morning wood. In fact, some of my morning erections are quite impressive compared to the usual.

Is it possible that this injury I sustained made a structural change to my Peyronie's plaque points, thereby altering the tissues that may have been responsible for venous leak? It's a long shot but I can't attribute my improvement in erection quality to anything else.

Anyway, the injury caused me a great deal of worry and panic, and I thought I may have lost even more sexual function. A near-emergency has turned into something of a success.


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Re: Unexpected improvement in erection quality
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 07:23:57 PM »

All I can say is that before this injurious episode, my erection quality was not as it is currently. This is probably as close to a full erection without the assistance of Cialis that I've achieved.

I will comment on a few other things that have happened recently that may be related either directly or neurologically:

a) I have a satisfying sexual encounter in which I used 10mg Cialis.

b) I had a sensation of a pulled muscle in my back in a spot that had been causing me pain; after this 'pull,' a lot of the pain went away.

c) I had an inexplicable warm sensation in my lower right leg; it wasn't painful, it wasn't a burning feeling, it was literally a nerve-related misfire, and it persisted for several weeks, both before and after my near-fracture

- - - -

It's not all sunshine and roses: I still have erectile and urethral pain related to my Peyronie's, but the fullness of my erections has improved and I can't begin to explain why. Very strange.

Now, in regards to what melting said, it does seem highly counter-intuitive, but is it not possible that an altered plaque shape, or even a micro-tear to that same scar tissue with a healthy immune/metabolic healing response could result in an improved condition in those previously damaged/compressed tissues/veins?

I may be grasping at straws here but I totally thought this experience was worth mentioning.


One of the BIGGEST areas that this has shown relevance is in morning erections. They are actually a thing now. I can recount YEARS upon years in which this was not the case. This is an entirely new experience.


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Re: Unexpected improvement in erection quality
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2014, 08:08:39 PM »

Seems kinda like you accidentally flipped a coin and it landed on its edge. It would be utter insanity for anyone to try anything like this for themselves as 999/1000 you would worsen your situation.

But I suppose if there was a specific piece of fibrosis blocking a vein from relaxing closed during an erection, and that piece of fibrosis got broken or moved, theoretically it could improve erectile function.
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