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Author Topic: Peyronie and me.  (Read 2376 times)

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Peyronie and me.
« on: December 11, 2011, 09:26:19 AM »

Hello all
  Since i founded this forum since 2 months, i jump into the water for my first post. It s nearly the end of my first peyronie's year, just want to explain a little my situation.
I'm french guy, 32 years old, in december 2010 i had pain during erection, one month later i saw a nodule in the middle/right on the penis. i had a rendez-vous with a Uro who was totally lost..... with my little basic internet research, i said to him " can be peyronie s disease??????? right??", and i was right. I new at that time that i will be alone to fight this problem ( " nothing to do, be positive, you won t die etc.... " ), just synthetic VIT E 800mg/day.
  In the same time i met wonderful woman, good timming........... it was serious and i said to her this problem which was not a problem at that time, just the begining of the disease, peyronie was an abstract idea for me...... The life was good in all plans, especially sex ( even in april 2011 a curve appeared like a banana ) just adapting the positions, and really no problem. But slowly week after week, in my mind it was harder to thinking about this situation, physically no really big problems but the disease was always in my mind. In final, i destroyed slowly the relation, i lost myself in my fear of the disease and finally i forget that my love was there. And 3month later she left.................That was the begining of worst things..............

 After my girlfirend left, i was totally lost, depression and it was the time that peyronie decided to express nodule under gland left side, loss of circonference in the higher right part of the penis in erection.
it was the worst thing, i lost my love, i found the disease.....!
And in that moment i decided ( with some real bad days even now ) to be the master of my life, ok the disease is here, i really can t refound my past life. Im my own enemy. What can i do for me, to fight the enemy? to be better physically and psychology.

I started 2 month ago a plan with: Natural VIT E ( AL/GAM tocopherol )1200mg/day, ALC 2g/day, VIT C 1g/day, PABA 2g/day, Neprinol 3cap/day........And i went to peyroniesforum, reading all kinds of topics. I want to say thank you for you all ( too long to say the names ) but here i founded some real informations and great advices in all plans.

  Since one month and half, i met a great doctor ( generalist ) very open-minded who follow me when i have some suggestion ( in a way, very strange when you start to know much better that the medical professionals )
Now this is my treatment line : Pentox ( Torental in FR ) 3x400mg/day
                                          VIT E especially tocotrienols
                                          ALC 2g/day
                                          Propionyl-L-carnitine 1g/day
                                          Dedrogyl ( liquid VIT D ) 6drop/day
                                          Pycnogenol 100mg/day
                                          L-Arginine 2g/day
                                          Paba 2g/day
I received my VED somacorrect augusta 3 cylinders 2 weeks ago, until now i didn t start the 26 weeks protocol. I just use since 1 week the VED 10 minutes/day try to be accomodate with it before starting the protocol.

When i started the treatment, i change my food too, a hypotoxic diet without gluten and milk, and more natural products.

  Now i know i m just in the beginining, after 1 month and half, my curve is a little bit better than before, but i think maybe it s the second nodule oposite to the other make a force that can reduce the curve......... i have more noctural erections, and more easy for me to obtein an erection, in my case i think pycnogenol and L-arginine a a very good choice, but i can t say if my erection are better because i m more strong in my mind, proactif, or if it s really the treatment, or lifestyle change....  well, the better answer is the synergie treatment/strong mind/healthy lifestyle.
The hourglassing on the high part under the gland is still here, logic it can t diseappear like that. I never had pain on erections, just when my penis is flaccid, and now i m ok with pain, very little.

Im sorry my friends for this long post, just for introduction and sorry for my english hehe.
To finish with my experience of this f............ disease, i m still scared about the futur with this, my relation with women etc... but the only think that i learned with peyronie, the mind is maybe the most important before treatment and other things, i saw directly the connection when i came back to my single life, loss of hope, mind distroyed......the peyronie choosed this moment to be more present..
Now im still sad, sometimes no energy, but i follow my way, to think that i MUST be strong and active. I can change my disease ( i did it in worst way ) so i can changing in good. In the other side, when i think about the past, it s like i waited peyronie to open my eyes about my condition with me and in general with the "world"
I feel a little better now, but just the beginining of this "new life". i will post for news

Thank you very much for all, without you all i think this condition can be harder. If you have some advices about the treatment some other questions no problem.
Take care of you all, and never give up.



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Re: Peyronie and me.
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2011, 11:41:16 AM »

Welcome to being an active member here. You are truly a very brave person to have devulged your total Peyronies history. But that is what this Forum is all about . We are all , in our own individual ways , trying to deal with this thing. Sounds like you are covering all the right bases with the treatment regimen you have described.
Many of us are following a similar protocol. Particularly the VED.
That is fantastic that you have already purchased one and have begun daily useage. If you care to , you can search out the 26 week protocol chart for the 3 cylinder VED I have in a locked post under the VED thread.
Stick with it and hopefully you will begin to see improvement in due course.

Stay tuned here and I am sure fellow members will be more than willing to offer up good advice as well as moral support .


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Re: Peyronie and me.
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2011, 12:36:52 PM »

Hi Laurent,

Welcome! Glad to hear you are in a more positive place. I can understand the fear that you felt to begin with and I'm sorry you had to go through a breakup with your relationship. At the beginning it was really difficult for both my guy and me. It definitely tested the strength of our relationship and we were both worried it was the end of our sex life, but that has not been the case :). If anything, this has made us realise that we are strong, both as individuals and as a couple.

My guy is 29 and is on month 8 of being diagnosed. He's on a similar meds/supplement plan as you. I think you make a great point about the state of mind being really important in this. Being strong, thinking positive and remembering that there are treatment is crucial in my opinion. My guy has decided that he will beat this and meanwhile we are doing whatever we can in terms of meds, emotionally being there for each other and generally keeping our spirits up.

I know it's completely different, but in the last 3 months 2 people we know have beaten cancer and we are firm believers that it is possible to beat this too (and by "beat" we mean being able to enjoy a healthy sex life, not suffering from pain and feeling good psychologically).

I think this forum is a great place with lots of support and although my man is not keen on posting himself, I have been posting here for him and getting plenty of support from lots of members.

I wish you lots of luck!

Kind regards,



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Re: Peyronie and me.
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2012, 11:08:50 AM »

 Thanks for these comments.
 Qweeny, your guy is a luckyman, happy to see your implication in this fight. I'm in my second round, 1-0 for peyronie, but i'm really in the good way to win the second. i lost before because i was extremely lost and negative ( logic ), the result was a breakup in my relation and a quick progress of the disease. For now my anger became power and force, being active in all ways, and the synergy ( treatment, VED, hypotoxic diet ) looks to work. There are a progression ( more good than bad ) so i keep my way. The power of mind is so important, in my case, thinking about the relation that i had before with my body helped me a lot, and now i can say that i'm connected with my body, and everything is easier.
 Mike, i think i cannot make better for the treatment, i change some things ( Pentox, ubiquinol, ALC, PLC, Vit D3,K2, gamma E, pycnogenol, L-arginine ), no side effects. I'm in my third week of the VED protocol and it now i feel secure with it, needed time to feel the good way. Sometimes i feel little pain ( with our without using VED ) but as i said i feel lucky with pain.
So i continue the fight, try to become a wall against peyronie.

This forum is a very good support and again thanks all for all very good advices. If i can help, it will be a pleasure.

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