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Author Topic: New strategy  (Read 435 times)

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New strategy
« on: December 17, 2018, 04:34:35 AM »


I have about 4 plaques. Have had some for 7 years. They are still all pretty soft. 2 of them are bigger.  Now my penis doesnt bend much. When I use a cock ring soemtimes i can get very hard. And penis doesnt bend.

So I believe my main issue is with the blood flow in my penis. So i started a week ago my new method. Also to note i had injections of verapamil into my smallest plaque. It made the plaqur less dense so more blood can travel through it. Pretty soon ill start xiaflex injections. Im also 30 and in top shape.

Now my strategy.  Basically i need more blood flow in my dick. I have scar tissue in lots of other areas of my body through sports and weights. So my genetic makeup i believe is prone to scar tissue. Docs told me peyronies and other scarring arnt relatable. My gut tells me in my case it is. So after resesrch and what not this is what im doing. Ive increased my intake of omega 3, vitamin e. Will start l arginine tmmrw. When i see my doc for my xiaflex initial meeting. Im gonna ask for pentox and cialis. Next i also believe u need a more aggresive strategy and some have seen results from this. So im gonna start ved. Also i need to keep my dick warm as much as i can so i can get blood flow going through it better. So im bathing in hot baths a few times a day. While in the bath im stretching my dick and massging the scars. Right now im focusing on the biggest scar. Weirdly in the bath the scar gets really soft. Even tho ive had this one for 7 years. So i think this is good. Also im trying the hand warmer strategy when they come in. Gonna apply heat to my dick throughout the day and when i sleep. Right now i just wear a sock around it. Not too tight and not too loose. Also everytime i pee i have the habit of streching my dick for up to a min. Lastly ive been doing kiegl excercises daily. 3 to 5 times a day. In a week i built it up from 3 second holds to 10 seconds. I can clinch way easier now. Hoepfully this well help for when i get my xialfex injections. Ill keep you updated. But my goal is to get hard enough to penetrate. I dont really care if i have to live witht he scars. As long as i can reduce them enough to get enough blood flow to maintain a solid erection. Like i said i can sometimes with a cock ring. If i dont jerk off for a few days my dick gets harder and my last jerk off session the other day was the best one ive had in a while. Wasnt my hardest but the power of my sperm was the best ive had in years. crap flew everywhere. But anyways my thought in regards to my scar tissue at least is that if i can get enough blood and oxygen in my dick then i can soften the scarring more and penetrate it with blood eventually. Therefore it reduces at least. Well also see how i react to the xiaflex. But i want my diet and health to be top notch by then so i give my body a better chance to absorb it so it works better. As i said verapamil worked a little better for me. So fingers crossed. Sorry for the long writing. But i have some hope and more motivation than ever thanks to a girl whos accepted me for who i am. So anybody reading this let me know your thoughts. And keep grinding away. One day well find a cure
30 years old - single. Peyronies 7 years. VI with slight improvement. Not allowed xiaflex - not enough curve. Maintaining blood flow pressure is the problem.
Solution. 22 cm Titan march 7 Dr.Eid. time to go on a legendary f~@
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