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Author Topic: My General View, Evaluation, and Impressions of Implants  (Read 386 times)

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My General View, Evaluation, and Impressions of Implants
« on: October 18, 2018, 08:24:57 PM »

I fight that tendency that people have to promote their most recent lifestyle change on others.  You know the examples of the smoker who quits after 30 years that now crusades for his friends to quit to the point they want to shove a sock in his mouth.  At the same time, I am here, active on the forum because i owe it to our members to help them through my experiences.

I considered making this an entry in my journal but thought it might result in discussion that best goes in its own topic so I am posting it here.

This is my point of view.  Since this post is what I think about implants it will reveal what an implant did to my mind as well as what it did to my penis.  This implant did cause me to think differently. 
I could feel the desire to try to explain my feelings growing in the last few weeks.  I was not sure how I would try to get my point across when I started this post.  As I read over it I am surprised at all the warfare analogies this post took.  That was not planned.  It just happened.

I feel like I treated and battled Erectile Dysfunction for 14 years with varying degrees of success or failure depending on your point of view.  Like every real battle, it occupied a lot of my thinking.  Some of that was intense battle planning where I would use all my facilities to calculate how to best attack the enemy.  Like any battle, there were many emotions.  At various times there were fear, depression, hope, frustration, fatigue, and more.  Just like battle preparation, there was experimentation or practice runs to see if a battle concept would work in real life.  There were training exercises with a willing partner just to see what works.  In addition to time in battle tactics training, there was an awful lot of time in battle fitness conditioning in traction and VED use. This battle required equipment and supply purchases.  There was a LOT of money dumped into this war because there was always the hope that one more thing would give me that edge I needed to make progress against the enemy.  Like every war, win or lose, you pay a price.  For me, the price of this fifteen-year battle was not just a huge amount of time, effort, money, and mental energy, it was also forfeiting well over an inch of length.

In addition to the moments of intense focus, there was the ever-present awareness that was almost but not quite at a subconscious level.  It was like how a cop automatically scans a parking lot and notices the activity through a store window so he doesn't stroll into a robbery in progress and become a prime target when he enters a convenience store just to buy a pen or a pack of gum.  The way a defensive driver is always calculating what mindless thing another driver might do and how he calculates a safety buffer around his vehicle.  That part is not a highly emotional process.  it becomes an ingrained "second nature" way of thinking and responding.  I would do that with Erectile Dysfunction.  If I thought there was some chance intimacy would develope I was careful not to consume fatty food that would slow absorption of Erectile Dysfunction drugs,  I would make sure my VED, bands, or other aids were organized and in easy access.

It took 15 years for me to recognize the possible plan that could strike a decisive blow against this enemy.  I had to educate myself on what seemed like a risky plan.  Being over analytical by nature it took years to struggle with and research every "what if" scenario.  Each time reservations and caution kept me slugging it out in the trenches with this enemy rather than risking the plan that could end it all.  Every year the cost of this battle took a little more.  It took 15 years for me to battle myself into a corner where I was so unsatisfied with the prospect of victory I was ready to say " the hell with possible consequences.  Finally, I executed the master plan I had avoided with an attitude of "Damn the enemy, damn the torpedos, full speed ahead".  At that point I never looked back, never had second thoughts.  I knew I was going to do this.

The result was, from my point of view, victory.  It was not a cease-fire, not an disarmament, but a victory.  I don't feel I have a good solution to Erectile Dysfunction.  I feel I was cured of Erectile Dysfunction.  I feel the war was won.  No more resources of time and money poured down that hole, no more of those almost subconscious accommodations I made because of Erectile Dysfunction.  They are slowly fading.  I know I am not immune to another attack, but WW1 is over.  I won.  If I ever experience a new attack, that will be WWII not a continuation of this war.  I will deal with that if that time ever comes. 

I am here not because I feel like a decorated war hero.  I am here because I blundered.  My indecision drug this war on for years at a cost my wife and I that we should have never had to pay.  That was my fault.  I am here to bring the master plan to view so you can execute a far more efficient battle strategy, so you can study my blunders and execute a victory in a fraction of the time.


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Re: My General View, Evaluation, and Impressions of Implants
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2018, 09:27:15 PM »

Such a great post Hawk, my journey has many similarities but some differences as well.

I too battled Erectile Dysfunction for many years, prob more like 20.  PDE5 inhibitors were quite effective up until about two years ago.  At that time I tried injections which worked great but gave me peyronies—quite severe at 90 degrees w severe narrowing/hourglassing.

I gave myself one year to try all the peyronies treatments with the hope I could return to injections.  That was because Dr Lue believes the peyronies was a result of me not compressing the injection site for 8-9 minutes after each injection to stop all internal bleeding which results in microtrauma and peyronies. I thought I only needed to stop the external bleeding.

This I went through all the treatments. Themultimodal anti-oxidants w heat, pentox, traction (3 different devices including ESL-40, PMP & restorex), VED, H-100, and xiaflex.  This all reduced the angle to about 60 degrees and I did more than the recommended rounds of Xiaflex.  I also had lost an inch in length.

Meanwhile. A side effect of the pentox resulted in a septic and emergency removal of my gallbladder.

At this point I had read posts such as hawks and realized I didn’t want to sacrifice any more time, money AND length.  I researched implants, docs and decided to go w the west coast high implant Dr Karpman since I was able to change my insurance and have him in my panel at no expense.  My diary explains some of my thinking on this, but bottom line unuseabke dick even if I resorted back to injections meant no other options.  I tend to jump in pretty quickly after weighing my options so just a little after one year of peyronies I’m on my way to recovery.  I too hope that I can also say I’m cured!
PxD 2 yrs, failed all tx. 9/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS 18cm + 3rte


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Re: My General View, Evaluation, and Impressions of Implants
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2018, 07:15:50 AM »

Thank you for all these posts, Hawk. I'm really happy for your victory. I guess that an implant may not be a "victory" for everyone, but it can for sure be it for some people, like you.
I wish you the best with your new implant!
24 yo from Italy.Peyronie's probably since 2014.Since then,penis bends of about 10-15°, with a slight twist to the left.Moderate Erectile Dysfunction since 2 years and things getting worse.From pornstar-like to moderately depressed,but still fighting for a solution.


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Re: My General View, Evaluation, and Impressions of Implants
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2018, 07:43:49 AM »

Excellent post Hawk, as usual. One definite victory from the posts from you, Tsanchez and Alibaba have made is a perceptual change of implants as the "dark horse" of treatment options to a viable and not-so-terrible idea. At least that has been my perception. I still have reservations about it, but not nearly to the extent I did prior to these implant content additions to the forum.
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